Showcase Pro Wrestling Results & Reviews Woonsocket, RI 7 Dec 2018


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Showcase Pro Wrestling
7 December, 2018
Showcase Arena
Woonsocket, RI USA

Ring Announcer: Sergeant Muldoon
Referees: Anthony Warren, Frank Rocha
Promoter: Chris Blackheart

Professor’s Notes: This was the last Woonsocket show of 2018. Great winter’s night in the center of The Professor’s wrestling world. The place was packed. Quite a few wrestlers from around New England were in the audience. What does that tell you about Woonsocket? Make a New Year’s resolution to get yourself to the SPW arena in 2019. It’s a unique and wonderful experience in independent professional wrestling. We can’t wait.

Sergeant Muldoon

Match videos will be available after 9:00 p.m EST 10 December at our YouTube channel.

Match 1. Superstar Shawn Candido v. Dante Dio. W – Candido

The Superstar messed with Dante’s head from the beginning, delaying the start of the match until he (and everyone involved including fans and this reporter) were “ready”. When the match finally commenced, Dante, who has been absent from SPW of late, showed us what he’s learned in his travels throughout The Northeast. The kid is no longer a kid. He’s become quite a mature and skilled worker.

Dante took too long to set up his top rope dive, allowing the ever sneaky Superstar to play dead and move out of the way at the last movement. Dante landed on his face and was stunned. Candido went to the corner and ran over to Dante, applied his patented Head Stomp, and promptly pinned the younger wrestler.

Candido Wouldn’t Tap. He Just Kept Saying “One!”. Image: TWP

Dante Inflicts Pain. Image: TWP

Match 2. Dan Terry v. Chris Matrix. W – Matrix

The Fittest Man in The World spent a bit too much time clowning for his colleagues in the back section when he should have been paying attention to one of the most dangerous men in New England. Matrix has had a few bad breaks lately but truth be told he’s in amazing shape and is out for blood after perceived disrespect from the front office. This was a highly entertaining and theatrical match but in the end Terry did one goof too many, missing Matrix in a corner charge and allowing the former double champion to power slam him for the pin. Don’t mess with Matrix. It’s bad policy.

The Fittest Man in The World. Image: TWP

Terry Pokes The Bear. Image: TWP

End Result of Too Much Clowning. Matrix Doesn’t Play. Image: TWP

Match 3. His Royal Majesty King Leon VI v. Shady Shay Cash. W – King Leon VI

The Woonsocket peasants for some reason did not have the requisite respect for the royal personage expected by His Majesty. There were a lot of derisive jeers instead of the traditional supplication from the crowd. Shay Cash was even worse. He stole the royal crown and had the audacity to not only wear it himself, he put it on Sgt. Muldoon and on a young kid in the audience. This was an outrage that The Monarch put right when after a violent contest, he dropped Shay on his face and pinned him clean.

His Royal Majesty King Leon VI. Image: TWP

His Majesty Dresses Down Mr. Rocha. Image: TWP

Shay on Fire. Image: TWP

Match 4. S.O.G. Ronnie Ribs v. Big Dawg Butler. W – Ribs

Ribs insisted on doing a lot of comedy for his peers in the back section which gave Big Dawg plenty of opportunities to dominate. It looked like The Dawg’s night until The Soldier of God applied a DDT for the stun and pin. After the bell Ribs added insult to injury by going to the top rope and dropping a Benoit style flying Head Butt on the prostate Butler. Too much.

Dawg Doesn’t Take No Mess. Image: TWP

Big Dawg Pummels Ribs. Image: TWP

Butler Determined. Image: TWP

Match 5.  Buck Nasty v. Hugo Brito. W – Nasty

Poor Hugo. He’s an up-and-comer, willing to take on anybody. The office has been cruel to him in 2018. He barely survived a feud with Buddy Romano, now they end the year by putting him in the ring with a guy at least 150 pounds heavier than him and meaner than a snake. Hugo did well for himself, embarrassing Nasty by knocking him down with multiple drop kicks. The saddest part was when Nasty decided to rip the braces out of the youth’s mouth. Disgusting sadism. Buck ended it with a cannonball in the corner that put Hugo unconscious. As a bonus he threw the limp body of Hugo through the ropes and onto the floor. We hope Hugo heals in time for Christmas.

Hugo Sure Has Balls. Image: TWP

Wrecking Expensive Orthodontia. Image: TWP

Mr. Humble. Image: TWP

Match 6: David Cash v. Carlos Esteban. W – Esteban

Carlos has risen from Rookie of The Year to Main Eventer in a very short time. He faced one of his toughest opponents in Hoodz luminary David Cash.

Cash is skilled and the toughest of the tough. Carlos brought his own brand of determination and technical acumen to the contest. It could have gone either way.

