Lucha Mexico


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We just watched a fascinating documentary on Netflix called Lucha Mexico. It centers around the Luchadores in Arena Mexico in Mexico City. The principals are “Shocker” a.k.a. 1000% Guapo (Handsome), American Jon Strong Man (Jon Anderson), Blue Demon Jr., Kemonito, and two wrestlers who are sadly no longer with us: El Hijo Del Perro Aguayo and Fabian “El Gitano”.

We love the Mexican people and Mexican Wrestling. It was a night in Arena Naucalpan that brought us back to wrestling after a long hiatus.

These athletes are the real deal. Sometimes working the big time in Mexico City but often appearing at small shows in backwater towns and parking lots. Their dedication through pain and the loss of friends and the inevitable ends of careers is poignant yet ultimately uplifting.

The Late Fabian. Image:

Blue Demon Jr. Image:

Sexy Star & Faby Apache. Image:

Kemonito. Image:

Jon Strongman. Image:

The Late El Hijo Del Perro Aguayo. Image:

Showcase Pro Wrestling Results & Reviews Marchiversary XII Taunton, MA USA March 17, 2018


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Showcase Pro Wrestling
Marchiversary XII
March 17, 2018
Taunton VFW
Taunton, MA USA

Ring Announcers: Sergeant Muldoon, Dominic Damiano
Referees: Rob Roberts, Anthony Warren
Promoter: Chris Blackheart
Timekeeper: David DeJesus
Commissioner: Mr. Frank Rocha

Professor’s Notes: The biggest night of the year for Showcase Pro Wrestling and perhaps the best of the five Marchiversarys we have attended. The room was beyond packed, the wrestlers on fire, and plenty of feuds were resolved. In a night of superlative matches and performances, Amanda Fox owned the event. It was hers. She killed. If anyone had any doubt about her status it evaporated last night: She is The Alpha Female.

Match videos will be available after 10:00 p.m EST 20 March at our YouTube channel.

Match 1. Sons of Liberty & Tag Team Combined Championship Match: The Stacked Deck (Chris Cruise SOL Champion & Mike Montero, Tag Team Champions) v. The Disorder (The Maniacal Jack Krueger & Diabolical Scott Ledeur with Annabelle).  – Winner of first fall and again Sons of Liberty Champion – Ledeur. Winners of second fall and still Tag Team Champions – The Stacked Deck

An interesting match setup with 2 titles on the line. Winner of the first fall becomes Sons of Liberty Champion. Winner of second fall takes Tag Team Titles.

Both teams beat the *&#@ out of each other, much of the time outside the ring despite practically no room to work do to the overflow crowd.

Diabolical Scott Ledeur. ©

In a display of true Teamsmanship, Krueger dropped Cruise face first on Scott’s knees and Scott promptly threw his partner out of the ring and pinned Cruise, taking back his Sons of Liberty title. Krueger didn’t seem to mind at all. (as a smart man observed about this team after the show “It works because they are different kinds of nuts”).

A bit later Cruise put Krueger on his back so that Montero could dive on him from the top rope feet first and then apply the pin. The Stacked Deck retain their Tag Team title. Of course they went on after the bell and continued to beat up their opponents. Ledeur didn’t notice. He was too busy cradling his SOL Belt.

Teamsmanship. ©

After the match a disappointed Jack Krueger threatened The Living Doll with a chair but thought the better of it and left the room. Perhaps Annabelle’s powers protected her. Who knows?

Krueger & Cruise. ©

Montero Suffers. ©

The Maniacal Jack Krueger. ©

Match 2. Amanda Fox (with Alisha Muldoon) v. Alec Price. W – Fox

Stipulation: If Fox loses, her head is shaved in the ring by Price. If Fox wins, Alicia is relieved of her service contract to Mr. Price.

We are accustomed to intergender matches after their boom of the past few years. There is a plausibility to these matches based on the skill and grit of a new generation of female athletes. But how likely is it that a 120 pound female can beat a much bigger male who is in the prime of his youthful strength and vigor? Fox did it and put the kid in a Superplex in the process.

Fox on Fire. ©

Price Focused on Her Leg. ©

Sadistic Beating. ©

Friendship Can be Fleeting. ©

Fox was on the mat most of this match because Price was smart enough to concentrate on her injured leg, stomping her mercilessly. We we worried that this could be a career ender for The Alpha Female.

Amanda persevered and in the end ran up the corner ropes while Price had her in a choke hold and pinned him as they fell backwards. Rare athletic skill on display. When Price was prostrate Fox attempted to put him in a dress that she took from Price’s gear bag. It was at this point that Alicia unexpectedly turned on the person who just took a beating to free her. Price ran out of the room as Ms. Muldoon put more hurt on Amanda’s leg. Fox was carried backstage, injured but triumphant.

