Showcase Pro Wrestling Results & Reviews Taunton, MA USA 4 January 2020


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Showcase Pro Wrestling
4 January 2020
Taunton VFW
Taunton, MA USA

Ring Announcer: Paul Rogers
Referees: Anthony Warren, Frank Rocha
Promoter: Chris Blackheart
Commissioner: John Cena Sr.

Full videos of these matches will be available at 9:00 p.m. EST on 7 January on our YouTube channel.

Professor’s Notes:

Flu downed Sargent Muldoon, Scott Ledeur, and some other performers. Trainee Paul Rogers did a great job announcing. Mr. Don Vega says farewell in an unexpected way. Kid Reflex Eric Dylan is coming back to New England Wrestling after a long break. Mr. Pickles left the Dark Carnival for one night. Dan Terry’s manager is someone we know from way back.

An Old Friend of Ours. Kid Reflex Eric Dylan. He’s Back. Image: TWP

Match 1: Superstar Shawn Candido v. “The American Hammer” Dan Terry (with Rob Sandow). W – Candido

The Superstar took the mic early and called The Fittest Man in Professional Wrestling “Pasty”. That did not sit well with The American Hammer. Dan Terry didn’t need it, but his manager continually distracted referee Warren and interfered with The Superstar. Sandow was removed as a factor when he held The Superstar in the ropes for a Terry charge. Candido jumped out of the way at the last second and the manager was on the floor. Candido quickly followed up with his patented Super Stomp, and Terry was done. After the bell Candido announced that his 2020 goal is to capture The Sons of Liberty Championship, making him the first person to hold all three SPW titles.

The American Hammer Dan Terry. Image: TWP

Superstar is Number One. Image: TWP

Super Stomp. Image: TWP

Match 2: Chris Matrix (with Annabelle) v. “The Flawless” Nick Diamond. W – Diamond

Matrix likely would have prevailed based on experience, skill, and power, had not Big Dawg Butler come in and interfered. Referee Rocha was temporarily incapacitated, having taken an accidental bump from both wrestlers. Matrix dropped Diamond on his face and was about to pin him when Butler jumped in the ring and kicked him in the back twice, stunning him. Diamond rallied and pulled himself on the prostate Matrix, just as Frank revived and counted to three. Diamond gets a sleazy victory and Butler sends a message to The Tag Team Champions.

The Flawless Nick Diamond. Image: TWP

Matrix Would Not Tap. Image: TWP

Butler Ruins Everything. Image: TWP

Match 3: Heavyweight Championship: Buddy Romano (C) v. Zane Rico. W – Romano

Zane Rico (not Shane Mico) did a credible job against The Champion. He lasted a long time longer than most rookies would have. Mr. Romano ended things by dropping the kid on his face and pinning him. When that was done Buddy took the mic and called for his partner Sensational Scott Levesque to come into the ring for a powwow.

The Premiere Wrestler of New England and The SPW Heavyweight Champion. Image: TWP

Buddy had the gall to say in reference to Levesque’s recent match while injured against Rico, “Never send a boy to do a man’s job”.  Scott Levesque is The Premiere Wrestler of New England. No one talks like that to his face and expects to leave the room under his own power. Scott kept his cool but in no uncertain terms severed the relationship and left the building. Now Buddy has only Ruby Bastein in his Bitter Club. (This is not certain as Ruby has been absent for some time). It’s hard to hold the title without friends.

Taking Care of Business. Image: TWP

Buddy Goes High. Image: TWP

Match 4: Mr. Pickles v. Big Dawg Butler. W – Butler

We admit that Mr. Pickles makes the hair stand up on the back of our neck. He’s genuinely frightening. This was not Mr. Pickles’ night. Butler dominated the contest, never letting up on the unnerving clown. Big Dawg finishes the harlequin with a boot to the heart and a clean pin. Butler has been on a roll and seems destined for a title this year.

