Quick Results from NCW OktoberFest

SPW, NCW, NECW, and House of Bricks had big shows this past weekend. Too bad we couldn’t clone ourselves and be at all of them.

Northeast Championship Wrestling

Here are your quick results from NCW OktoberFest. Detailed Results to follow.

  • “Insane” Dick Lane d. “All Good” Anthony Greene w/ Ashley Mason.
  • The Heavy Hitters d. Todd Harris & JP O’Reilly to win the #1 Contenders Tag Team Gauntlet Match.
  • Ace Romero d. “The Selfie-Made Man” Vern Vicallo.
  • Triplelicious and “The Dan Ram” Danny Ramirez went to a No Contest after The Kool People interfered.
  • “Old School Cool” Cory Michael d. Tyler Nitro to win the Four Corners Challenge.
  • “Slamdance” Tim Lennox d. Osirus to win the NCW New England Championship after interference from The Kool People.
  • “RIOT” Kellan Thomas d. Brick Mastone w/ Vern Vicallo.
  • NCW Tag Team Champions CrossFit d. The Aristocrats to retain the NCW Tag Team Titles.
  • NCW Heavyweight Champion Lumberjake d. “Sensational” Scott Levesque w/ Rich Bass after the match was restarted due to a doppleganger of Lumberjake getting pinned in the match.

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Showcase Pro Wrestling Results & Reviews Woonsocket, RI USA Oct. 14 2016


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Showcase Pro Wrestling
October 14, 2016
SPW Arena
Woonsocket, RI USA

Ring Announcer: Sgt. Muldoon
Referees: Zack Belair, Anthony Warren, Bobby Rossi
Promoter: Chris Blackheart
Commissioner: Mr. Frank Rocha

Professor’s Notes: Another memorable evening in the center of TWP’s wrestling universe, the SPW Arena. The pictures are screen caps of video in the dark ring area so not the best but hopefully they convey what went down. The Buck Nasty era continues with no end in sight…Looks like a long title reign sorry to say.

Match videos will be available after 10:00 p.m EST 17 October at our YouTube channel.

Match 1. Superstar Shawn Candido & Richie Rich v. Carlos Esteban & Ryan Silva. W – Candido & Rich

The veterans are back together (not sure they were ever apart) and constitute a formidable tag team. The youngsters probably didn’t stand a chance with the 50 or so years of experience of Candido & Rich.  The veterans double-team Silva, Rich slamming him on his face and Candido delivering the coup de gras with a boot to the back of his head.


Rich & Candido. Image: The Wrestling Professor

The Candido Method. Image: The Wrestling Professor

The Candido Method. Image: The Wrestling Professor

Match 2. Diabolical Scott Ledeur v. Malik Logan. W – Logan (DQ)

Logan thought he could breeze through this due to Ledeur’s mental issues. He was wrong and lucky to escape alive. The outcome was a travesty. Referee Belair disqualified Ledeur after Logan tapped vociferously when Ledeur had him in a torture hold.  Let’s hope Mr. Ledeur got his serving of mashed potatoes to console him for this rip off.

Diabolical Scott Ledeur. Image: The Wrestling Professor

Diabolical Scott Ledeur. Image: The Wrestling Professor

Rookie of The Year Candidate Malik Logan. Image: The Wrestling Professor

Rookie of The Year Candidate Malik Logan. Image: The Wrestling Professor

Lockdown Segment: Sgt. Muldoon & Heavyweight Champion Buck Nasty

Nasty is the king of Showcase now.  There’s now way around this fact.  He made his (elongated) case to the fans and there was nothing we could do but take it. It’s his house.

Muldoon & Nasty. Image: The Wrestling Professor

Muldoon & Nasty. Image: The Wrestling Professor

Match 3. Big Dog Butler v. “The Apprentice” Dante.  W – Butler

Dante could have used the coaching of the absent Doctor Ozone to avoid the wailing that Butler provided.  Butler demolished the kid as expected. Dante lives to fight another day.

Big Dog Butler Hurts The Kid. Image: The Wrestling Professor

Big Dog Butler. Image: The Wrestling Professor

Butler Instructs Ref. Image: The Wrestling Professor

Butler Instructs Ref. Image: The Wrestling Professor

Match 4.  The Middlesex Express (Steven Lust & Steven Broad) v. Adrenaline Rush (Dangerous Daniel Evans & Keith Youngblood). Double DQ

Match of the night. Two teams who are really coming into their own gave us a high-energy match that thrilled. Referee Belair was in a DQ kind of mood last night and for some reason ended this match in a draw. We hope to see these teams in battle again soon. (Kinda weird to see Evans as a sort of face).

