Showcase Pro Wrestling Results & Reviews Taunton, MA USA 16 Feb 2019


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Showcase Pro Wrestling
16 February 2018
Taunton VFW
Taunton, MA USA

Ring Announcer: Sargent Muldoon
Referees: Anthony Warren, Frank Rocha
Promoter: Chris Blackheart
Commissioner: John Cena Sr.
Timekeeper: TJ Albin

Full videos of these matches will be available after 10:00 p.m. EST on 19 February on our YouTube channel.

Professor’s Note:

The run up to Marchiversary XIII on March 23rd in Taunton couldn’t have been more action packed. Full house, the debut of Kongo. Young guy on the rise David Dejesus, HD3 gets rough with The Professor and SPW Management, Buddy’s Gold Bond stunt backfires horribly, Ladders, Handcuffs, Baseball Bats, Beatings, and the imminent arrival of The Azorean Playboy.

Match 1. “The Ace” Mike Montero v. “The Master of Mayhem” Tommy Mack.  W – Mack

Montero didn’t quite know what to do with Mack. His usual flying drop kicks and sneaky maneuvers had little effect. Mike decided to introduce a ladder from backstage. Referee Rocha was having none of it. While Montero argued for his ladder stunt, Mack speared and pinned him cleanly.

Master of Mayhem in Control. Image: TWP

Montero Tries a Ladder. Image: TWP

Stomach, Meet Shoulder. Image: TWP

Match 2. Five Star Jace v. “The Latin Sensation” David Dejesus. W – Jace

Veteran Jace displayed dismay that he was paired with a youngster. His arrogance was soon put to the test by the talented Dejesus. In the end, Jace’s seasoning prevailed as he dropped David on his head followed by the pin. Honest Abe was conspicuous by his absence. We wonder where he is. That guy is trouble.

Disrespecting The Kid. Image: TWP

Jace Goes to Work. Image: TWP

Job Done. Image: TWP

HD3 Addresses The Taunton Fans, Wrestlers, and Management

HD3 is not a fan of Taunton, SPW Management, Tony Atlas, or The Professor. He ordered us into the ring so we could focus our camera on his message. He has taken on a new client, SPW Heavyweight Champion Noriega. He sent Noriega to Puerto Rico to train and to find out why Tony Atlas is (in his words) “a coward”. Noriega will face Tony Atlas at Marchiversary XII. HD3 vows to wear Mr. Atlas’ WWE HOF ring after Marchiversary.

HD3 Doesn’t Hold Back. Image: TWP

He Pushed Us Around Too. Image: TWP

HD3 Vows to Relieve Tony Atlas of His Hall of Fame Ring. Image: TWP

Match 3. Chris Matrix v. Carlos Esteban. W – Matrix

Matrix beat the tar out of Esteban. There’s no other way to look at it. Of course Bitter Club Leader Buddy Romano had to intervene. He got on the apron and attempted to throw powder in Matrix’ face. Matrix ducked and the powder (smelly Gold Bond) blinded Carlos. Matrix KO’d Buddy who spent some time on the floor. Matrix power slammed Carlos and a revived (he had been hit in the head by Carlos’ feet while he was in a Matrix military press) Referee Warren called the three count. Buddy costs Carlos the second match in a row. Ouch.

Not a Good Night For Carlos. Image: TWP

Gold Bond Explosion. Image: TWP

Matrix – Methodical and Deadly. Image: TWP

Loud Mouth on a Ladder. Image: TWP

Then annoying Mike Montero came out and climbed his ladder, took the mic and issued a challenge to both men for the Sons of Liberty Championship at Marchiversary. The office has planned a ladder match with multiple participants including the champion, Mike McCarthy (more on that to come in the next few weeks).

We predict that Matrix takes The Sons of Liberty Championship on March 23rd.

Match 4.  “The Wild Man” Kongo v. “The All American” Brandino Davis. W – Kongo

Davis has been on a roll in SPW lately. Until tonight. Veteran Kongo made his debut at Showcase and cleaned the mat with Davis. Brandino was able to mount some offense but he could not knock the giant down, or beat him in the end. Kongo brings Davis down on his head in a modified Pile Driver.