Cash seemed to have Carlos in an inescapable German Suplex when Carlos grabbed Referee Warren who forced a break. Carlos amazingly rolled up Cash for a decisive pin. Carlos beats a legend. Amazing.

The Legendary “Highlight” David Cash. Image: TWP

Carlos Shows His Smarts. Image: TWP

Carlos Rolls up Cash. Image: TWP

Next Show:

Saturday, 15 December 2018
Bell Time: 7:07 VFW Hall
82 Ingell Street
Taunton, MA


Showcase Pro Wrestling Results & Reviews Attleboro, MA USA Dec 1, 2018


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Showcase Pro Wrestling
December 1, 2018
The Moose
Attleboro, MA USA

Ring Announcer: Sargent Muldoon
Referees: Frank Rocha, Anthony Warren
Promoter: Chris Blackheart
Commissioner: John Cena Senior

Sgt. Muldoon. Image: The Wrestling Professor

Sgt. Muldoon. Image: The Wrestling Professor

Professor’s Notes: A nice tight show with a card packed with talent. We love SPW at The Moose, even if there is no heat. The athletes provided literal and metaphorical heat in abundance. Last Attleboro show for 2018 and it was tremendous.

Match videos will be available after 10:00 p.m EST December 4th at our YouTube channel.

Match 1. Cargill Vinton v. Sensational Scott Levesque. W – Vinton

The Premiere Wrestler of New England generously offered membership in The Bitter Club to Cargill Vinton who for some odd reason did not accept. A match of veteran champions ensued in which the opponents were on equal terms. Levesque applied his patented slingshot suplex but Cargill reversed it with a reverse neck breaker, stunning Scott followed by a pin.

Generous Offer Rejected. Image: TWP

Champions. Image: TWP

Levesque Dissembles. Image: TWP

Match 2. Superstar Shawn Candido v. Chris Cruise. W – Cruise

Two men well matched in size and skill. Candido tried to end things with his famous head stomp but Cruise moved at the crucial moment, sending #1 into Referee Rocha. After that Cruise had the momentum. Cruise stunned The Superstar with a neat kick to the groin followed by a roll up and pin.

Candido & Cruise. Image: TWP

Legal Choking. Image: TWP

Going in For The Kill. Image: TWP

Match 3. Grudge Match: Gary Gold v. John Cena Sr. Wrestlers: Chris Matrix v. “The Master of Mayhem” Tommy Mack. W – Mack

Gary Gold and his former Manager John Cena Sr. are in a feud. They decided to resolve it by each bringing a chosen wrestler to Attleboro to duke it out. Mr. Cena came in with Chris Matrix who promptly defected to Mr. Gold’s corner. Cena had a “Plan B”, The Master of Mayhem (formerly “Heart Attack”) Tommy Mack from New Hampshire.

The Master of Mayhem Tommy Mack. Image: TWP

Gary Hesitates. Image: TWP

Matrix & Mack. Image: TWP

Still Friends. Image: TWP

Mack and Matrix went at it hard. At one point Mack had Matrix upside down in a Bear Hug and Matrix’ feet went through the ceiling, which rained debris into the ring. Gary had multiple opportunities to beat on Mack but hesitated each time. Probably because Sena Sr. was at ringside with a hickory cane. When Gary finally had his shot he missed Mack and punched Matrix in the face by accident. This allowed Mack to pin Matrix.

Gold and Cena shook hands and declared that they are still friends after this conflict.

We hope that Gary paid Matrix handsomely because this match was a fiasco for him. Matrix is still the man. We’ll go out on a limb and predict that he recaptures the Heavyweight title in 2019.

Match 4.  Mr. Don Vega v. Carlos Esteban. W – Mr. Vega

Teacher v. Student, a poignant illustration of one generation giving way to the next. Not. Carlos started things off by taking the mic and insulting the Attleboro fans and Mr. Vega. Don Vega has no problem smack talking in response. Once the match started it was an impressive demonstration of technical wrestling as taught at the SPW Training Center. The teacher gets a win by slamming the student hard on his back followed by a pin. Carlos is on the ascendant while Mr. Vega just keeps on going.

Carlos Esteban. Image: TWP

Teacher & Student. Image: TWP

The Veteran Prevails. Image: TWP

Match 5. Cold Hard Cash (David Cash & Shay Cash) v. Nicholas Night & S.O.G. Ronnie Ribs. W – Night & Ribs (DQ)

We’ve said this before: Any time you have an opportunity to see Hoodz legend David Cash perform, do whatever it takes to make it to the venue. Don’t bother cooking dinner for the family, leave wet laundry in a pile to rot, forget the deadline for your tax filing. All worth it to see David Cash.

