Master of Disguise and Rule Violation – Howitzen Davis III


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Howitzen Davis III, A.K.A. HD3, has been banned from Showcase Pro Wrestling events. He and his now former champion client El Rebelde Noriega agreed to this stipulation upon losing their last match.

The guy can’t stay away. He insists of backing his remaining client, Alec Price. He has disrupted shows twice while in disguise. First as a phony Mexican Wrestler, then as “Old Man Price”. Both times he was unmasked by an angry opponent and bodily removed from the building.

We offer these pictures as a public service so you can be on the lookout for this rule breaker.

HD3 as an alleged Mexican Wrestler. We tried to talk to him prior to this match and his response was “No speako English”.

HD3 as “Old Man Price”. Again we attempted to determine his identity and he refused to talk to us.

Showcase Pro Wrestling Results & Reviews Taunton, MA USA 8 June 2019


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Showcase Pro Wrestling
8 June 2019
Taunton VFW
Taunton, MA USA

Ring Announcer: Sargent Muldoon
Referees: Anthony Warren, Frank Rocha
Promoter: Chris Blackheart
Timekeeper: Chris Hades

Full videos of these matches will be available after 9:30 p.m. EST on 11 June on our YouTube channel.

Professor’s Notes:

New England Wrestling luminaries came to Taunton to Honor Sargent Muldoon on his 40th wrestling anniversary. The tournament was a hard fought contest with a surprise ending. Mike Law has his work cut out for him in New Bedford next month.

Number One Contender Tournament

The Participants: Buddy Romano, Chris Matrix, S.O.G. Ronnie Ribs, Mike Montero, Sensational Scott Levesque, Alec Price, Carlos Esteban, The Diabolical Scott Ledeur.

Round 1, Match 1. Buddy Romano v. Chris Matrix.  W – Romano

This could have gone either way until Referee Rocha took it upon himself to interfere by pulling Matrix’s hands off the ropes illegally, allowing Buddy to get the pin. Matrix was grabbing the middle rope to escape a Sunset Flip – all quite legal. Once Mr. Rocha kicked his hands, Buddy had the leverage to get him into a roll up. Matrix shoved the referee in disgust. Frank is lucky it wasn’t more.

Matrix and Muldoon. Image: TWP

The Bitter Man Buddy Romano. Image: TWP

Evenly Matched Veterans. Image: TWP

Round 1, Match 2: S.O.G. Ronnie Ribs v. The Ace Mike Montero. W – Ribs

Montero survives a Ribs Superplex but in the end falls to a good old fashioned Bulldog. He still has his Sons of Liberty title which was not on the line in this tournament.

Sons of Liberty Champion Mike Montero. Image: TWP

Ribs Delivers. Image: TWP

“Bring on Whoever’s Next” Image: TWP

Round 1, Match 3: Sensational Scott Levesque (with Ruby Bastein) v. Carlos Esteban. W – Levesque

The Premiere Wrestler of New England layed out a pretty good case for why Carlos wants to be him, and the reasons for which he was ejected from The Bitter Club. Carlos did well against the master wrestler, but things were bound to get funky with The Bitter Club around. Ruby did his best distraction work which allowed Buddy to clock Carlos with a chain and place a groggy Mr. Levesque in a pin position. This is how factions work. We call this “Fair Cheating”. Levesque moves on in the tournament.

The Premiere Wrestler of New England, Sensational Scott Levesque. Image: TWP

Factions Work. Image: TWP

Tribute to Sargent Muldoon’s 40 Years in Wrestling

Brittany Brown, Ramblin’ Rose, Mr. Tony Ulysses, and Bandit Bill Rossi came into the ring to honor their long-time friend and colleague. It was a fitting tribute to a New England Legend.

Bandit Bill Rossi, Ramblin’ Rose, Brittany Brown, Sargent Muldoon. Image: TWP

Mr. Fabulous, Tony Ulysses. Image: TWP

Round 2, Match 1: S.O.G. Ronnie Ribs v. Buddy Romano (with Ruby Bastein). W – Romano

Buddy spitefully focused on Ribs’ bad knee, relentlessly pounding on it until The Soldier of God was limping. As usual, Ruby and Scott Levesque distracted the referee enough to allow Buddy to finish Ronnie off with a flying drop kick and pin.