Big Dawg Butler. Image: TWP

From The Dark Carnival – Mr. Pickles. Image: TWP

The Frightening Clown. Image: TWP

Match 5:  Non-Title Heavyweight Championship Match: Buddy Romano v. Carlos Esteban.  W – Esteban (Count Out)

Buddy entered the ring and started to comment on mic about his earlier encounter with Sensational Scott Levesque. Esteban came out and challenged Buddy to another match. Buddy unwisely accepted. After some aggressive work from both wrestlers, Carlos stunned Buddy, who fell out of the ring. The Champion repeated last night’s performance and left the room, taking a count out and keeping his title.

Slugfest. Image: TWP

Lockup. Image: TWP

Buddy’s Message to Carlos. Image: TWP

Mr. Don Vega Says Farewell

Mr. Vega said a heartfelt and thankful goodbye to the fans, management, and workers of SPW. It was an emotional moment, especially when his protege Carlos Esteban said a few words of appreciation to the legend. Then all hell broke loose when Mr. Vega unexpectedly attacked Carlos, saying that he had disappointed him. Mr. Vega even attacked Chris Blackheart and knocked him out of the ring. Mr. Vega then did the unthinkable: He cut Carlos with a sharp blade. Blood was all over the place and none of the security personnel could do a thing about it.

Blackheart & Mr. Vega. Image: TWP

Carlos’ Genuine Appreciation. Image: TWP

The Rage of Mr. Vega. Image: TWP

Kid Reflex Helps Carlos. Image: TWP

Mr. Vega. Image: TWP

We are against blading and juicing in any form. We will address this issue later in a separate piece, when the dust has settled.

What does this mean for Mr. Vega going forward? No one knows.


Next Shows:

Friday 7 February
SPW Arena
126 Main St.
Woonsocket, RI
7:47 PM

Saturday 8 February
Attleboro Moose Lodge
Thacher St.
Attleboro, MA
7:07 PM



Showcase Pro Wrestling Results & Reviews Woonsocket, RI USA 3 January 2020


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Showcase Pro Wrestling
3 January 2020
Woonsocket, RI USA

Ring Announcer and Lockdown Host: Sargent Muldoon
Referees: Anthony Warren, Frank Rocha
Promoter: Chris Blackheart
Timekeeper: Rob Roberts
Commissioner: John Cena Sr.

Full videos of these matches will be available after 4:30 p.m. EST on 6 January on our YouTube channel.

Sargent Muldoon. Image: TWP

Professor’s Notes:

This was the first Woonsocket show of a promising 2020 for Showcase Pro Wrestling. SPW Management asked us to angle the videos to include the fan area to make it more like TV wrestling. We are still getting used to the change, but hope our camera work meets expectations.

Buddy Romano finally takes care of Zane Rico. Montero can’t shake his former best friend Chris Cruise. Ledeur impresses by lifting Nasty and slamming him to the ground. Carlos won’t go away and Buddy is fit to be tied.

Match 1. Superstar Shawn Candido v. “The Flawless” Nick Diamond.  W – Candido

Mr. Candido said that he read Nick Diamond’s entrance graphic to say “Princess” Nick Diamond. Diamond responded by getting on his knees in an effort to poke fun at The Superstar’s height. Diamond inflicted some pain and showed off his technical wrestling skills. In the end, The Superstar finished the disrespectful punk off with The Super Stomp to the back of the head.

Superstar Shawn Candido and Sargent Muldoon. Image: TWP

Very Funny. Punk Disrespects Double Champion. Image: TWP

Diamond Displays His Technical Skills. The Superstar Would Not Relent. Image: TWP

Lockdown: Buddy Romano

Buddy is an arrogant champion. Earned arrogance. He downplayed his issues with Scott Levesque, and dismissed any potential challenger for the belt. He also announced his determination to eliminate the nuisance of Zane Rico once and for all.