Match 3: “The Bitter Man” Buddy Romano (with Sensational Scott Levesque) v. Hugo Brito. W – Brito

Buddy took the mic and advised Hugo’s parents not to wait up for him as Hugo would be in the nearby hospital after the match. For some reason Hugo objected to Buddy inviting his significant other home with him after the show, and came out and Pearl Harbored The Bitter Man. A raucous match ensued in which Hugo seemed destined to meet Romano’s predicted fate. The youth held his own despite a bit of interference from Bitter Club member Sensational Scott Levesque (all fair and legal).

Buddy Romano and Sensational Scott Levesque. ©

Bitter Club Rules. ©

New England’s Premier Wrestler couldn’t help himself and came into the ring to apply some beautiful stomping to the kid. Then Carlos Esteban entered, ostensibly to rescue Hugo but he turned Bitter and also helped to wail on young Brito.  Cargill Vinton followed by Don Vega intervened to save their student from destruction. A melee of former champions ensued and The Bitter Club left the ring. Hugo declared victor apparently by DQ, but in the chaos it was unclear. Mr. Don Vega offered an alliance with Cargill Vinton to defend the new generation but Mr. Vinton just left the ring area saying nothing.

New Generation. ©

Cargill Vinton. ©

Match 4. Heavyweight Championship: Chris Matrix (C) v. Nicholas Night. W – Matrix

Nick Night appeared after a long sojourn in Miami. (He told us after the show that this was only the second time since May that he’s worked). The office warned Matrix that he would face one of four former champions at Marchiversary (Mike Nice, Barricade, Don Vega, or Night) so he came with his A game. You never would have known that Night has been out of action given his fitness level and performance. Matrix defended his Championship effectively, showing us what a great athlete he is. Matrix kicked Night in the back fairly which sent him into the Referee in the corner, knocking out the official. Unexpectedly, as Matrix and Warren were both temporarily stunned and on the mat, Bobby Ocean sneaked in and attacked Night with a chair. He then threw him back into the ring. Matrix and Warren came to and Matrix pinned the former champion.

“The First” Nicholas Night. ©

Night protested to no avail. Sure, Ocean interfered but so what? This is professional wrestling. Things happen. Matrix capitalized on an unexpected opportunity and keeps his title fair and square.

Collision of The Champions. ©

Bobby Ocean Settles Old Score. ©

The Champion Victorious. ©

Match 5: The Gauntlet For The Gold 2018

The Gauntlet is a 30-man royal rumble event in which the fans pick the order of wrestler entry. As usual, this was insane. Impossible to do a play-by-play description of this kind of chaos. It reminds us of what the daily battle in Valhalla must be like.

We will say that the final four were Romano, Levesque, Ribs, and Vinton. Ribs won the day by pinning Buddy Romano after The Bitter Man landed on his crotch in the corner ring post. Ribs has won a title shot at the belt of his choosing any time in the next year. He told us after the show that he will challenge Chris Matrix for the Heavyweight title on April 21 in Taunton. He aims to restore The Fellowship to dominance of SPW.

Insanity. ©

Chaos. ©

S.O.G. Ronnie Ribs – Winner of the 2018 Gauntlet. ©

Next Show:

Friday April 6, 2018
Bell Time: 7:47 pm
SPW Arena
126 Main Street
Woonsocket, RI



Showcase Pro Wrestling Results & Reviews Woonsocket, RI 10 March 2018


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Showcase Pro Wrestling
10 March 2018
Showcase Arena
Woonsocket, RI USA

Ring Announcer: Sergeant Muldoon
Referees: Mr. Frank Rocha, Brandon Aubin
Promoter: Chris Blackheart
Interim Commissioner: Ruby Bastien

Professor’s Note: A good setup night for the big event next week: “Marchiversary XII”. Amanda Fox on the mend and after Alec Price. Young wrestlers Dante and Esteban showing why they are future champions. Buddy Romano’s sadistic malevolence towards young Hugo Brito on display. See you in Taunton on the 17th.

Match videos will be available after 9:00 p.m EST 13 March at our YouTube channel.

Match 1. Buck Nasty v. Dante. W – Nasty

Dante has some big stones for getting into the ring with the angry giant. Nasty feels that SPW, and perhaps life itself, has cheated him of what was his. His way to get back to his championship title is to destroy every victim that the office puts in the ring with him. Dante is an improving talent. His association with The S.O.G. has paid big dividends. He did more than most to hurt the big man from Deliverance but in the end he succumbed to the inescapable Nasty Splash.