Focus on The Knee. Image: TWP

Buddy and Ronnie to The Finish. Image: TWP

The Soldier of God Ronnie Ribs. Image: TWP

Round 1, Match 4 (matches were held out of order): The Diabolical Scott Ledeur v. The Prize Alec Price.

A viscous match that turned into chaos when Referee Rocha was knocked out. Alec Price tried to find protection with his grandfather, Old Man Price. Ledeur tore Grandpa’s wig and beard off and it turned out to be Howitzen Davis III in another disguise attempt at infiltrating SPW. He was removed bodily by security and as he was dragged out the back, he threatened multiple lawsuits. Alec body slammed Ledeur on the floor. Frank revived and called a no-contest. Both participants eliminated from the tournament. Sensational Scott Levesque was automatically moved to the finals.

Old Man Price Confronted. Image: TWP

Howitzen Davis III Ejected. Image: TWP

No Contest. Image: TWP

Round 2, Final Match:  Buddy Romano (with Ruby Bastein) v. Sensational Scott Levesque. W – Romano – New Number One Contender

Buddy and Scott found themselves unexpectedly at odds. They refused to fight each other and kept leaving the ring for 9 counts to delay matters until they could figure out a solution. The Boss Chris Blackheart entered and insisted on a contest. The Bitter Club Brothers’ greed for gold won out and they ended up fighting. Multiple tests of strength and false count outs ensued until the people they screwed, screwed them. Ribs and Esteban destroyed the match. Somehow Scott Levesque was disqualified for outside interference. Buddy given the win. The Bitter Club members celebrated this milestone for the faction. Look out Mike Law.

The Boss Rules Against The Bitter Club. Image: TWP

Might as Well Fight. Image: TWP

Revenge. Image: TWP

Next Shows:

Sunday June 30th
Central Falls, RI @ 12:30

Whaling City Festival
Buttonwood Park
New Bedford
Friday, Saturday / Sunday
12th, -7 pm
13th – 3 & 7
14th 2 & 5



Showcase Pro Wrestling Results & Reviews Woonsocket USA 3 May 2019


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Showcase Pro Wrestling
7 June 2019
SPW Arena
Woonsocket, RI USA

Ring Announcer: Nick Diamond
Referees: Anthony Warren, Frank Rocha, Gina Monti
Promoter: Chris Blackheart
Commissioner: John Cena Sr.

Full videos of these matches will be available after 9:30 p.m. EST on 10 June on our YouTube channel.

Professor’s Notes:

The night was all about Sargent Muldoon and his 40 years in this business. Great matches all around and a celebratory atmosphere. The season concludes in the SPW arena where the temperatures hovered in the high Eighties. Off to festival season.

Mayor’s Citation For Sargent Muldoon

Two Woonsocket Police Officers presented a citation proclaiming Sargent Muldoon Day in the City of Woonsocket.

Woonsocket’s Finest and Sargent Muldoon. Image: TWP

Match 1: Buddy Romano (with Ruby Bastein) v. Dan Terry. W – Romano

Ruby did his job. As Dan Terry smacked and rolled him out of the ring, Buddy came in for the roll up and pin. As Buddy left to get his check, Dan dragged Ruby back into the ring and proclaimed “You Got Beaten Up” and knocked Ruby down hard. Buddy wasn’t even around to help him up. The Ref had to escort Mr. Bastein out of the room.

Slugfest. Image: TWP

Romano and The Fittest Man Alive. Image: TWP

Ruby Squashed. Image: TWP

Match 2. Buck Nasty v. Superstar Shawn Candido v.  W – Candido

Nasty revolted and shocked the crowd by drinking a bottle of tobacco juice. In a normal man, this would bring on vomiting within 30 seconds. Buck just wiped his lips and started the match. Nasty misses with a Frog Splash from the second rope. The Superstar responds with his patented Super Stomp. The rarity of a clean pin on Nasty is the end of the match tonight.

Only Two. Image: TWP

The Superstar is #1. Image: TWP

Match 3: Triple Threat: The Diabolical Scott Ledeur (with Annabelle) v. Chris Matrix v. S.O.G. Ronnie Ribs. W – Ribs

Ribs returns from a break and steals a win. Ledeur and Matrix actually started working together a bit to punish Ronnie, and the fans started cheering for The Refflers. Everyone misses one of the great tag teams ever. If they ever reunited, they could probably defeat Cold Card Cash. Ledeur drops Matrix and was about to pin him when Ribs sneaks in and Bulldogs Scott. Ribs steals the win.