SPW Heavyweight Champion Buddy Romano and Sargent Muldoon. Image: TWP

Match 2. The Diabolical Scott Ledeur (with Annabelle) v. Buck Nasty. W – Ledeur

The madman did two things that you rarely see. First he hoisted the 300 pound plus Nasty and slammed him down hard, the ring noticeably bending as he did it. Secondly, he suckered Buck by moving out of the way of the Nasty Splash, letting Buck land on his face, then rolled him up for the pin. Maybe he’s not so nuts.

Two Big Men. Image: TWP

Amazing Feat of Strength. Image: TWP

He Couldn’t Get it Done. Image: TWP

Match 3. Sons of Liberty #1 Contender Match: Mike Montero (C) v. Chris Cruise. W – Cruise

Mr. Montero is beyond sick of former friend Chris Cruise. Cruise won’t relent in his drive to take back his Sons of Liberty title. Cruise countered everything Montero could bring, ending the match by reversing Montero’s pin attempt and pinning The Champion. Montero engaged in some dirty pool after the bell, doing some sneaky beat down stuff before exiting the room. We predict a second Cruise championship in 2020.

The Champion Whines. Image: TWP

Montero For The Kill. Image: TWP

Former Friend Puts The Hurt on Chris Cruise. Image: TWP


Match 4. Big Dawg Butler v. Chris Matrix. W – Butler

Butler and Nasty have teamed up to go after the Tag Team Titles. Part of the strategy is to soften up Ledeur and Matrix in singles matches. Where Buck failed, Big Dawg succeeded. He plays dirty as we all know, but tonight he won fair-and-square. Matrix charged Butler and ran face first into his giant boot. Ouch.

Stalemate. Image: TWP

Matrix, Butler, and Rocha. Image: TWP

Victory. Image: TWP


Match 5. Heavyweight Championship Match: Buddy Romano (C) v. Zane Rico. W – Romano

Zane did well for a rookie. Very well. He seemed to hold up until Buddy dropped him on his face, stunning him and pinning the youth. Buddy then grabbed a folding chair and put the prostate wrestler’s foot in it. He then went up the ropes, preparing to stomp the kid and break his ankle. Carlos Esteban ran in and saved Rico’s season. Buddy left the ring wisely as Carlos proffered yet another challenge. Buddy was about to leave when Sarge goaded him into accepting.

Champion Methodically Puts Kid Away. Image: TWP

Wrestling Lesson For Zane Rico. Image: TWP

Buddy Prepares to End Zane Rico’s Brief Run. Image: TWP

Match 6. Heavyweight Championship Match: Buddy Romano (C) v. Carlos Esteban. W – Esteban (Count Out)

Winning the championship is sweet. Keeping the championship is a pain in the neck. Everyone keeps coming at you relentlessly. Not only does Buddy have to worry about keeping his friends happy and his Bitter Club intact, he has nuisances like Zane Rico to deal with, and contenders galore, including Carlos Esteban. Buddy once again gave Carlos a shot. (We think this was a mistake given the fatigue of already having a match).

After a lot of back-and-forth, The Champion did the smart thing. He left and took a count out. Victory and a payday for Carlos, but Buddy is still Champion. The problem is that this does nothing to eliminate Carlos’ contender status. He’ll just keep coming back until this ends one way or another.

The Bitter Man Buddy Romano. Image: TWP

Buddy Gets a Sore Chin Courtesy of Carlos. Image: TWP

Carlos Victorious. He’s Determined. Image: TWP


Next Show:

Saturday 4 January
Taunton VFW
82 Ingell Street
Taunton, MA
7:07 PM




Merry Christmas From The Professor


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The Professor wishes each and every one of you a Merry Christmas.  We hope that you take some time from your busy schedules and focus on family, friends, and the people you love.

Top ten nativities in art: triumph of light - Telegraph

Giotto – The Birth of Jesus


Image: Currier & Ives 1876

Santa is the man. We are happy to report that last year’s SJW attempt to destroy him by making him gender neutral failed miserably. Never happened at The Professor’s house. Santa came down the chimney as usual and delivered The Professor’s toys.