Sargent Muldoon and The Wild Man Kongo. Image: TWP

Davis Overwhelmed. Image: TWP

Kongo Puts on a Wrestling Clinic. Image: TWP

Match 5: Cold Hard Cash (Highlight Davey Cash & Shay Cash) v. Superstar Shawn Candido & Cargill Vinton. W – Cold Hard Cash

David Cash calls himself The King of New England and points out that he is the longest active wrestler on the scene. We believe he is justified in his claims. He has a special way of antagonizing a room full of fans.

The King – David Cash. Image: TWP

Mr. Candido entered alone without his scheduled partner, Mr. Don Vega. He accused CHC of doing something to Mr. Vega. Unexpectedly Cargill Vinton (who is not medically cleared to wrestle) joined The Superstar and the match was on. Unfortunately for the good guys, David Cash managed to manacle Vinton to a ring post and he and Shay whaled on Candido. Cold Hard Cash used baseball bats and an unidentified metal object pulled from David’s trunks to punish Candido. Many minutes of pain went by before Vinton got loose when Candido extricated the key from Cash’s pocket. While Cargill and Shay were stunned on the floor, David knocked Candido out with what looked like a chain and pinned him for the win.

Superstar Doing All The Work. Image: TWP

They Tell us Why They Are Great. Image: TWP

Tag Team Champions Vega & Vinton. Image: TWP

While Cold Hard Cash were bragging on mic about themselves, Mr. Vega appeared from nowhere and he and Cargill beat the New Bedford men mercilessly with their own bats. They fled the ring and tried unsuccessfully to re-enter and engage the tag team champions. It ended in a scrum that made its way back stage. Battle set for Marchiversary XIII on March 23rd.

Next Shows:

Friday March 1st
Woonsocket, RI @ 7:47

Marchiversary XIII
Saturday March 23rd
Taunton, MA @ 7:07

Saturday March 30th
Bellingham, MA @ 7:07




Classy Freddie Blassie


“Classy” Freddie Blassie (Frederick Kenneth Blassie) was born on this day in 1918.  He was one of the top Wrestling heels and managers of all time.  When he was a kid the future Professor loved to watch him swagger and use his cane against the hapless opponents of his charges.

Mr. Blassie died on June 2, 2003.

Mr. Blassie was not shy about commenting on the locals

Showcase Pro Wrestling Results & Reviews Attleboro, MA USA February 2, 2019


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Showcase Pro Wrestling
February 2, 2019
The Moose
Attleboro, MA USA

Ring Announcer: Sargent Muldoon
Referees: Frank Rocha, Anthony Warren
Promoter: Chris Blackheart
Commissioner: John Cena Senior

Sgt. Muldoon. Image: The Wrestling Professor

Sgt. Muldoon. Image: The Wrestling Professor

Professor’s Notes: Even a small room like The Moose can become as exciting as a stadium when you have workers dedicated to good storytelling. Add in a row of rambunctious teenage boys and one vocal 4-year-old and the place went nuts. One of the most exciting wrestling nights in quite some time.

Congratulations to The Legendary Mike McCarthy for winning The Sons of Liberty Championship.

People have mentioned that our exclamations caught on mic are distracting on the match videos. We purposely kept our mouth shut on Friday and Saturday nights during taping. Check out the new improved video format. Thanks for the constructive criticism. After 777 match tapings we want to make sure that the videos are useful to fans and the performers.

Match videos will be available after 10:00 p.m EST Feb 5th at our YouTube channel.

Setup For The Son’s of Liberty Championship Match

All protagonists (The Masshole Mike McCarthy, Alec Price, HD3, Buddy Romano, and Champion Carlos Esteban) entered the ring to talk smack. McCarthy wanted to start the match right there but Referee Rocha refused. A lot of big talk went on, presaging an epic event later in the evening.