Ledeur and Annabelle. Image: TWP

Matrix. Image: TWP

Ribs For The Win. Image: TWP

Match 4. Tag Team Championship: Cold Hard Cash (Highlight Davey Cash & Shady Shay Cash) v. Big Dawg Butler & David Dejesus. W – Cold Hard Cash

No impromptu team is going to unhorse The Cash’s. Butler and Dejesus comported themselves honorably but in the end it wasn’t enough. Shay held Dejesus out like a lamb to slaughter as the God King applied a flying leg drop off the top rope. End of Dejesus, at least for the evening.

The God-King Davey Cash. Image: TWP

Big Dawg Butler. Image: TWP

Cold Hard Cash. Possibly The Best in The World. Image: TW

Honoring Sargent Muldoon’s 40 Years in Wrestling

Nick Diamond brought in some special guests to pay tribute to Sargent Muldoon (AKA John Callahan) who has been in this business for 40 years. Tim O’Reilly, Dangerous Danny Davis, Alicia Muldoon, and Mr. Fabulous Tony Ulysses gave heartfelt short speeches about the days of old with Sargent Muldoon.

Dangerous Danny Davis and Sargent Muldoon. Image: TWP

Alicia, Sarg, Nick, Tim, Tony, and Danny. Image: TWP

Appreciation. Image: TWP

Match 5. The Masshole Mike McCarthy v. The Prize Alec Price. W – McCarthy (Submission)

Veteran vs. Up-And-Comer in a high-energy contest. Howitzen Davis III thought he could fool everyone by wearing a mask and hood (we tried talking to him earlier but he pretended not to speak English) but he couldn’t help himself from interfering. McCarthy unmasked him and SPW Security promptly removed him despite his protestations and predictable threats of lawsuits.

McCarthy ends it with a modified CTFO. Price has no choice but to submit.

The Masshole Mike McCarthy. Image: TWP

He Still Owns Any Room He Enters. Image: TWP

“The Prize” Alec Price. Image: TWP

Match 6: Sons of Liberty Championship: The Ace Mike Montero (C) v. Carlos Esteban. No Contest

Carlos might have had an opportunity to regain his belt had not Buddy Romano, his former friend, ruined things by butting in at ringside. Superstar Shawn Candido inexplicably came out and removed Romano from the apron by his ankles. Referee Warren called a no contest and that was that. Carlos was robbed again by supposed friends.

Esteban and Montero. Image: TWP

Fixing The Pony Tail. Image: TWP

What Interference? Image: TWP

Next Show:

Saturday 8 June
Taunton VFW
Ingell Street
7:07 PM




Memorial Day 2019


On this Memorial Day please take time to remember the men and women who fought and died to ensure our lives in this amazing land. There are celebrations in every town in America. We’ll be there and hope you will as well.

The American Soldier is responsible for ending slavery and the liberation of millions of people from totalitarian regimes. God bless you all.

Washington’s Miracle Victory at Trenton December 26, 1776. Image:

Two First Cavalry men support a wounded comrade near Khe Sanh in April 1968. Image:

World War I Memorial Franklin, MA USA. Image:


The Legendary Perry Saturn Seminar Returns June 9th


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Perry Saturn will be back in Wakefield on June 9th to repeat last year’s phenomenal Pro Wrestling seminar. We were there last year and can tell you that few have the depth of knowledge and can share it like Mr. Saturn. This is a must for those serious about learning the business.

Sunday June 9th
1 – 4 PM

The Bell Time Club
40 Broadway St.
Wakefield, MA
Tickets $50
Phone: 781-606-2107
Facebook: Belltimevcw

Showcase Pro Wrestling Results & Reviews Taunton, MA USA 18 May 2019


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Showcase Pro Wrestling
18 May 2019
Taunton VFW
Taunton, MA USA

Ring Announcer: Sargent Muldoon
Referees: Anthony Warren, Frank Rocha
Promoter: Chris Blackheart
Timekeeper: Rob Roberts

Full videos of these matches will be available after 9:30 p.m. EST on 21 May on our YouTube channel.

Professor’s Notes:

Two championships change hands. Hugo still tries to find a woman in Taunton. HD3 gets his hat handed to him. Montero proves what he has been saying for months. Mike Law stuns Showcase. Buddy beams in his latest aspirations to glory.