This was an interesting match up with Ribs and Night combining for the first time. These teams had no prior beef of which we are aware. The match was vigorous and brutal, given the skill of all four men. Unfortunately we were robbed of a conclusive result because Bitter Club members Sensational Scott Levesque and Carlos Esteban ran into the ring and proceeded to indiscriminately stomp down all four participants. They ruined the match. Mr. Vega and Mr. Vinton ran in to intervene but it was too late. For some reason Cold Hard Cash was disqualified even though they had nothing to do with The Bitter Club’s actions. Night offered to help Ribs get revenge but he announced he would do it solo and stormed out of the room.

Cold Hard Cash. Image: TWP

Scott Stomps Everyone. Image: TWP

WTF Just Happened? Image: TWP

Next Show:

Friday, December 7th
Showcase Arena
126 Main Street
Woonsocket, RI
7:47 PM



NCW “WrestleFest XIV” Dedham, MA Results & Reviews Nov 30, 2018


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Northeast Championship Wrestling
Jacob Jones VFW, Dedham, MA USA
November 30, 2018

“WrestleFest XIV”

Ring Announcer: Shane Daly
Commentary: Atlee Greene, Derek Simonetti
Referees: Red Roche, Rob Tuttle, Rob Greer (Other Gentleman, name missed)
Commissioner: Dean “The Beast” Livesly
The Man: Mr. Casey

Professor’s Notes: We made it back to NCW for the first time since August. Lots of changes. Big house and the usual action-packed card. We had the unexpected pleasure of sitting with Wrestling Historian and NECW Owner Sheldon Goldberg (He has big plans for spring – stay tuned). This was the final NCW event of 2018 and the last Dedham show until next March so we drank deeply from Mr. Livesly’s well.

1. Sierra (with Todd Harris & Channing Thomas) v. Isana.  W – Sierra

This is the first time we had seen Sierra who is a young wrestler with a lot of potential. She was lucky to survive against the much stronger and experienced Isana. Predictably, the winning factor was the distraction provided by Thomas and Harris. Sierra for the win. This was only the beginning of her night.

Thomas, Harris, & Sierra. Image: TWP

Sierra. Image: TWP

2. New England Championship Triple Threat Match: Mike Montero (with Detox, C) v. Tomahawk v. Perry Von Vicious. W – Montero

Montero played it smart and brought Detox with him. That made the difference. Tomahawk effectively fought four men, throwing all on their backs at once. Von Vicious threw everyone out of the ring and then launched himself through the air into the scrum. The end came when Devine stunned Tomahawk with the belt which allowed Montero to go airborne, landing knees first into Von Vicious for the pin. Montero got on mic afterwards and claimed that his would be the longest NE Championship reign in NCW history.

Mike Montero. Image: TWP

Montero Squeezes Tomahawk. Image: TWP

3. The Masshole Mike McCarthy v. The Abominable CPA. W – Cruise

The Masshole didn’t think much of the diminutive CPA. This was a mistake. We saw something rare – The CPA not only lifted McCarthy while in the virtually inescapable CTFO (Choke The Fellow Out), he escaped the hold. Almost no one has ever done this. The numbers man capitalized on the ref getting in the way and rolled up McCarthy for the pin. Big surprise.

The Legendary Mike McCarthy. Image: TWP

Test of Strength. Image: TWP

4. Hair For Hair Gauntlet Match: Frank The Crank v. The Underground Anarchy (Tim Lennox, Ike, Dallas McCarthy, Tim Davidson).  W – Frank

Frank easily pinned Ike. Davidson sneaked the hammer away from Atlee Green and bonked Frank on the head and was disqualified. Dallas wimped out and would not get in the ring (probably a smart move) and got himself counted out. That left Tim Lennox who Frank easily pinned and put to sleep. A professional hair stylist was brought in to do a rough shave of Tim’s head. Frank was able to extract revenge and left ringside with a bag of Lennox’ hair. We hope Tim heads to the barber shop to get the chop job cleaned up. He was due for a change anyway.

Frank The Crank. Image: TWP

Lennox Humiliated. Image: TWP

President Livesly with Kevin Castro

Kevin Castro is perhaps the most arrogant man in New England Wrestling besides Rich Bass. He thought he was signing a contract to become the new Commissioner and he rubbed it in Mr. Livesly’s face big time, extracting an apology for the beating he took previously from the Commissioner.  What a dope – Dean tricked him into signing a contract that made him a manager with a bodily harm clause. Livesly then proceeded to deliver that hazard in the form of a punch in the face.

Dean “The Beast” Livesly. Image: TWP

The Arrogance of Kevin Castro. Image: TWP

5. Grudge Match – Pins outside the ring only. Shay Cash v. Dan Ram Ramirez W – Ramirez

Shay Cash seemed to have the upper hand until he used a chair which was then used against him until he could not answer the referee’s 10 count. Embarrassing.