HD3. He’s Still Upset With Us For Some Reason. Image: TWP

The Masshole Wanted to Fight Right Away. Image: TWP

The Combatants. Image: TWP

Match 1. Heavyweight Championship: El Rebelde Noriega (C) v. Shady Shay Cash (with Highlight Davey Cash). W – Noriega

We wondered why Shay Cash apparently skipped the line for a title shot but then we thought “Why not him?”. The guy has battled his way across New England with great success for years as a singles competitor and in two notable tag teams; The Heavy Hitters and Cold Hard Cash.

Self Esteem is Not One of Their Issues. Image: TWP

Noriega on The Ropes. Image: TWP

David’s Help Backfires. Noriega Pins Cash. Image: TWP

Why would a champion risk his title going into a match with David Cash lurking at ringside without a second of his own? David created a lot of headaches for Noriega including putting Shay’s feet on the ropes for what would have been a pin if Frank had not caught them. David was heard to say “You weren’t supposed to see that”. Oh well. David Cash had Noriega in the ropes waiting for a Shay charge when Noriega ducked slightly which resulted in David being hit in the face and landing on the floor. Noriega quickly capitalized and rolled up Shay in a small package. Noriega still champion.

Match 2. S.O.G. Ronnie Ribs v. Brandino Davis. W – Ribs

Ribs should have been able to more easily beat Davis, but Brandino has size and he showed a heck of a lot of heart. Both men traded football tackle stances and viscous spears. Ribs drops Davis on his face on the apron followed by another face breaker in the ring followed by a pin. We aren’t sure how it happened but Ribs’ knee gave out. Ribs was seriously hurt. This could have been new or an aggravated old wound. On top of his other recent injuries, we’re concerned.

Soldier of God Ronnie Ribs. Image: TWP

The Beginning of The End for Davis. Image: TWP

The Boss to The Rescue. Image: TWP

Match 3. Superstar Shawn Candido & Mr. Don Vega v. “The Ace” Mike Montero & Chris Matrix. W – Candido & Mr. Vega

Superstar Shawn Candido has developed an alliance with Mr. Vega, providing a worthy substitute for the injured Cargill Vinton. Matrix and Montero did not quite gel but they came very close. Our thought is that Chris Matrix needs a steady partner in order to fight the office bias and crappy situations he finds himself thrust into. Once again the Candido Super Stomp ends thing with The Superstar smashing Matrix’ face against the canvas. Pin.

Candido and Mr. Vega will be facing Cold Hard Cash in a no DQ match at Marchiversary. They are ready and Mr. Vega challenged David Cash to bring his baseball bat. Mr. Vega is taking it to the street. We hope that there are cops there that night.

Well Matched. Candido and Montero. Image: TWP

Matrix Punishes Candido. Image: TWP

Mr. Vega Goes Street. Image: TWP

Gary Gold Spot

Gary has finally really retired. He’s now searching the world for a stable of wrestlers to manage. He seems to have made his peace with John Cena Sr. but we are skeptical. Expect a new Gary Gold threat as 2019 unwinds.

Gary Gold and Sargent Muldoon. Image: TWP

Match 4. Robbie The Giant v. Buck Nasty. W – Robbie The Giant (DQ)

Robbie specializes in frustrating his opponents with his comedic antics and then dispatching the opponent. He put Nasty off his usual methodical game and inflicted some pain in between several kill shots. We felt that he could have won this match had not the referee disqualified Buck Nasty. That would have made the big man’s head explode. Maybe next time.

The Amazing Robbie. Image: TWP

Giant Scolds Giant. Image: TWP

Nasty & Robbie. Image: TWP

Match 5. Sons of Liberty Championship Triple Threat: Carlos Esteban (C, with Buddy Romano) v. Alec Price (with HD3) v. The Masshole Mike McCarthy. W – McCarthy – New Champion

Match of the night. Our opinion is that championships should not be subject to triple threat formats. It’s not fair to the incumbent who should face a single opponent if he is to risk his title. That being said, McCarthy completely and totally dominated the contest and deserved to take the belt. Carlos technically did not lose, since the match concluded with McCarthy pinning Price. Carlos has learned a hard lesson in the realities of championships in this sport. He’ll get a re-match, but besting The Masshole is going to be a big hill to climb.

Buddy and HD3 did their best for their men, but in the end they neutralized each other. It was just Mike McCarthy’s night.