On a sad note, Sargent Muldoon honored the memory of Chris Blackheart’s father, Elwood Ireland, who passed away recently. Elwood was a really nice man. We sat together often at shows and we got to know each other well. Elwood was a fan of giant donuts. He was always telling us about something new that he was up to and showing us things in his famous notebook. We’ll miss him.

Match 1. Superstar Shawn Candido v. Robbie The Giant.  W – Candido

Candido had the size advantage of course. Robbie’s quickness was less of a factor than usual as Candido is still pretty fast. Robbie did everything from kicking him in the back to gouging his eyes. In the end The Giant missed a charge in the corner and fell victim to the patented Super Stomp. Superstar continues to be NUMBER ONE.

Robbie The Giant. Image: TWP

Candido in The Ropes. Image: TWP

Superstar is #1. Image: TWP

Hugo Brito: The Azorean Adonis

Hugo apparently is spending a lot of time partying in The Azores. He’s been teasing his return to SPW for a while now. Once again he is on the hunt for a lady, found one, and then rejected her. As in each time before, the woman in question couldn’t have cared less. Hubris finds its own. We predict some beatings in the near future for The Playboy Adonis.

Hugo Brito – The Azorean Adonis. Image: TWP

Match 2. Big Dawg Butler v. David Dejesus.. W – Butler

Two working men worked it hard. Dejesus is getting better all the time but then so is Butler. Dejesus wisely tried to disable the big man by going for the hams but it didn’t end up working. Butler destroys the youth with a Frog Splash.

Big Dawg Butler. Image: TWP

Dawg Dominates. Image: TWP

Dejesus Shows Guts. Image: TWP

Match 3. Sons of Liberty Championship: Carlos Esteban (C) v. “The Ace” Mike Montero. W – Montero – New Champion

No one holds a belt forever in a competitive company. Tonight it was Montero’s time. Carlos’ reign came to an abrupt end when he failed in a Superplex attempt and fell into the middle rope. Montero came down hard on his chest with a stomp, stunning the Champion, and pinned him. Montero wins despite fan disapproval. New Champion.

Montero’s Night. Image: TWP

Beginning of The End. Image: TWP

New Champion. Image: TWP

Match 4: The Diabolical Scott Ledeur (with Annabelle) v. Chris Matrix. Double DQ

The animosity from the bad Refflers breakup continues. These are two of the strongest and most skilled men in the company. They beat the hell out of each other, using every trick in their considerable arsenals.  Both men had each other in a choke when Referee Rocha called for them to break it up. To our shock they simultaneously punched the referee who called for an immediate double disqualification.

Ledeur And Annabelle. Image: TWP

The Sadism of Chris Matrix. Image: TWP

So Long Frank. Image: TWP

Match 5: Heavyweight Championship Match: El Rebelde Noriega (C, with HD3) v. “The Colossal” Mike Law. W – Law – New Champion

Mike Law came up from NYC to face the unbeatable Champion, El Rebelde Noriega. This was in response to the HD3 open challenge. We didn’t expect much to happen, especially after the usual HD3 screed at the beginning. The manager and champion proposed (unwisely) a “loser leaves the company” match, expecting the diminutive Law to fall easily. It didn’t happen. Noriega got cocky and paid for it with his title. And this despite some very effective ref distraction by Noriega with HD3 whaling on Law.

HD3 Mouths Off. Image: TWP

“I am the Champion!”. Image: TWP

After the surprise victory, a video of Buddy Romano came on with Buddy threatening Mike Law for his championship. Law didn’t seem to worried.

We find it hard to get our heads around HD3 and El Rebelde Noriega not being the bedrock of Showcase anymore. We expect at least to see HD3 violate his agreement and come back to make trouble. He’s just that kind of guy.

Noriega Surprised. Image: TWP

Disbelief and a Trip Out of Town. Image: TWP

Buddy Romano Threatens Mike Law. Image: TWP

Mike Law – Heavyweight Champion. Image: TWP

Next Show:

Friday 7 June
Sargent Muldoon Fortieth Anniversary Celebration
SPW Arena
126 Main Street
Woonsocket, RI




Showcase Pro Wrestling Results & Reviews Attleboro, MA USA 4 May, 2019


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Showcase Pro Wrestling
4 May, 2019
The Moose
Attleboro, MA USA

Ring Announcer: Sargent Muldoon
Referees: Frank Rocha, Anthony Warren
Promoter: Chris Blackheart

Professor’s Notes: God and His Nephew dominate SPW. Mr. Pickles is now on the scene and things are going to get weirder. The return of Zero. Buddy’s bad luck streak continues. Carlos hangs on – for now. Butler ascendant. Matrix about to break out?