Dangerous Daniel Evans. Image: The Wrestling Professor

Dangerous Daniel Evans. Image: The Wrestling Professor

Broad Brings it. Image: The Wrestling Professor

Broad Brings it. Image: The Wrestling Professor

Match 5. Heavyweight Champion #1 Contender Match. Don Vega v. Jonathan Thornhill.  Time Expired

Thornhill kept his focus despite some serious attempts to persuade him to flee for his life by a certain ringside fan. Anyone brave enough to face Mr. Vega gets our respect. Thornhill matched the legend move-for-move. It seemed that Mr. Vega was about to finish things when Sgt. Muldoon announced that the time had expired. A rematch is certain.

Vega & Thornhill. Image: The Wrestling Professor

Vega & Thornhill. Image: The Wrestling Professor

That's Mister Vega to You. Image: The Wrestling Professor

That’s Mister Vega to You. Image: The Wrestling Professor

Match 6. Chris Cruise and Foxy (Amanda Fox) v. Chris Matrix & Alicia.  W – Matrix & Alisha

New Bedford vs. Woonsocket. We love this. We haven’t seen Amanda Fox in awhile, not having had the chance to visit NB matches this year. She’s as great as ever and showed the skill we have long admired. She got a bloody nose in the process of dominating rookie Alisha.  Alisha managed to roll up the veteran for a pin. The visitors Pearl Harbored Matrix post match.

Foxy Dominates. Image: The Wrestling Professor

Foxy Dominates. Image: The Wrestling Professor

Matrix & Foxy. Image: The Wrestling Professor

Matrix & Foxy. Image: The Wrestling Professor

Match 7. Heavyweight Championship Match: Buck Nasty (C) v. Robbie The Giant. W – Nasty

Robbie took the beating of his life from the massive Nasty. Robbie is one of the most technically gifted wrestlers in New England but he for some reason couldn’t overcome the power differential with his scientific skills. The problem is that Nasty no longer relies purely on brute size. He has developed a strong set of ring skills of his own. Robbie needs to re-think his strategy. He is a future SPW Heavyweight Champion but it won’t happen with the plan he brought in this contest. Tonight’s match showed that brains and stratagem will be the only way to dethrone Buck Nasty.


A Really, Really Bad Night For Robbie. Image: The Wrestling Professor


Unnecessary Post Match Brutality. Image: The Wrestling Professor

Potential Career-Ending Splash. Image: The Wrestling Professor

Potential Career-Ending Splash. Image: The Wrestling Professor

Next Show:

Saturday October 15
Taunton VFW
Taunton, Ma
Bell Time 7:07



NCW OktoberFest Tonight!

NCW in Norwood and SPW running tonight in Woonsocket. Sat. SPW is in Taunton and NECW has a show in Wakefield. Get off the couch and let’s go!

Northeast Championship Wrestling

oktoberfest-flyerTonight in Norwood, MA Northeast Championship Wrestling returns to the Norwood Lodge of Elks for a huge night of professional wrestling action with NCW OktoberFest, hosted by Presidential Candidate Beau Douglas.

Doors open at 7pm with a 7:30 bell time, tickets will be available at the door $10 for adults and $5 for all kids twelve and under. The Norwood Elks Lodge is located at 152 Winslow Avenue, just minutes away from the center of town!

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ElkMania IV Results



Congratulations to our friend promoter Atlee Greene for another huge success with ElkMania IV.  ElkMania 4 not only broke its own attendance record but also raised a record breaking $2797.04 for the Elks National Foundation.

Image: ElkMania IV

Image: ElkMania IV

From Mr. Greene:


September, 24 2016
Beverly/Salem Lodge of Elks in Beverly MA.
Referees: Rob Greer, Josh Day, Redd Roche

Time Keeper: Adam Kohn
Ring Announcer: Adam Salzer
Matchmaker: Atlee Greene

– Pre-Show Match: “Insane” Dick Lane defeated “The International Male” Aaron Amadeus

The show began with ElkMania matchmaker Atlee Greene addressing the audience until he was interrupted by Chad Epik along with The Firebirds and “The Gentleman” Burke Beckett. Epik ran down ElkMania Promotions and the fans claiming that his stable deserves more respect.

