Goodbye Brain



Our all time favorite wrestling mind (and mouth) has shed his mortal coil. Bobby “The Brain” Heenan is gone. His contributions to this great sport can’t be overstated. We fell in love with his act back in the Eighties when wrestling on cable was in its Zenith. There will never be another.

The Heenan line that changed our life: “I chose wrestling because it’s the only sport where you can kick a man when he’s down”.

The Brain


Showcase Pro Wrestling Results & Reviews Raynham, MA USA September 17, 2017


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Showcase Pro Wrestling
September 1720, 2017
Raynham Community Pride Day
Raynham, MA USA

Ring Announcer: Sgt. Muldoon
Referee: Zack Belair, Alicia Muldoon
Promoter: Chris Blackheart
Commissioner: Mr. Frank Rocha

Professor’s Note: Hats off to the wrestlers who worked this show. The sun was broiling. We were dying just standing out in the sun and filming.

Match videos will be available after 4:00 p.m EST 23 Sep. at our YouTube channel.

Match 1. Kid Reflex Eric Dylan v. Carlos. W – Carlos

Dylan showed his technical skills in this match. We can see that he is finding his stride again after being away for a while. Carlos managed to escape multiple holds (barely). Carlos body slammed The Kid and then vaulted over the ropes for a splash and pin. Dylan then made a tasteless comment in regard to referee Muldoon and left in a huff.

Carlos. Image: The Wrestling Professor

Kid Reflex. Image: The Wrestling Professor

Right in The Gut. Image: The Wrestling Professor

Sergeant Muldoon did a brief interview with his niece regarding her recent vision quest and new direction when Dylan sneaked in from behind and attacked both of them at once. Kid Reflex got a severe beat down for his troubles.

Reflex Gets a Beat Down. Image: The Wrestling Professor

Match 2. Tag Team Championship: Team #1 (Superstar Shawn Candido & Richie Rich) v. The Fellowship (S.O.G. Ronnie Ribs & Dante). W – The Fellowship (DQ)

Ronnie Ribs and Apprentice Dante objected to The Superstar’s reasonable requests for timeouts and his complaints when they pulled his hair.  After a spirited contest in intense heat and sun, Dante entered the ring illegally and gave Candido the big boot while Ribs held him. Richie Rich justifiably entered and KO’d the punk and Ronnie with one of the belts. For some reason Referee Belair called the match a DQ for The Fellowship. Team #1 deservedly remain champions.

Superstar. Image: The Wrestling Professor

Ribs Shows Off. Candido Unimpressed. Image: The Wrestling Professor

The Fellowship. Image: The Wrestling Professor

They Messed With The Wrong People. Image: The Wrestling Professor

Match 3. “Diabolical” Scott Ledeur (with Annabelle) v. Chris Matrix.  W – Ledeur

These two former friends put on an epic battle despite the dangerous heat levels in the black canvas ring. These men are evenly matched. It could have gone either way. Today it was the Madman’s turn. He dropped his ex-friend on his face on the sizzling canvas and got the pin.

Typical Fan Reaction. Image: The Wrestling Professor

Matrix & Ledeur. Image: The Wrestling Professor

Wrestling in a Furnace. Image: The Wrestling Professor

Match 4.  The Convict v. Kid Curry. W – Kid Curry

The Convicts had been in retirement for well over a year. We were surprised to see that Riker’s Island officials re-instituted the work release program. The Convict brought his best jailhouse skills to the party, confusing Kid Curry throughout the entire match. Despite the Convict’s eye gouge, Curry managed to scoop up the inmate and pin him definitively.

The Convict. Image: The Wrestling Professor

The Kid v. The Criminal. Image: The Wrestling Professor

Kid Curry and Sergeant Muldoon. Image: The Wrestling Professor

Next Shows:

Friday, September 22, 2017
Franklin Fallout
Bell Time: 7:45pm
Tickets: $12 @ the door
Franklin Elks
Franklin, MA

Saturday, September 23, 2017
Bell Time: 7:07
VFW Hall
82 Ingell Street
Taunton, MA


Showcase Pro Wrestling Results & Reviews S. Attleboro, MA USA Sep.16, 2017


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Showcase Pro Wrestling
September 16, 2017
Lee’s Pond Festival
South Attleboro, MA USA

Ring Announcer: Sgt. Muldoon
Referees: Zack Belair, Kyle Rocha, Anthony Warren, Alicia Muldoon
Promoter: Chris Blackheart
Commissioner: Mr. Frank Rocha

Another perfect hot and sunny day in with a great festival crowd. The debut of Kid Curry was the notable event. We’ve seen him work twice recently and admire his Greco-Roman skills.