HD3 Gets His. Image: TWP

The Most Painful Stretch We’ve Seen. Image: TWP

“I Didn’t Lose”. Image: TWP

New Champion With Adoring Fans. Image: TWP

Next Show:

Saturday Feb. 16
Taunton VFW
82 Ingells St.
Taunton, MA





Celebrating 5 Years of Professional Wrestling Commentary

Today is the fifth anniversary of The Wrestling Professor Blog. Our first appearance was on February 4th, 2014. We’ve created 866 posts (as well as 777 videos on our YouTube channel) since that day and have enjoyed every moment of it.

What a five years this has been. We’ve been all over New England to many promotions and hundreds of shows. We have met some of the greatest people on the planet who are part of this business.

We thank all of you who read us. We are grateful to the wrestlers, promoters, and fans who have been so welcoming and kind to us all over this great wrestling region.

We love you all.

Your Humble Servant, The Wrestling Professor



Showcase Pro Wrestling Results & Reviews Woonsocket, RI 1 Feb 2019


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Showcase Pro Wrestling
1 February 2019
Showcase Arena
Woonsocket, RI USA

Ring Announcer: Sergeant Muldoon
Referees: Anthony Warren, Frank Rocha
Promoter: Chris Blackheart

Professor’s Notes: Good start to Woonsocket Wrestling in 2019. We saw newcomers Tyler Burroughs and Dirt Bag Dan. Buddy is injured. Blade Runner brought under control by a seasoned handler. We spoke to an injured Kovu during the break. He should be back in a few months after back surgery. The Professor tried to persuade him to reconsider his career choice but he was having none of it.

Sergeant Muldoon

Match videos will be available after 9:00 p.m EST 4 February at our YouTube channel.

Match 1. Tyler Burroughs v. Brandino Davis. W – Davis

This was Burrough’s first appearance at SPW. He’s a vegan from LA who didn’t hold back on his impressions of Woonsocket. Davis is back in SPW after a long hiatus. Burroughs objected to having to face the rather large Davis, claiming he signed for a Cruiser Weight match. He went at it anyway, and gave Davis a lot of trouble. It looked like he would get a submission with a hold reminiscent of Mike McCarthy, but Davis powered out of it and pinned the man from California. Davis came very close to being embarrassed here.

Almost. Image: TWP

The Kid Gave Davis a Hard Time. Image: TWP

A Stunned Vegan. Image: TWP

Lockdown: Carlos Esteban & Buddy Romano

Carlos did his usual shtick, telling us how great he his and that he was once Rookie of The Year, etc. Buddy entered and explained the questionable cast on his arm and why Ribs would have to wait to face him. The Sarge objected to Buddy’s Damon shirt and Buddy told him where to go.

Carlos & Buddy. Image: TWP

Match 2. Blade Runner (with The Beast Master Chris Hayes) v. Big Dog Butler.  Correction: Double DQ

Mr. Hayes has somehow found a way to control the giant Blade Runner. This helped focus him in order to dominate his fellow big man Butler. He beat him by choking him with the heavy chain Hayes uses to control his charge. For some reason Referee Warren ruled a double disqualified despite no direct evidence that Blade Runner for used a foreign object. We saw nothing untoward.

Beast Master. Image: TWP

Few Can Push Big Dawg Around. Image: TWP

What’s Going on Behind The Mask? Image: TWP

Match 3. Buck Nasty v. Jason Devine. W – Nasty

Nasty tends to get flustered when facing unorthodox opponents who don’t easily fall for his brute force tactics. Devine kept confusing him and making him more angry as the match went on by evading Nasty’s usual moves. Nasty allowed himself to get distracted by vocal fans in the back section. He finished things by cannon balling Devine in the corner. Few get up after that.

Disrespecting Devine. Image: TWP

Nasty Sadism. Image: TWP

Never Let Nasty Put You in a Corner. Image: TWP

Match 4. S.O.G. Ronnie Ribs v. Dirt Bag Dan. W – Ribs

Dirt Bag Dan comes from the beautiful state of New Jersey. We are always confused when people, particularly natives, refer to the state as an armpit. It’s a great state with great people. Dan revels in his own particular fragrant personal hygiene, which upset Ribs and the fans for the entire match. At one point Ribs left the ring and wiped his hands on some fans and this reporter in an attempt to get rid of the smell.