Match videos will be available after 10:00 p.m EST 7 May at our YouTube channel.

The Bitter Club is set up by Sargent Muldoon

Buddy Blindsided. Nothing He Can Do. Image: TWP

The Bitter Club’s long-awaited shot at the Tag Team Championship hit the rocks. Sensational Scott Levesque had some business overseas and could not be in Attleboro. Buddy asked for an extension which was flatly denied by Sargent Muldoon. Sarge told The Bitter Man that if Levesque was not in the ring when their music started, he would pick a partner for him.  Buddy was not pleased but what could he do?

Match 1. Superstar Shawn Candido v. Nick Diamond. W – Candido

Nick Diamond interrupted Sargent Muldoon’s announcements and rudely told the veteran ring announcer that his services were not longer required at SPW. Candido took exception and challenged the punk to a match.

Candido drops Diamond on his face and follows up with his famous Super Stomp. Lesson taught.

The Superstar Schools. Image: TWP

Candido Survives The Figure Four. Image: TWP

Diamond Likes to Kick People. Image: TWP

Match 2. Tag Team Championship: Cold Hard Cash (Wrestling God Davey Cash & Shay Cash – Champions) v. The Bitter Club (Buddy Romano & Ruby Bastein). W – Cold Hard Cash

God and Nephew had little trouble essentially beating one guy. Buddy used Ruby sparingly, though Ruby ended up getting a slapping big time. Where was The Premiere Wrestler of New England? The Bitter Club needs to regroup if they are to continue having success.

We hope that God’s intestinal issues are resolved soon. How can a god get sick?

Buddy Mostly on His Own. Image: TWP

God. Image: TWP

The Champions. Image: TWP

God Heads to The Throne. Image: TWP

Romano Receives Divine Retribution. Image: TWP

Hugo Brito – The Azorean Adonis

Hugo has somewhat better luck at impressing a female audience member. He actually got a kiss and left without a slap in the face. Maybe he is the playboy he claims to be.

Hugo Makes His Case. Image: TWP

Amazingly, It Seemed To Work. Image: TWP

Match 3. Buck Nasty v. Big Dawg Butler. W – Butler

Butler proves himself by definitively beating the veteran. He’s on the way. We see no reason why Big Dawg is not considered a Heavyweight contender. He’s certainly big. His skill set has developed a lot over the past year. Give him a shot at Noriega (if he ever leaves Puerto Rico).

Giants. Image: TWP

Few Can Put Nasty in This Position. Image: TWP

Butler Threatens. Image: TWP

Match 4. Mr. Pickles (with Chris Hades) v. Zero. W – Mr. Pickles

Mr. Pickles sadistically drops the man from Tokyo on his back twice in a row followed by an easy pin. Hades leads his Harlequin out to the weirdest music ever. It took the scary clown just minutes to destroy Zero. Mr. Pickles gives us the creeps. We expect Hades to continue developing his stable of bizarre wrestlers.

Anthony Warren & Mr. Pickles. Image: TWP

The Enigmatic Chris Hades. Image: TWP

The Victors. Image: TWP

Match 5. Sons of Liberty Championship: Carlos Esteban (C) v. Chris Matrix. W- Esteban

How long will Carlos be able to keep Matrix at bay? He got lucky tonight but clearly Matrix dominated. Chris Matrix is about to surprise a lot of people we predict. He’s ready to re-assume a championship role.

Matrix Dominates. Image: TWP

Punishment. Image: TWP

A Champion. Image: TWP

Next Show:

Saturday 18 May
Taunton VFW
82 Ingells St.
Taunton, MA





Showcase Pro Wrestling Results & Reviews Woonsocket USA 3 May 2019


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Showcase Pro Wrestling
3 May 2019
SPW Arena
Woonsocket, RI USA

Ring Announcer: Sargent Muldoon
Referees: Anthony Warren, Frank Rocha
Promoter: Chris Blackheart
Commissioner: John Cena Sr.