(Videos will be available Monday 19 May after 10:00 p.m. EST on our YouTube Channel)

Match 1. “The Bitter Man” Buddy Romano v. Kid Curry. W – Curry

A youngster like Kid Curry takes a risk when he enters the ring with a veteran like Buddy Romano. Especially someone who is coming out of retirement and is looking to rack up a lot of quick wins using green wrestlers as grist. Romano didn’t seem quite sure how to deal with Curry’s Greco-Roman style. Buddy messed up Curry’s spot on the top rope and was pushed to the canvas which allowed Curry to come at him with a cross body drop from the top for the pin. Science beat experience today. It happens.

Romano & Kid Curry. Image: The Wrestling Professor

Buddy Perplexed. Image: The Wrestling Professor

Curry Finishes Things. Image: The Wrestling Professor

Match 2. Big Dog Butler v. Buck Nasty. W – Nasty

We thought the ring was in jeopardy but somehow it held up. The big men did to each other what big men do. It could have gone either way. Things ended when The Big Dog went to his Memphis Train move one time too many. Nasty knocked the legs out from under him and put the Nasty Splash on him. Even giants can’t resist the Nasty Splash.

The Big Dog. Image: The Wrestling Professor

The Big Men. Image: The Wrestling Professor

The Poor Ring. Image: The Wrestling Professor

Match 3. “Diabolical” Scott Ledeur (with Annabelle) v. Channing Thomas. W – Ledeur

The party kid from Amherst, MA had some moves but most punk kids don’t have the skill to beat Scott Ledeur. Ledeur finishes the youth by escaping from his scoop and dropping Thomas on his face. Easy pin.

A Beer Bong is Not Much Use Against Ledeur. Image: The Wrestling Professor

Ledeur & Annabelle. Image: The Wrestling Professor

Scott Consults Crowley. Image: The Wrestling Professor

Match 4. Chris Matrix v. Carlos v. Alec Price. W – Matrix

It took him awhile, but veteran Matrix dispatched both young wrestlers with aplomb. Carlos keeps improving each month so it’s harder to beat him than it was a year ago. This was the first time we’ve seen Price, a Beau Douglas student with some great acrobatic skills. Matrix finally tired of the kids. He threw Carlos out on the grass and finished Price with a beautiful power slam.

Matrix Dominates. Image: The Wrestling Professor

Free Wrestling Lesson From Chris Matrix. Image: The Wrestling Professor

Alec Price. Image: The Wrestling Professor

Match 5: Team #1 (Richie Rich & Superstar Shawn Candido) v. The Stacked Deck (Mike Montero & Chris Cruise). W – The Stacked Deck

It had to happen eventually. The Stacked Deck, a talented new team, bested the champions. Unfortunately for them, their big chance happened in a non-title match. Superstar Shawn Candido did most of the work and took most of the beatings, while Richie, when he did finally get in, beat the snot out of both Montero and Cruise. In the endCruise picked Montero up high and dropped him on The Superstar. Montero then pinned him. The Stacked Deck started celebrating but the champions left with their belts.

The Champion Charms His Loving Fans. Image: The Wrestling Professor

Candido Imparts His Wisdom. Image: The Wrestling Professor

Number One For a Reason. Image: The Wrestling Professor

Next Show:

Sunday, Sep. 17, 2017
Bell Time: 1:00 pm
Raynham Community Pride Day
Borden Colony Gazebo Park
2234 King Phillip St.
Raynham, MA USA



NECW Sep. 9, 2017 Bash 17 Results and Reviews


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New England Championship Wrestling

Bash 17

September 9, 2017
Americal Civic Center
Wakefield, MA USA

Promoter: Sheldon Goldberg
General Manager: Paul Richard
Ring Announcer: Chris Norman
Referees: Jack Hill, Barbara Mahoney

17 years of operation in a business that is rocky, crazy, and constantly changing. Not a small achievement. Congratulations to Mssrs. Goldberg, Richard, and the entire organization. The NECW product is excellent. Thanks from all of us.

GM Paul Richard. Image: The Wrestling Professor

1. Ty Shine v. Kid Curry. W – Curry

Ty Shine is a skilled wrestler but in the end, the third-generation Curry’s mat wrestling got the best of him. After a spirited contest Curry ends it with a moonsault and pin.