Dante Brings It. ©

Buck Grounded. ©

Here Comes The Nasty Splash. ©

Amanda Fox Promo for Marchiversary XII

The Alpha Female entered the ring sporting a knee brace from her injury last month at the hands of Alec Price. Amanda vowed to beat Price at Marchiversary next week to release her friend Alicia from the remainder of the service contract that began on February 17th. Sergeant Muldoon advised her not to do this unless her knee could bear weight by Wednesday. If Amanda loses, her head gets shaved in the ring. This is an unpleasant prospect for someone who could be doing shampoo commercials if she felt like it. We’ll see next week.

The Alpha Female Amanda Fox. ©

Match 2. S.O.G. Ronnie Ribs v. Mike Montero. Time Expired Draw

The S.O.G. was in rare form, bringing his scriptural knowledge to the Woonsocket congregation and confronting a gigantic fan who unwisely tried to bait the Afghanistan Veteran. We felt he had the best of the lithe and sneaky Montero, but Ribs took too long and Montero managed to avoid destruction. We expect a rematch.

S.O.G. Comments on The Aroma of Woonsocket. ©

Let Off With a Warning. ©

Ribs & Montero. ©

Match 3. Carlos Esteban v. Big Dawg Butler. W – Butler

Carlos is getting bigger and better every month. He did the smartest thing we’ve seen any of Butler’s opponents do: He focused on taking out one of his legs and keeping the giant on the ground. It almost worked. At one point (min. 12:39) Butler appeared to tap as Esteban twisted his battered leg. No dice, the Ref let him off the hook.

Big Dawg somehow recovers and power slams the youngster, stunning him long enough for a three count while Butler has just enough fumes to finish the job. Moral victory for Carlos. Cautionary tale for Butler.

Memphis Style. Big Dawg Butler. ©

We Saw a Tap. The Ref Disagreed. ©

Carlos Uses His Head. ©

Match 4.  “The Bitter Man” Buddy Romano v. Hugo Brito. W – Brito (Forfeit)

Hugo came into the ring for an interview with Sergeant Muldoon. It was not to be, as The Bitter Man entered and laid it on the line for everyone in the room to hear. We were asked not to tape what ensued (we will publish the setup on Tuesday night) and hence will not divulge what happened here this night. We will say that it was shocking. We highly recommend you attend Marchiversary XII next week to see what we expect to be the final showdown between these two men.

The Bitter Man Not Messing Around. ©

Intentions Made Crystal Clear. ©

Match 5. Sons of Liberty Championship Rematch: Diabolical Scott Ledeur v. Chris Cruise (C). W – Cruise

Cruise is good. Very good. But how can someone his size beat one of the strongest men in New England who happens to be completely crazy? He did it. Forced a submission by armbar on the madman. This after taking a pummeling few could survive. Scott will be back. We expect he was a bit off his game without Annabelle. If the living doll is at Marchiversary look for Ledeur to win the Gauntlet. Or worse.

Diabolical Punishment. ©

Ledeur. ©

Submission. ©

Scott Confers With Crowley. ©

Next Show:

Marchiversary XII
March 17, 2018
Taunton VFW
82 Ingell St.
7:07 Bell Time




NCW 2018 Kickoff Results

NCW 2018 is here. See you at the matches.

Northeast Championship Wrestling

This past Friday Northeast Championship Wrestling kicked off the 2018 Season from the Jacob Jones VFW Post in Dedham, MA, running despite a huge storm hitting the New England coast. A HUGE thank you to everyone who came out despite the awful conditions to support NCW for the 2018 Season premiere.

View original post 810 more words

El Santo



Mexico’s most famous professional wrestler was El Santo. He was more demigod and superhero than what we up north consider a wrestling star. His spirit lives on.

Rodolfo Guzmán Huerta (September 23, 1917 – February 5, 1984), more widely known as El Santo, or in English The Saint.

El Santo statue in Tuancingo, Mexico.

Santo in “El Museo De Cera” 1963

Santo protects us from hostile Martians in “Santo Contra La Invasion De Los Marcianos”

Showcase Pro Wrestling Results & Reviews Taunton, MA USA Feb. 17, 2018


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Showcase Pro Wrestling
February 17, 2018
Taunton VFW
Taunton, MA USA

Ring Announcer: Sergeant Muldoon
Referees: Rob Roberts, Ruby Bastein
Promoter: Chris Blackheart
Commissioner: Mr. Frank Rocha

Professor’s Notes: The Fittest Man in The World, Dan Terry is back in SPW. Amanda Fox and Punk Alec Price finish their feud. Sensational Scott Levesque alone is worth the price of admission. Great setup for Marchiversary XII which will be in the same room on March 17th.