The Coming of Santa Claus by Thomas Nast 1872

The Coming of Santa Claus by Thomas Nast 1872

Remembering Mean Gene Okerlund



We lost Mean Gene in January of this year. He was one of wrestling’s greats.

Today would have been his 77th birthday.

Mean Gene Okerlund was one of the greatest Wrestling announcer and interviewers in the history of the sport.  Mean Gene was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2006.

Mr. Okerlund worked for the AWA, WWF, and WCW.  The Professor’s fondest Mean Gene moments were his legendary interviews with Macho Man Randy Savage. The two men had a chemistry that has never, and will never be duplicated.

Mr. Okerlund in his AWA days.

Mean Gene makes history with The Macho Man Randy Savage in the greatest promo in the history of professional wrestling

Merry Christmas. Buy Local. Buy Small.

Please consider patronizing small American and Canadian sellers this Christmas season. There are plenty of wonderful gifts you can get from mom and pop retailers, local artisans, Etsy stores, etc. They are all around you if you take some time to look.

Corporations have brainwashed people into destroying their futures when Christmas is supposed to be a family holiday about love and…since we, not Mark Zuckerberg, own this blog we don’t mind mentioning him…Jesus.

Don’t be one of these lost souls:

Millions still paying off 2018 holiday debt. Roughly 48 million Americans are still paying off credit card debt from the 2018 holiday season

As tough as it is to face, China is the enemy. It is well past time to reject slave labor-made junk.

Illustration by Steve Cutts



Showcase Pro Wrestling Results & Reviews Taunton, MA USA 7 December 2019


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Showcase Pro Wrestling
7 December 2019
Taunton VFW
Taunton, MA USA

Ring Announcer: Sargent Muldoon
Referees: Anthony Warren, Frank Rocha
Promoter: Chris Blackheart
Timekeeper: Rob Roberts
Commissioner: John Cena Sr.

Sargent Muldoon. Image: TWP

Full videos of these matches will be available at 9:30 p.m. EST on 10 December on our YouTube channel.

Professor’s Notes:

This was the final Showcase Pro Wrestling show for 2019. What a year it was. This company is always innovating and attracts the best talent from The Northeast and beyond. Our thanks go to Mr. Blackheart and the entire team for providing such a great experience for all of us.

Howitzen Davis III proved that he is the top manager in New England. He is in the same league as Rich Bass.

We wonder what’s in store for The Bitter Club in 2020. Scott and Buddy seem to be getting in each other’s way at best, and undermining each other at worst. Carlos is not coming back to the club. Ruby is MIA. We’ll see.

Howitzen Davis III is apparently suing us for being in the room and not rendering assistance during his beat down in Attleboro last week. We are meeting with our attorneys next week to mount a defense.

Match 1: Sensational Scott Levesque (with Buddy Romano) v. Zane Rico. W – Rico

Buddy Romano came out unexpectedly and told the room that he had a gift for Scott Levesque, who is nursing a hernia. The gift was supposed to be a pushover newcomer. Scott was not pleased when the opponent turned out to be Zane Rico, a strong young rookie. Buddy claimed he had arranged for “Shane Miko”, a smaller man with a gimpy leg. Scott was not amused and did his best, for the most part dominating the kid. Things went South quickly when Buddy tried to trip Rico and ended up tripping Scott by mistake. Zane capitalized and rolled up The Premiere Wrestler of New England, a huge victory for the youth. Buddy and Scott’s disconnect continues.

Buddy has a Christmas gift for Scott. Image: TWP

Master teaches student. Image: TWP

He beat the best. Huge for a rookie. Image: TWP

Match 2: Tag Team #1 Contender Match: The Diabolical Scott Ledeur (with Annabelle) & Chris Matrix v. Big Dawg Butler & Buck Nasty. W – Butler & Nasty

Ledeur and Matrix faced a real challenge with these two giants, so early in their current title reign. After some ring-straining brutality by all four big men, Matrix took both giants on for a time but Nasty threw him out of the ring. Butler applied the Memphis Train, stunning Ledeur. Nasty pinned him, with Big Dawg piling on for good measure. Nasty and Butler are now #1 contenders, bound to have a rematch early in 2020.