Ty Shine. Image: The Wrestling Professor

Curry & Shine. Image: The Wrestling Professor

Mat Wrestling. Image: The Wrestling Professor

2. “Big Bacon” Brad Hollister v. “The Almighty” Anthony Stone. W – Stone

We hadn’t seen Hollister in some time and were taken aback by how big he’s become. He was able to use his power against the smaller Stone but The Hardcore Jesus outsped him for most of the match. Stone deftly reverses a piledriver for a roll up pin.

Big Bacon Brad Hollister. Image: The Wrestling Professor

Stone. Image: The Wrestling Professor

Stone Ends It. Image: The Wrestling Professor

3. Big Jym Anderson v. Sensational Scott Levesque.  W – Anderson

Beau Douglas again tries to plead his case and gets pushed aside in a two-against-one scenario. We wonder if Anderson or Holliday can win a match on his own. Holliday distracted Scott Levesque allowing Big Jym to sneak up from behind for a roll up pin.

The Living Legend Pleads His Case. Image: The Wrestling Professor

Outrageous Disrespect. Image: The Wrestling Professor

The Premiere Wrestler in New England. Image: The Wrestling Professor

Big Jym Gets an Assisted Victory. Image: The Wrestling Professor

4. Television Championship “Last Laugh” Match. “The Funny Man” Devin Blaze (C) v. “The Heat” Kris Pyro. W – Blaze

For some reason these two fine technicians decided to put on a hard-core match. In 2017. A kendo stick, garbage can, pinata full of tacks poured into a baby pool, and a cheese grater were brought to bear. Blaze drew Pyro’s blood with the cheese grater. They bashed each other’s heads with both garbage can and lid. Both men landed back first into the tacks. After an even match The Stacked Deck (Montero & Cruise) entered the ring and held Pyro down while Blaze delivered the coup d’gras . Blaze then whaled on both stooges and left the ring having defeated 3 men.

Frankly we disapprove of this type of match in the modern era. Hardcore is a thing of the past and degrades the sport and the athletes. Pyro and Blaze are masters of their craft. It would have served the fans better if they had put on the wrestling clinic of which they are more than capable.

“The Funny Man” Devin Blaze. Image: The Wrestling Professor

“The Heat” Kris Pyro. Image: The Wrestling Professor

The Stacked Deck: Hired Stooges. Image: The Wrestling Professor

Cruise Contemplates His Mistake. Image: The Wrestling Professor

5. World Women’s Wrestling Fatal Four Way: Tequila Rose v. Adira v. Isana v. Amanda Fox. W – Tequila Rose

It amused us to see The Powerplex Girls try to work together with disasterous results. Adira ended up clocking Isana with a chain leading to her being pinned by Fox. Adira was quickly eliminated and Tequila Rose got the last laugh when she pinned Ms. Fox. Springfield beats New Bedford.

Amanda Fox. Image: The Wrestling Professor

Adira Puts The Hurt On. Image: The Wrestling Professor

Tequila Rose. Image: The Wrestling Professor

6. #1 Contender Match. Slyck Wagner Brown v. Richard Holliday. W – Brown

The arrogant Holliday finally got his comeuppance by a legendary veteran. The disrespect of Mr. Douglas bore fruit as Beau eliminated Big Jym as a factor. In a fair fight the hubristic kid could not best SWB. Mr. Brown, multiple time former champion is now the #1 contender.

Holiday and SWB. Image: The Wrestling Professor

Beau Neutralizes Big Jym. Image: The Wrestling Professor

Brown Finishes The Loudmouth. Image: The Wrestling Professor

7. Kool People (Sammy Deleon & DJ AC) v. Adrenaline Rush (Keith Youngblood & Dangerous Daniel Evans – Champions). W – Kool People (DQ)

The dimwitted Adrenaline Rush decided to force a DQ. Dumb. The title stays with the champions in a disqualification you dopes.

The Rush might have gotten the job done had not Youngblood tossed his cane to DJ AC after using it to knock out his own partner. AC reflexively caught the cane. When Referee Mahoney turned around and saw AC holding the weapon she called a DQ. The Kool People hold their title, Evans has an egg on his head, and Youngblood is wondering why they don’t have the belts. Wow.

Feel The Rush. Image: The Wrestling Professor

The Kool People. Image: The Wrestling Professor

AC & Youngblood. Image: The Wrestling Professor

Sneaking The Cane. Image: The Wrestling Professor

It’s Not Mine. Image: The Wrestling Professor

8. Last Man Standing Match – NECW Heavyweight Championship. Todo Loco v. “Pure Talent” Chris Escobar. W – Todo Loco (New Champion)

This is the correct way to add some hardcore elements to a match. Tables and aerial stunts beat gimmicky thumb tacks and blading by a mile.

