NECW Celebrates It’s 20th Anniversary With a Special Online Video Event!

The NECW 20th Anniversary Video Collection Premieres October 1st

From our good friends at New England Championship Wrestling. One of the great promotions of the Northeast.

New England Championship Wrestling celebrates its 20th Anniversary with a virtual celebration of its rich history.  The company is releasing the NECW 20th Anniversary Collection on YouTube – a series of 20 matches representing our 20 years of operation.  It is a star-studded, action-packed collection culled from all the various eras of the company and it is free to view on demand.

NECW promoter, Sheldon Goldberg explains: “In normal times, we would have marked our 20 year milestone by presenting a major live event, but since that is impossible and impractical due to the pandemic, I decided to open up our archives and share highlights of our considerable past with all of our fans past and present, local and worldwide.” Regarding the decision to release the collection on YouTube:  “We could have done this as a multi DVD release and charged people money for it, but I felt very strongly that I wanted to share this collection openly.  We will be doing some things in the near future that will give our fans a chance to make a purchase that benefits our business, but we made our bones by creating and distributing our content online and on TV, so that keeps consistent with what we’ve been about all these years.”

The 20th Anniversary Collection contains 17 national stars before they became famous, including Sasha Banks’ first professional match.  
Goldberg added, “My hope is that people will not just gravitate to the NECW matches they remember, but they will check out the playlist and discover something they never saw before.  There is a lot to appreciate, and while this is certainly not a definitive collection, between this and the NECW Legendary series already on YouTube, it gives the viewer a pretty good feel of the depth and breadth of NECW.”

In addition to the 20th Anniversary Collection, a new podcast will also be debuting soon, also available on YouTube.  Called “ReGeneration,” this podcast will discuss, in depth, the 20th Anniversary Collection and NECW Legendary, along with other wrestling topics past and present. “These are unique times and they call for unique ways to keep our brand in front of our fans.  We have been regularly posting links in our social media to past TV shows, but this is content mostly being released widely for the very first time and we are proud to share it with everyone.”

The NECW 20th Anniversary Collection premieres October 1, 2020

R.I.P Road Warrior Animal


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Road Warrior Animal has passed away at the age of 60. His real name was Joseph Laurinaitis. We remember watching Animal and his partner Hawk as The Road Warriors and The Legion of Doom back in the Eighties on Saturday nights on Superstation WTBS. At Six O’Clock Georgia Championship Wrestling was on (later to become WCW). Cable was new then and it allowed us to see guys we had previously only seen in magazines. The Road Warriors were a dominant force. They were a huge part of wrestling’s golden age.

Road Warrior Hawk and Road Warrior Animal from Pro Wrestling Illustrated

SPW Remote Show Oct. 2!

Finally a full card of wrestling! It will be remote but it will be the same quality Showcase Pro Wrestling product. We really miss live shows. Watching videos and Ring of Honor reruns on TV is OK, but a real live show can’t be beat even if it is streamed. This is a live event with all the spontaneity and surprises we love. This is what we have been craving.

Thank you to Chris Blackheart and the whole SPW family for keeping wrestling alive.

R.I.P Kamala

Kamala The Ugandan Giant has passed away. His real name was James Harris. He was 70 years old.

You can read all kinds of bios on Kamala so I won’t repeat the details here other than to point out that Mr. Harris was brutally exploited by P.O.S. Vince McMahon. The treatment of this gentle giant by the man who destroyed professional wrestling is one of the main factors in our abandoning the WWF for the independent product long ago.

Fare thee well Kamala. You were awesome.

SPW Keeping Wrestling Alive

Words can’t describe how much we miss live wrestling. Attending the shows and being up close and personal with the workers was one of the best parts of our week. We hope everyone is staying in shape for the day when we can be together again.

The oppressive and capricious COVID regulations go on and on. Showcase Pro Wrestling operates in Massachusetts and Rhode Island, two states with power mad incompetent governors. There are still no live shows 6 months into this fiasco.

SPW TV has launched. It’s a way to keep the candle burning while the wrestling companies and their fans are kept apart. Good going on the part of Mr. Blackheart.

Check it out.

Happy Independence Day


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We wish all our fellow American Citizens a happy and healthy Independence Day. Take some time with those you love and remember why we celebrate this day. Our Founding Fathers sacrificed everything to give us a chance to live as free citizens.

Let’s show them that we deserve it by defeating the marxists, communists, and oligarchs (billionaires) whose brown shirts are known as ANTIFA and BLM. They are the destroyers of civilization and must be eradicated from our land.

We thank God for our Founding Fathers who gave us the The Bill of Rights. The communists are working hard to demoralize Americans and  take our liberties of free speech, self-protection, and assembly away. Don’t let them do it.

Don’t mistake generosity for weakness. F with us at your peril.

Signing of the Declaration of Independence. Image: Bill of Rights Institute

The Bill of Rights

WordPress Will Eventually Cancel The Wrestling Professor

It’s inevitable that WordPress will determine that The Professor is guilty of political heresy. Why? Too many posts celebrating American holidays for a start. Independence Day, Memorial Day, and Veterans Day are now unacceptable to the communist creeps. WordPress is part of the sick, traitorous silicon valley oligarchy. Sites and people are disappearing at an alarming rate.

We will continue to speak as honest and proud Americans and wrestling fans.

Who would have thought that a little site dedicated to a local wrestling scene would be a target for de-platforming?

Welcome to 2020. Or should we say 1984.

Communists Are on The Move. Their Goal is to Take Away Your Rights, Identity, and Your Future. Stop Them.