Match videos will be available after 10:00 p.m EST 20 Feb. at our YouTube channel.

Match 1. “The Bitter Man” Buddy Romano (with Sensational Scott Levesque) v. “The Fittest Man in Wrestling” Dan Terry.  – W – Romano

Two evenly matched veterans went at it in a rough-and-tumble match. Scott Levesque is a huge danger ringside and managed to keep it mostly legal. A kick in the face stunned The Living Hercules just long enough for Buddy to pin him with the assistance of Ruby Bastein’s fast 3 count.

The Bitter Club. ©

Romano & Terry. ©

Even Contest. ©

Match 2. Sensational Scott Levesque (with Buddy Romano) v. Mike Montero. W – Montero

The Bitter Club members tried to recruit Tag Team Champion Mike Montero but were rebuffed for some reason. Mr. Levesque took offense and decided to teach the kid a hard lesson. Scott waited a half-second too long to apply his finishing Bulldog. Montero miraculously put him into a Small Package for the pin.

Invitation. ©

The Man Dominates. ©

The Man is Not Happy. ©

Match 3. Sons of Liberty Championship: The Maniacal Jack Krueger v. Chris Cruise. W – Cruise (New Champion)

For some reason Disorder Member Jack Krueger defended his partner Scott Ledeur’s Sons of Liberty Championship. Whether this was authorized or not was unclear. Krueger dominated The Tag Team Champion and at one point almost performed some illegal dentistry on Cruise with an old rusty pair of pliers. Before any extractions took place, Ledeur ran out and started a beat down on his partner. This was the turning point as it allowed Cruise time to recover. Scott was removed by Referee Roberts and Cruise pinned Krueger. Both antagonists’ partners entered as Cruise was declared the second Sons of Liberty Champion. He now holds two SPW titles at the same time. Crazy stuff.

The Maniacal Jack Krueger. ©

Cruise Took a Beating. ©

Scott Displeased. ©

“The Bitter Man” Buddy Romano Ruins Hugo Brito’s Interview

Buddy showed a video during the intermission of him disrupting one of Hugo’s musical performances with challenges and trash talk. During this spot he came out and attempted to disgrace the youth. Hugo got lucky and landed a Pimp Slap on Buddy. Buddy wisely left the room and vowed to end the youngster’s nascent career at Marchiversary XII.

Buddy Does Not Like Hugo. ©

Match 4: Heavyweight Championship: Chris Matrix (C) v. Carlos Esteban. W – Matrix

Carlos cashed in his title shot earned by winning the Woonsocket Rumble. He is getting bigger and better each month but this was not his night. Matrix keeps his title in order to defend it an Marchiversary XII against one of four former Champions: Night, Levesque, Nice, & Barricade.

The Worthy Champion. ©

A Future Champion. ©

Matrix & Esteban. ©

Match 5.  Alec Price v. Amanda Fox. W – Price

The stipulation for this grudge match is that Fox would become Price’s servant for 90 days if she loses. Big stakes. Fox came out ablaze accompanied by second Alicia. Both athletes put sadistic pain on the other, red blotches were in abundance. At one point Fox landed wrong on her head which may have put her at a disadvantage.

Amanda on Fire. ©

Fox managed to escape a pin despite Ruby’s fast count. We heard Price protesting to the questionable official “I thought we had a deal.” Hmm.  Fox then clearly had Price pinned but got no count because Ruby was apparently incapacitated. Rob Roberts ran in and did the three count and Amanda was announced the winner. Ruby came too conveniently and protested that Roberts was not the official (This was true). The match continued and Price got the pin.

The Alpha Female. ©

After the bell Price announced that the details of the contract said that he could select anyone he wanted to be his 90 day servant. He announced that he was picking Alicia despite her obvious horror and the protests of Fox. Price dragged Alicia backstage followed by an angry Amanda Fox.

Brutal Contest. ©

Unintended Consequences. ©

Next Shows:

Friday March 2, 2018
Bell Time: 7:47 pm
SPW Arena
126 Main Street
Woonsocket, RI

March 3, 2018
Bell Time: 6:00 pm
Tickets: $12
Millville Fire Department
196 Main Street
Millville, MA


Number One Video of All Time


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The Wrestling Professor YouTube channel features 623 videos. Most are matches from Showcase Pro Wrestling. There are promos and long-form interviews as well.

The biggest smash hit of all is a match from February 2017. Madame Butterfly v. Alicia Muldoon has received an astonishing 139,142 views. Interestingly Madame Butterfly has not re-appeared at SPW.