Full videos of these matches will be available after 9:30 p.m. EST on 6 May on our YouTube channel.

Professor’s Notes:

The Superstar refuses to bow down to God. The rest room becomes part of the show. David Dejesus proves himself. Hugo tries to woo the ladies. Just another night of drama and action Woonsocket style.

Sargent Muldoon. Image: TWP

Match 1: The Diabolical Scott Ledeur (with Annabelle) v. Chris Matrix. W – Ledeur

The Refflers were one of the greatest tag teams ever to come out of Showcase Pro Wrestling. They ended too soon and did not reach what we thought was their ultimate potential. Both men went their own way and became estranged to say the least. When they do meet as antagonists, the question of whether or not Matrix misses his lunatic former partner seems foremost on Mr. Ledeur’s mind.

Former Friends. Image: TWP

The Diabolical Scott Ledeur. Image: TWP

These two talented athletes beat the heck out of each other for some time before Ledeur pinned Matrix while his leg was clearly on the bottom rope. For some reason Referee Rocha did not see it, and awarded the win to Scott Ledeur.

Match 2. Wrestling God Davey Cash v. Superstar Shawn Candido v.  W – Candido

David Cash is not shy at taking the mic and proclaiming his status as The God of New England Wrestling. He presented the fans with multiple belts that he holds as evidence. He demands homage from the fans (he gets some) and his opponents. Mr. Cash is so much in control that he feels comfortable at using the rest room during his ring time. He clearly runs things around here.

The God Punishes The Non-Believer. Image: TWP

Is He Really a God? Image: TWP

Warren, God, Candido. Image: TWP

Bow Down. Image: TWP

The God contended that he was the real winner of The Gauntlet For The Gold at Marchiversary XIII and as such is the #1 Contender.

Mr. Candido is not buying what The God is selling. He had the audacity to stuff toilet paper in The Divine Presence’s mouth. Cash looked like he had the edge, as both New Bedford Veterans went at it hard. Candido ended things with his patented Super Stomp and pin.

Mr. Candido proclaimed that since he beat The God, he is now the #1 Contender. Not clear how legal any of this is.

Match 3. David Dejesus v. Buck Nasty. W – Dejesus

Nasty asked for the biggest and strongest man in the back to come out and face him. He was disappointed when young Dejesus answered the call. He’s beaten the trainee twice already and felt it would be a waste of his time as a former champion. David asked for one more chance to prove he could beat the giant. He succeeded. Dejesus off the top rope for the pin. This kid is on the way up, no doubt about it.

Give Me The Biggest Guy. Image: TWP

No Respect. Image: TWP

Nasty Being Nasty. Image: TWP

Hugo Brito – The Azorean Adonis

Hugo reprised his spot from Taunton and brought a woman from the crowd into the ring with him in an effort to prove how suave he is. It backfired again, as the lady was unfazed when Hugo attempted to reject her. We like Hugo and think he’s a big talent but we can’t help but have a feeling that he has some serious beatings ahead of him. Hubris will do that. Just ask Buddy Romano.

Hugo Brito. Image: TWP

Match 4. Big Dawg Butler v. Nick Diamond. W – Butler

We usually think of Nick Diamond as a debonair ring announcer, forgetting that he is a fully trained and capable wrestler in his own right. Tonight he had the guts to face the enormous Big Dawg. Things started off well for him, as he wisely focused on kicking the big man in an effort to get him on the ground. Diamond took the full brunt of the Memphis Train, and physics won out. Butler gets the win and Nick Diamond keeps his dignity, somehow walking out under his own power.

Diamond Getting Roughed Up. Image: TWP

Nick Diamond. Image: TWP

Big Dawg Rules. Image: TWP

Match 5: Sons of Liberty Championship: Carlos Esteban (C) v. Buddy Romano (with Ruby Bastein). W – Esteban (DQ)

Buddy tried everything in his formidable arsenal, including using Ruby when Referee Warren was distracted, but it wasn’t enough. Carlos keeps his title for now. If the office continues to give Bitter Club members shots at Esteban, it seems that eventually they will get his title. They are too much to hold off forever.

The Bitter Club. Justified Arrogance. Image: TWP

Buddy Likes to Hurt People. Image: TWP

Ruby Had it Coming. Image: TWP


Next Show:

Saturday 4 May
Attleboro Moose Lodge
241 Thacher Street
7:07 PM