Greene took umbrage with Epik’s comments against the fans. He ordered that the tag team match with the Firebirds start immediately and sent Burke Beckett back to the locker room.

– The Black Gate Mercenaries (Kevin Gyles & “The Hired Gun” Derrick Conway) w/ Delilah Hayden defeated The Firebirds (Richard Ripley & Michael McManus) w/ Chad Epik when Conway hit the Meteora on Ripley for the pin.

– Liberty States Wrestling Showcase: “The Unequaled One” Todd Sople pinned “The Best Around” TK O’Ryan after Sople hit O’Ryan with a low blow off of the referee distraction. Sople went to throw O’Ryan out of the ring in order to signify how he was going to win the North Shore Rumble later in the evening.

O’Ryan, however, reversed things and threw Sople out of the ring to the delight of the crowd, vowed revenge on Sople and declared his intentions to win the North Shore Rumble.

***Matchmaker Atlee Greene was conducting a poll to see who the fans thought would win the All-Star title match until he was interrupted by “Tough Talk” Tony Spencer. After running down the crowd, Derek Simonetti came out and the two exchanged words until Simonetti ended with telling Spencer that he would “break his ass in half.”

– The Kool People (DJ AC & Sammy DeLeon) and “The Viking” Jon Wilson defeated The Middlesex Express (Steven Broad & Steven Lust) and Billy Avery when Wilson hit Avery with the spear for the 1-2-3.

– The Loser of the Fall loses their spot in the North Shore Rumble: The Closers (Brad Hollister & Hammer Tunis) defeated “The East Bay Outlaw” Rocco Abruzzi and “The Native American Warrior” Tomahawk when Hollister pinned Tomahawk.

Post-Match activity saw The Closers voice their displeasure over having to put their Rumble spots on the line and guaranteed that one of them would leave Bay State Champion.

– All-Star Championship: Joey Warner pinned “The Wrestling Machine” Tommy Corbin to retain the title.

The lights went out as Warner celebrated his victory. A hooded figure emerged from the darkness, entered the ring and blinded sided the champion with a brutal beat down.

The lights went up and the hooded figure was revealed to be “The Maniacal” Jack Krueger, who wasn’t even supposed to be in the building.

Krueger, along with his manager, Jason J. Alexander, goaded and challenged a beaten Joey Warner into a title match on the spot. Against the advice of medical personal, referees and officials, Warner accepted the challenge.

– All-Star Championship: “The Maniacal” Jack Krueger w/ Jason J. Alexander defeated Joey Warner to become the new champion.

Warner put up a valiant effort, but between the damage he sustained in his previous match with Corbin and the onslaught from Krueger, it didn’t take long for the champion to fall. In their post-match tirade, Krueger and Alexander stated that a “Revelation” is coming.

– North Shore Rumble for the vacant Bay State Championship: 30 Wrestlers, each enter at sixty seconds intervals according to the number they drew, the final two wrestlers compete in a singles match to determine the winner.
Rumble Order and Notes:

1. “The Wrestling Machine” Tommy Corbin:
2. Richard Ripley drew #2 (The Firebirds)
3. “The East Bay Outlaw” Rocco Abruzzi
4. Michael McManus (The Firebirds)
5. Hammer Tunis (The Closers)
6. Matt Louden
7. “Tough Talk” Tony Spencer
8. Biohazard
9. Alex Knight: Pro Debut
10. Derek Simonetti
11. Kevin Gyles (Black Gate Mercenaries)
12. “The Viking” Jon Wilson
13. Billy Avery
14. “The Hired Gun” Derrick Conway (Black Gate Mercenaries)
15. Delilah Hayden
16. DJ AC (The Kool People)
17. “Insane” Dick Lane
18. “Big Bacon” Brad Hollister (The Closers) *Most eliminations (7)
19. Jesse Albernaz
20. Steven Lust (The Middlesex Express)
21. Flax
22. TK O’Ryan:
23. Steven Broad (The Middlesex Express)
24. “International Male” Aaron Amadeus
25. “The Original Showoff” Mike Pavia
26. NCW Heavyweight Champion: LumberJake
27. Sammy DeLeon (The Kool People)
28. “The Gentleman” Burke Beckett
29. Firecat
30. “The Unequaled One” Todd Sople

The final four came down to Derek Simonetti, Derrick Conway, TK O’Ryan and Brad Hollister.