Beating. Image: TWP

Shay Thought He Had This. Image: TWP

Shay Begs For Mercy. Image: TWP

6. Four Team Tag Team Gauntlet Championship: Kool People (DJ AC & Sammy Deleon, C) v. The Little Giants (Robbie & Bullet) v. The Middlesex Express (Steven Lust & Steven Broad) v. CrossFit (Dan Terry & Vern Vicallo). W – The Little Giants

We love all four teams. Great athletes. First up was CrossFit v. TME. Dan Terry managed to pin Steven Lust. Next The Little Giants against CrossFit. Robbie pins Verne. Then for some reason Dan turned on Vicallo and beat him up. Last was The Kool People v. The Little Giants. Bullet did the near impossible and pinned Sammy, who is twice his size. Athleticism and teamwork trump mass and arrogance. TLG new champions.

The Middlesex Express. Image: TWP

The Kool People. Image: TWP

CrossFit. Image: TWP

The Little Giants. Image: TWP

7. Ox Baker Memorial Cup. Kellan Thomas v. Ruy Batello v. Chris Venom v. The Lumberjake v. Sensational Scott Levesque v. Tripleicious. W – Kellan Thomas

Too much mayhem to describe blow-by-blow. The highlight for us was Venom faking a leg injury and sneakily throwing the giant Lumberjake over the top rope. This has almost never been done. In the end Thomas cleanly pinned Venom for the victory.

The Premiere Wrestler of New England – Sensational Scott Levesque. Image: TWP

The Lumberjake. Image: TWP

Kellan Thomas. Image: TWP

8. Channing Thomas (with Todd Harris & Sierra) v. Foxy Calvin Campbell (with Doctor Ozone). W – Thomas

Despite the masterful support of Doctor Ozone, Calvin could not overcome the interference of Harris and the constant distraction of Sierra. Campbell succumbs to a DDT from his young opponent.

Campbell & Ozone. Image: TWP

Thomas & Friends. Image: TWP

The Winners. Image: TWP

9. Six Person Tag Team Match: The Uncontrolled Army (Uncontrolled, Cobblepot, Dark Curry) v. Turtles in Time (Insane Dick Lane, Delilah Hayden, Curry Boy). W – Turtles in time.

This was the most confusing match we have seen all year. The usual brouhaha you see in six man matches. It ended with a clever mask switch as Uncontrolled somehow got into a t-shirt and mask and helped Dick Lane to pin one of the masked wrestlers (who, we are not sure, this got away from us). Apparently Steve Weiner celebrated “their” victory and accompanied Turtles in Time out of the ring area. Weird.

Six People Chaos. Image: TWP

Lane Directs His Team. Image: TWP

10: Heavyweight Championship: Todd Harris (C) v. Osiris (with Doctor Ozone). W – Osiris

We know both of these athletes well. It was interesting to see young Harris, who we met not so long ago as a trainee face the veteran Osiris as a champion. Harris is a full-fledged wrestler now and he gave Osiris endless grief in this match. The highlight was Osiris putting Todd in a superplex. Channing Thomas and Calvin Campbell interfered but they were non-factors. In the end Osiris got Harris to submit to a brutal choke hold on the mat. Osiris new champion.

Todd Harris. Image: TWP

Harris & Sierra. Image: TWP

Campbell & Thomas Sideshow. Image: TWP

Scrum. Image: TWP

Next Show:

Jacob Jones VFW Post
84 Eastern Ave.
Dedham, MA
7:30 PM

The Eighties Were The Golden Age. Tina Moretti Was Awesome


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Tina Moretti got her start on the television series G.L.O.W. She then went on to real wrestling, competing all over the place including The WWF before it became Walmart.

The Professor is an old man, he admits it. You kids missed a halcyon era. You can see what it was like on YouTube.

The Amazing Tina Moretti

Happy Thanksgiving


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We have so much for which to be thankful this year. The world seems messed up but by all objective measurements it’s the best time in history to be alive. America continues to be the greatest society in the history of the world. Be thankful for everything we have.

We hope all of you take some well-deserved time off to spend with those whom you love.

God bless you all.

Pilgrims Landing on The Beach. Image: Four String Farm

Everything We Have We Owe To Them



Happy Veterans day to everyone who has ever served in the U.S. Armed Forces. Without your sacrifice we would not live in this free and joyous land.

This Veterans Day is particularly poignant, given it is the 100th Anniversary of the Armistice. When we were kids the WWI soldiers were still marching in the parade. Now all of them have been called home.

We love you all.

Group portrait of an American patrol that caught a German gun crew in the St. Mihiel salient, France, during World War I. They pose behind a brand new German machine gun which they captured. (Photo by PhotoQuest/Getty Images)