Todo Loco and Chris Escobar put on an amazing and energetic match. We cringed when Escobar went over the balcony but to our relief it appears no one was injured. Big Bear deserves the thanks as he absorbed most of the punishment and possibly saved Escobar’s career. Todo Loco is the new champion.

Todo Loco. Image: The Wrestling Professor

Todo Loco Through The Table. Image: The Wrestling Professor

Officials Try to Stop It. Image: The Wrestling Professor

Escobar Lands in Pig Pile. Amazingly No One Hurt. Image: The Wrestling Professor

Number One Contender Congratulates The Champion. Image: The Wrestling Professor

Next Show:

Saturday October 14
Americal Civic Center
Wakefield, MA
7:00 p.m.



Showcase Pro Wrestling Results & Reviews Woonsocket, RI USA Sep. 8, 2017


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Showcase Pro Wrestling
September 8, 2017
Showcase Pro Wrestling Training Center & Arena
Woonsocket, RI USA

Ring Announcer: Jared, Sgt. Muldoon
Referees: Zack Belair, Kyle Rocha, Anthony Warren
Promoter: Chris Blackheart
Commissioner: Mr. Frank Rocha

What a great start to fall. The place was packed. We were able to speak briefly with some great people from the business (Kellan Thomas and John Casey from NCW) who were watching the show. One of the reasons why we love the Wrestling Business is the joy that the workers take in watching others do their thing. PS: NCW is amazing – check it out.

Mr. Blackheart and company continue to build a great organization by providing top value to fans, and providing opportunities for, as Sgt. Muldoon says, “The Superstars of Tomorrow”.

(Videos will be available Monday 11 September after 10:00 p.m. EST on our YouTube Channel)

Match 1. Five Star Jace (with Honest Abe) v. Carlos v. Eric Dylan. W – Dylan

Jace came out shooting off his big mouth about how he was going to annihilate Carlos. Then “Kid Reflex” Dylan entered the contest. Jace punished Carlos for sure, but the 2016 Rookie of The Year held his own. Dylan has only recently returned from a long absence. He surprised everyone by dominating this contest. Dylan threw Jace out of the ring and put Carlos in a painful technical stretch in which he would not tap. Dylan deftly put his shoulders to the mat. Honest Abe a non-factor despite cane shenanigans.

Five Star Jace & Honest Abe. Image: The Wrestling Professor

Technical Excellence. Image: The Wrestling Professor

Kid Reflex Dominant. Image: The Wrestling Professor

Match 2. The Disorder (The Maniacal Jack Krueger & Diabolical Scott Ledeur with Annabel) v. Mack Attack (Monster Mack & Trainee #1). W – The Disorder 

How does a hard-working team from Normandy respond to this level of insanity? The answer is yet to be found. Mack Attack did their veteran best to counter the completely unpredictable and ruthless strategy of The Disorder. They held their own but in the end confusion prevailed. This match ended when Kreuger Bulldogged Monster Mack’s head into Ledeur’s knees. He then gave Scott the honor of the pin.

The Disorder. Image: The Wrestling Professor

The Maniacal Jack Krueger. Image: The Wrestling Professor

The End. Image: The Wrestling Professor

Match 3. Amanda Fox confronts Nacoma

Alicia Muldoon is going back to her roots following a revelatory vision quest. She’s now Nacoma (sp.), an Indian Warrior. She was reintroducing herself in the ring when long-time rival, and SPW Alpha Female, Amanda Fox came out and started mocking her (and Jared the Ring Announcer) mercilessly. It was hilarious. Fox came just to the edge of poor taste when out of nowhere Tequila Rose emerged from the audience and made her presence known. Ms. Fox derisively called her “Spanish Fly” which did not sit well with Ms. Rose. Fox declined to wrestle, citing other obligations. It’s wonderful to see SPW building a women’s division, after so many years as an all-male promotion. Now if only a certain recently retired superstar can be coaxed back into the business…

Nacoma. Image: The Wrestling Professor

Fox Tells Us What It Is. Image: The Wrestling Professor

Not So Fast. Image: The Wrestling Professor

Match 4. “The Spectacular” JC (with Honest Abe) v. Chris Matrix. W – Matrix (DQ)

We never claim to be impartial, only fair (Fair being a flexible term in Professional Wrestling). As huge fans of the great Chris Matrix we tried several times to rattle JC with ringside jibes. It didn’t work. He stayed focused. JC showed some real talent and capitalized on his height to give Matrix some real punishment. Matrix reciprocated, as expected. This time Honest Abe was a factor. He provided JC with his cane which the wrestler used on Matrix’ head. Referee Belair wasn’t having it and called the match a DQ win for Matrix.