In a shocking turn of events, Conway eliminated Hollister. Enraged by being trumped by the young upstart, Hollister came back into the ring and threw Conway over the top rope for the elimination. Hollister wasn’t done yet as he proceeded to put Conway through a table with a spinebuster from the stage.

The finals came down to TK O’Ryan and Derek Simonetti and the match was announced, however, Tony Spencer, who was thought to be eliminated, came out of nowhere and dumped out TK O’Ryan. The officials ruled that Spencer never went over the top rope, and therefore was still legally in the Rumble and now a finalist.

– North Shore Rumble Finals: Derek Simonetti defeated “Tough Talk” Tony Spencer after hitting him with a moonsault from the top rope to become the new Bay State Champion.

The Elks Lodge erupted in unison as the referee’s third slap of the canvas ushered in the era of Simonetti. The ‘Agent of Change’ pinched himself in disbelief as he received the newly minted title belt.

Chants of “SIMONETTI, CLAP, CLAP, CLAP, CLAP, CLAP” and “YOU DESERVE IT” filled the air as an emotion filled Simonetti expressed some heartfelt reflection over the microphone along with a preview of what could be next for the champion.

ElkMania 4 not only broke its own attendance record but also raised a record breaking $2797.04 for the Elks National Foundation.

We couldn’t have done this without all of the fans who came out and supported the show. We would also like to thank all of our sponsors as their generous donations helped make this event possible.

Townsend Energy & Insurance
Danvers Fresh Marketplace
Marblehead Bank
Unleashed by Petco
@Gio’s Pizza & Roast Beef
ChrisPy’s Liquors & Lottery
Silver Moon Comics Collectibles

Colt Cabana – Hanson Podcast


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Todd Hanson (a.k.a. War Beard Hanson, The Brand New Bad, or just Hanson) is one of our own.  He paid his dues for 15 years on the New England circuit before getting the recognition he deserves as a Ring of Honor star. We’ve had the privilege of seeing Hanson perform around New England, including a memorable night in our home town of Franklin, MA when he wailed on Mike Nice for Showcase Pro Wrestling.

Todd Hanson. Image: IWD

Todd Hanson. Image: IWD

Check out Colt Cabana’s excellent interview with a legend:

Press Release: Celebrate OktoberFest Friday October 14th in Norwood!

NCW, SPW, NECW all running events the weekend of Oct. 14. We love all of these organizations. Do yourself a favor and check out these shows.

Northeast Championship Wrestling

oktoberfest-flyerNORWOOD- On Friday night October 14th come celebrate with the stars of Northeast Championship Wrestling when we return to the Norwood Lodge of Elks (152 Winslow Avenue) in Norwood, Massachusetts for NCW OktoberFest! The first of two huge events in October, doors open at 7pm with a 7:30 scheduled start time. Tickets are available online at http://theNCW.com/tickets and will be available at the door the night of the event $10 for adults and $5 for all kids twelve and under.

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Showcase Pro Wrestling Results & Reviews Raynham, MA USA September 25, 2016


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Showcase Pro Wrestling
September 25, 2016
Raynham Community Pride Day
Raynham, MA USA

Ring Announcer: Sgt. Muldoon
Referee: Zack Belair
Promoter: Chris Blackheart
Commissioner: Mr. Frank Rocha

Professor’s Note: This was a great end-of-summer outdoor show. Showcase continues to be an innovative organization, always trying new things.

Sargent Muldoon. Image: The Wrestling Professor

Sargent Muldoon. Image: The Wrestling Professor

Match videos will be available after 4:00 p.m EST 28 Sep. at our YouTube channel.

Match 1. Nicholas Night v. “The Apprentice” Dante (with Doctor Ozone). W – Night

Dante did well for himself (and was acknowledged as such by Mr. Ribs post match) in facing a veteran with decades more experience. The outcome was inevitable. Night deftly reversed a sunset flip to pin the youngster.