Nasty gets Nasty. Image: TWP

Matrix against a giant. Image: TWP

Double Pin. Image: TWP

They Crushed It. Image: TWP

 Match 3: Nick Diamond v. S.O.G. Ronnie Ribs. W – Diamond

Ribs dismissed Diamond as no threat before the match even started and paid for it big time. Nick more than met him blow for blow. The end came with a brilliant punch in the crotch (unseen by Referee Warren) that took The Soldier of God out. Diamond is not to be taken lightly. He’s a force in SPW who will go to great lengths to outwit his veteran opponents.

The Soldier of God Ronnie Ribs. Image: TWP

Diamond wins a huge match. Image: TWP

Nick Diamond and Anthony Warren. Image: TWP

Howitzen Davis III Addresses The Fans

HD3 is upset with Gary Gold and John Cena Sr. for their assault last week in Attleboro. He is suing at least 20 people including Cena, Gold, Blackheart, Muldoon, SPW, The Moose Lodge, The Wrestling Professor, Paula Rocha, an unidentified kid in the crowd, and Santa Claus, for failing to render assistance. The fans were less than sympathetic despite the man’s obvious pain and suffering as evidenced by his neck brace, limp, and crutches. We won’t provide any opinions here on advice from our attorneys. We don’t want to jeopardize the court case.

Victim of a brutal attack. Image: TWP

He’s suing us personally. Image: TWP

Everyone is being dragged into court. Image: TWP

Match 4: Sons of Liberty Championship: Mike Montero (C) v. Superstar Shawn Candido. W – Montero (DQ)

Montero threw Candido into Referee Rocha, knocking him out. Montero then had Candido in a pin after a nasty Back Breaker. Rocha was unable to do the count. The Superstar then had a pin of his own that went uncounted. While Candido and Sarge tried to revive Frank, Montero sneaked out and grabbed his belt which he used to hit Candido. The Superstar took the belt away from him and when Frank suddenly revived he thought Candido was using it to hit Montero. DQ called on Candido.

We have a feeling that The Superstar will be adding The Sons of Liberty Championship to his Heavyweight and Tag Team titles in 2020.

Superstar is Number One. Image: TWP

The Sadism of Mike Montero. Image: TWP

Superstar down but not out. Image: TWP

Match 5:  Non-Title Heavyweight Championship Match: Buddy Romano (with HD3) v. Carlos Esteban.  W – Esteban

There was some confusion in the beginning as to whether or not this was a title match. Mr. Blackheart came out and clarified that it was a #1 Contender Match. HD3 insisted on announcing his client, and was allowed to stay as he has a valid manager’s license.

Sargent Muldoon and Chris Blackheart. Image: TWP

Buddy gets it right where it hurts. Image: TWP

Scott Intervenes. Image: TWP

HD3 does what any manager would do. Image: TWP

Mr. Don Vega. Image: TWP

Mr. Vega’s image of Howitzen Davis III. Image: TWP

Carlos could not get the upper hand, even after Buddy landed crotch first into the turnbuckles. HD3 was preparing to use his crutch on Esteban when Scott Levesque came out and grabbed the crutch, saying that Buddy didn’t need the help. Unfortunately the crutch connected with Romano’s face, stunning him. Carlos was able to get the pin. Howitzen was enraged and came into the ring and beat Esteban mercilessly until Mr. Don Vega intervened. Mr. Vega asked the fans if they would like to see him team up with Carlos in 2020 to fight Levesque and Romano. The fans are on board.

2020 is all teed up for SPW. We look forward to it.

We wish all of you a Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, and a Great New Year.

See you next year,

The Professor


Next Shows:

Friday 3 January
SPW Arena
126 Main St.
Woonsocket, RI
7:47 PM

Saturday 4 January
Taunton VFW
82 Ingell St.
Taunton, MA
7:07 PM