Dirt Bag Dan. Image: TWP

Dan had some traditional wrestling moves as well as some novel olfactory ministrations. He rubbed Rib’s face in his armpits and did a stink face that nearly led to the S.O.G. vomiting on the apron.

Stink Face Imminent. Image: TWP

Ribs Has Had Enough. Image: TWP

Of course Buddy Romano entered the ring area in an attempt to ruin his nemesis’ match. It nearly worked as Dan put on a super kick followed by a moonsault to a distracted Ribs. Ribs got out of it and put a face breaker on Dan while The Dirt Bag was looking at Buddy. Buddy wisely fled the scene as Ribs turned his attention to him. Ronnie made a little speech about what is going to happen to Romano. We foresee a Marchiversary showdown.

Match 5.  Superstar Shawn Candido v. Mike Montero. W – Montero

Interesting match between two talented technical wrestlers. It could have gone either way until Montero resorted to kicking Candido in the crotch. The Superstar couldn’t overcome it and fell to a roll up. He’s still #1 as far as we are concerned. We hope there was a bag of frozen peas in the back for The Superstar.

Technical Wrestling. Image: TWP

Montero’s Night. Image: TWP

Pain. Image: TWP

Match 6: Sons of Liberty Championship: Carlos Esteban (C) v. Chris Matrix. W – Esteban

Something has to pop for Chris Matrix. He’s just too damn good to be relegated to the margins. We thought he would beat Esteban tonight. He had this thing until Buddy Romano came in and distracted him. While Matrix destroyed Buddy and left him lying in agony on the floor, Esteban swooped in for the pin.

Matrix needs a good manager or some allies. It’s the only way. The office is clearly against him and there’s no way one guy, no matter how talented, can counter a faction alone.

Matrix is Superior. Image: TWP

Future Champion. Image: TWP

Buddy Pays The Price. Image: TWP

Next Show:

Saturday, 2 Feb 2018
Bell Time: 7:07
The Moose Lodge
Thacher St.
Attleboro, MA


Showcase Pro Wrestling Results & Reviews Taunton, MA USA 12 Jan 2019


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Showcase Pro Wrestling
12 January 2018
Taunton VFW
Taunton, MA USA

Ring Announcer: Sargent Muldoon
Referees: Anthony Warren, Frank Rocha
Promoter: Chris Blackheart
Commissioner: John Cena Sr.

Full videos of these matches will be available after 10:00 p.m. EST on 15 January on our YouTube channel.

Professor’s Note:

We’ve heard you. The Professor has a habit of vocalizing during the filming of matches. Given that his mouth is inches from the camera mic, this becomes a bit much. From now on we will do our level best to stay quiet as to not detract from the quality of the videos. Please be patient, as we are fans first, commentators second. Videography is a distant third. We’ll do better. For the workers, and for you.

Tribute to Chris Mack and Mean Gene Okerlund

Sargent Muldoon gave a heartfelt speech about the loss of both men. Chris Mack was a friend of many of us in the room so this was especially poignant.

Sargent Muldoon. Image: TWP

Match 1. Alec Price (with HD3) v. The Masshole Mike McCarthy.  W – McCarthy (Submission)

Price dismissed McCarthy before the match as “a relic of the Nineties”. Big mistake. Despite his youth, talent, developing skill, and the sneaky distraction of HD3, Price ends up submitting to the classic CTFO (Choke The F Out). McCarthy is back and as hot as he ever was.

Note: HD3 continues to be livid with us at misspelling his name on this site. Correction: His name is “Howitzer David The Third”. We hope this settles things.