JC Objects to Constructive Criticism. Image: The Wrestling Professor

Matrix Would Not Tap. Image: The Wrestling Professor

Matrix, Belair, and “Honest” Abe. Image: The Wrestling Professor

Match 5: Tag Team Championship: Team #1 (Superstar Shawn Candido & Richie Rich) v. The Stacked Deck (Chris Cruise & Mike Montero). Double Count Out

The Stacked Deck has emerged as a formidable team across New England. On any given night they could unhorse champions. That’s probably why Richie Rich decided to remove The Superstar from harm’s way. The Team then walked out of the room, titles intact. When you are the Champions, that’s your prerogative.

Candido Demands Payment For The Picture (He’s not getting it). Image: The Wrestling Professor

Don’t Ever Mess With a WWF Veteran. Image: The Wrestling Professor

Rich Destroys Montero. Image: The Wrestling Professor

Match 6. Trash Man Rob Roberts v. Buck Nasty. W – Carlos

Buck still holds some kind of weird grudge against Rob. Probably because Rob left his side to become The Trash Man. Nasty is hard to beat but Roberts found a way to give back a good deal of pain to the big man. Then Cargill stepped in to deliver a speech about his dark side conversion and spoiled the match. Cargill lectured The Trash Man and then shot a fireball into the sanitation worker’s eyes.  Cargill and Buck ended up leaving together, presumably the beginning of a new evil faction. Mr. Roberts was helped out of the ring by the officials, on the way to a medical appointment.

Nasty & Roberts. Image: The Wrestling Professor

The Champion. Image: The Wrestling Professor

Fireball. Image: The Wrestling Professor

Match 7: Woonsocket Rumble. W – Carlos

Battle Royal events are impossible to dissect without significant analysis of the video. Suffice it to say that this was one of the better ones. (You should view the video when it comes out on Monday on our YouTube Channel). Carlos once again wins a battle royal. His prize is a place in the upcoming tournament for the Sons of Liberty Championship, a new SPW title.

Introducing The Sons of Liberty Championship Belt. Image: The Wrestling Professor

JC & Cruise. Image: The Wrestling Professor

Mayhem. Image: The Wrestling Professor

Carlos Takes It. Image: The Wrestling Professor

Next Shows:

Saturday September 16 2pm
South Attleboro, Ma
Lees Pond Festival Veterans Memorial Park

Sunday, Sep. 17, 2017
Bell Time: 2:00 pm
Raynham Community Pride Day
Borden Colony Gazebo Park
2234 Kink Phillip St.
Raynham, MA USA



The Center of Our Wrestling Universe – Friday Night


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Showcase Pro Wrestling returns to the SPW Arena and Training Center at 126 Main St. Woonsocket, RI 7:47 PM. The fall season always starts here. This is one of the great promotions in The Northeast. See you there.

SPW Tag Team Champions Team Number One

Superstar Shawn Candido & Richie Rich. Image: SPW


Happy Labor Day


Happy Labor Day to all of our friends across The United States. The economy is coming back and things are looking up, though we have a long way to go to repair the damage of the past 30 years. God Bless the American Worker.

The Working Man. Image:

U.S. unemployment rate falls to 16-year low

America has added more than a million jobs since President Trump took office.

The U.S. economy added a strong 209,000 jobs in July, more than economists had expected. The unemployment rate fell to 4.3%, matching a 16-year low. Just after the Great Recession in 2009, unemployment peaked at 10%.

“The economy is looking pretty good,” said Cathy Barrera, chief economic adviser at ZipRecruiter, the job posting site.

Many economists say the United States is at or near “full employment,” meaning the unemployment rate won’t go down significantly more. (CNN Money)

Legends of Independent Professional Wrestling – Mistress Belmont


Mistress Belmont. One of the great originals of Independent Professional Wrestling. She’s based here in New England but has worked all over. Mistress Belmont kept the flame burning when Women’s Wrestling in New England was very short of workers. She and a couple of others soldiered on and nurtured new talent. Now, Women’s Wrestling is stronger than ever. Thanks to people like Mistress Belmont.

Mistress Belmont – A Legend. Image: KB