HD3 is Upset With Us Again. Image: TWP

Youth Meets Master. Image: TWP

HD3 Picked The Wrong Guy to F With. Image: TWP

Few Have Ever Escaped The CTFO. Image: TWP

Match 2. Chris Matrix v. Robbie The Giant. W – Matrix

Matrix took the mic and protested the office overlooking him for a good Marchiversary slot given the fact that he is undefeated at Marchiversary. He proffered a challenge to anyone in the back who had the guts to face him. Robbie answered the call. Robbie frustrated the heck out of Matrix with his comedic style. In the end, Matrix had enough of The Giant’s antics. He finished the diminutive wrestler with a power slam.

Matrix is now an unpredictable danger to SPW. As Gerald Celente says “When people have nothing to lose – they lose it”. Who knows what he is going to do prior to or during Marchiversary?

Robbie Cheating. Image: TWP

Frank Let it Go. Image: TWP

He Proved His Point. Image: TWP

Match 3. Mr. Don Vega & Superstar Shawn Candido v. Cold Hard Cash (Shay Cash & David Cash). W – Cold Hard Cash

David Cash celebrated his 21 year relationship with Mr. Don Vega on mic and then proceeded to beat his friend using every sneaky, dirty trick in the New Bedford wrestling handbook. No problem with that, it was the vicious attack on Mr. Vega after the bell that upset the crowd. Shay held a stunned Mr. Vega up as David did a flying kick to off the top rope. David took the mic and told Mr. Vega “Davey Cash loves championships. You have what I want. At the end of the day it’s just business.” The office quickly set a rematch for February 16th in Taunton. This is far from over.

Shay Wails on Candido. Image: TWP

He Does The Same to Mr. Vega. Image: TWP

Cash Victorious. Image: TWP

Low Blow After The Bell. Image: TWP

Match 4.  S.O.G. Ronnie Ribs v. Five Star Jace (with Honest Abe). W – Jace

In our opinion it would be unlikely that Jace could beat Ribs in a fair contest. No disrespect to Jace, it’s just that Ribs is at his peak. The difference maker here was not Honest Abe as expected, but the interference of Buddy Romano. Buddy knocked Ribs off the top rope as he was about to finish Jace. This allowed Jace to cover a knocked out Ribs.

Five Star Jace & Honest Abe. Image: TWP

S.O.G. Ronnie Ribs. Image: TWP

Buddy F’s Over Ribs. Image: TWP

Match 5: Sons of Liberty Championship: Carlos Esteban (C, with Ruby Bastein) v. The Master of Mayhem Tommy Mack.  – No Contest

Mack showed the skill and grit of a champion. We wondered why he isn’t a ranked contender for the SPW Heavyweight title. Carlos held his own but we felt that the momentum was in Mack’s favor. The Master of Mayhem removed Ruby as a factor and was on his way, when once again Buddy Romano intervened. This brought out Alec Price, who attacked Esteban, Mike McCarthy, who attacked Price, HD3 to the aid of Price, Chris Matrix, who attacked McCarthy, and Ronnie Ribs, who attacked Matrix. Referee Warren had no choice but to call the match. Insane.

Mack Dominates. Image: TWP

Mack Dispenses With Ruby. Image: TWP

Buddy Ruins Mack’s Chance. Image: TWP

Complete Chaos. Mack Deserves a Rematch. Image: TWP

Next Shows:

Friday February 2
SPW Arena
126 Main St. Woonsocket, RI
7:47 PM

Saturday February 3
Attleboro Moose Lodge
241 Thacher St.
Attleboro, MA
7:07 PM

Saturday February 16
Taunton VFW
82 Ingells St.
Taunton, MA
7:07 PM



Showcase Pro Wrestling Results & Reviews Woonsocket, RI 11 Jan 2019


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Showcase Pro Wrestling
11 January 2019
Showcase Arena
Woonsocket, RI USA

Ring Announcer: Sergeant Muldoon
Referees: Anthony Warren, Frank Rocha, David Dallas
Promoter: Chris Blackheart

Sargent Muldoon

Professor’s Notes: This was the first Woonsocket show of 2019. Freezing cold outside but a full house inside. A Tribute and 10-bell salute was given to our friend Chris Mack and the beloved Mean Gene Okerlund. Match of the night: Candido vs. Brandino Davis. They did some things that you don’t see every day. Make sure you watch the YouTube video on Monday. 90 Days to Marchiversary. We can’t wait.

Technical Note: You’ll notice silent stretches on some match videos. This is because the copyright creeps and Google blocked the videos. We have no choice but to remove some entrance music because of this. Greedy bastards all of them.

Match videos will be available after 9:00 p.m EST 14 January at our YouTube channel.

Carlos Esteban Explains to The Fans Why He Is So Great

Carlos has a lot to brag about but that doesn’t mean he should. He listed all of his many 2018 achievements and told us that he’s in it for himself and not to entertain the fans. The paying fan reaction was predictable. Hubris isn’t a good look for you Carlos. Watch your mouth. There are too many talented guys looking to knock you down.

Mr. Modesty, Carlos Esteban. Image: TWP

Match 1. S.O.G. Ronnie Ribs v. Five Star Jace (with Honest Abe). W – Ribs

First off, there’s nothing honest about Honest Abe. He uses his cane personally, and liberally supplies it to his man to administer illegal blows behind the referee’s back. The only reason Jace came close was because Ribs was beaten with the hickory so much. Ribs recovered and finished the Springfield worker when Referee Dallas confiscated the cane. Ribs dropped Jace on his face and that was it.

The Once And Future Champion. Image: TWP

Honest Abe and Five Star Jace. Image: TWP

Soldier of God Ronnie Ribs. Image: TWP

Match 2. Buck Nasty v. Big Dawg Butler. W – Nasty

These two seem so close in size and ability that there is barely a conclusive result when they meet. It could have gone either way. Butler has figured out how to avoid Nasty’s cannonball, which is probably why he still has a wrestling career. In the end, Nasty got a legitimate pin, through attrition, not any decisive advantage.

Buck Nasty. Image: TWP

Here it Comes. Image: TWP

He Wouldn’t Tap. Image: TWP

Match 3. Superstar Shawn Candido v. Brandino Davis. W – Candido

We hadn’t seen Brandino Davis for quite some time, having watched him work a lot in the past at NECW and NCW. He’s still trotting out that old Lynn English Football jacket, though he is no longer a kid.

Candido had a tough time with the much bigger Davis. He took some serious punishment but kept his cool and methodically wore Davis Down. The two men spent much of the match outside the ring, beating each other senseless. The Superstar finished things with his patented Super Stomp to the back of Brandino’s head, stunning him and setting up the pin.

No captions necessary:

Match 4. Chris Matrix & Reverend Redemption v. Cold Hard Cash (David Cash & Shay Cash). W – Cold Hard Cash

These impromptu tag teams rarely can beat a cohesive established team and tonight was no different despite the talents of Matrix and Redemption. Double teaming was completely overlooked by Referee Rocha. Both teams took severe blows because of this. It ended when David kicked Matrix in the face, stunning him, which allowed Shay to backsplash and pin the man from Connecticut.

David Cash. Image: TWP

Reverend Redemption. Image: TWP

The Winners. Image: TWP

Match 5.  Sons of Liberty Triple Threat: Carlos Esteban (C) v. Dan Terry v. The Masshole Mike McCarthy. W – Esteban

We are generally not fans of title matches being set up as Triple Threats. It’s not fair to the champion, or to the other guys. We prefer a more straightforward bout when belts are at stake. That being said, this was perhaps the toughest test yet for Carlos, facing two formidable veterans out for blood.

These maniacs did everything possible, including going into the second ring for a portion of the match. McCarthy tried the CTFO (Choke The F Out) on both opponents, but they were able to escape due to the intervention of the third man. At one point McCarthy and Terry were in the bathroom, pummeling each other as Referee Warren pounded on the closed door demanding they return to the ring. When they emerged McCarthy blinded Terry with a can of Glade. Wow.

Carlos ended it by dragging McCarthy out of the ring and stunning him against the practice ring post. He swooped in and pinned an already prostrate Terry. Carlos wins decisively.

McCarthy Takes a Beating. Image: TWP

Three Tough Men. Image: TWP

Exhaustion. Image: TWP

Next Show:

Saturday, 12 January 2019
Bell Time: 7:07 VFW Hall
82 Ingell Street
Taunton, MA