The First Showcase Heavyweight Champion Nicholas Night. Image: The Wrestling Professor

The First Showcase Heavyweight Champion Nicholas Night. Image: The Wrestling Professor


Apprentice Taking Instruction from The Doctor. Image: The Wrestling Professor


Losing His Cool. Image: The Wrestling Professor

Match 2. Superstar Shawn Candido v. Carlos Esteban. W – Esteban

The Superstar is back fully after losing his championship title. He wiped the floor with young Esteban despite the inconsiderate noise generated by the younger fans who ignored his request for quiet. Carlos got him once with a bulldog and tried again. Candido reversed it, dropped the kid on his face, and followed up with a stomp to the back and pin. Superstar is still #1.

Blocking Out Annoying Fans. Image: The Wrestling Professor

Blocking Out Annoying Fans. Image: The Wrestling Professor


Candido Applies Pain. Image: The Wrestling Professor


Number 1. Image: The Wrestling Professor

Match 3. Heavyweight Championship Match: Buck Nasty (C) v. Chris Matrix.  W – Nasty

Nasty lived up to his name by being nasty to the fans as well as top contender Matrix. Chris put up a spirited offense but it appears at least for now that no one is going to be able to take the belt that Nasty spent 10 years earning. Mr. Nasty put Matrix away with his trademark top rope splash. The Buck Nasty era is fully underway.


The Champion. Image: The Wrestling Professor


Asserting His Position. Image: The Wrestling Professor


Matrix is a Continual Threat. Image: The Wrestling Professor

Match 4.  Steven Lust & Scott Ledeur v. Black Wolf Derek Andrews & Alicia. W. – Black Wolf & Alicia

Lust and Ledeur are an odd pairing. Ledeur is at this point the ultimate disturbed loner and Lust has a long-term partner, Steven Broad. They did fairly well against the giant Black Wolf and his female partner but in the end, The Wolf used Alicia as a missile to take down Ledeur for the pin.


Steven Lust. Image: The Wrestling Professor


Black Wolf. Image: The Wrestling Professor


Black Wolf Uses Alicia as a Missile. Image: The Wrestling Professor

Match 5. The Fellowship (Osiris West & S.O.G. Ronnie Ribs with Doctor Ozone and Dante) v. The Cartel (Mad Dog Matt Storm & Redemption). Double DQ.

The Fellowship has held onto the championship for 480+ days by being the best of the best. The Cartel are on the same level of skill and cunning, only 50% larger. They held the belts not so long ago and Mr. Bass intends to get them back soon. This was the hardest contest yet for the champions, as every man did every brutal and sneaky thing that’s possible in a wrestling match.

It all came to an abrupt end when Ribs and Storm simultaneously punched out Referee Belair. Commissioner Rocha called the match a double DQ and The Fellowship retains their title. For now.


Soldier of God Ronnie Ribs. Image: The Wrestling Professor


It Begins. Image: The Wrestling Professor


Chaos. Image: The Wrestling Professor

Next Shows:

Friday October 14
Showcase Pro Wrestling Training Center
126 Main St.
Woonsocket RI
Bell Time 7:47

Saturday October 15
Taunton VFW
Taunton, MA
Bell Time 7:07

Saturday October 22
Attleboro Moose Lodge
Attleboro, MA
Bell Time 7:07

New World Wrestling Extreme Results & Reviews Woonsocket, RI USA September 24 2016


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New World Wrestling Extreme
“Blood & Bones 6”
September 24, 2016
Woonsocket, RI  USA

Ring Announcer: Rich Palladino
Referees: Jack Hill, Jeremy Bell, (other name not heard)
Timekeeper: Chuck Morris

Professor’s Note: We’ve wanted to check out NWWE for a couple of years but this was the first time schedules permitted us to do so. Really good show in a dark and decaying pavilion in 55 degree conditions. We froze but the workers made it worth our while.

Match 1. Donny Rotten (with Miss Christina) v. Richie Rich. W – Rich

The two veterans were fairly even in this contest despite the interference of manager Christina. Rich gets the pin when he dodges Rotten’s dive off the top rope and lets him land on his face.


Rotten & Rich. Image: The Wresting Professor


Rich Stunned. Image: The Wresting Professor

Match 2. 1st Generation v. Mack Attack. W – 1st Generation

Despite a few years of injuries, Monster Mack was in good form.  1st Generation gave the veterans trouble ending with MM being thrown out of the ring, Trainee #1 superplexed and then quickly pinned by the smaller of the other duo.


1st Generation Dominance. Image: The Wresting Professor

Match 3. Big Bear v. Dan Bidondi (with Mr. Old School).  W – Bidondi

Bear is perhaps the biggest wrestler in New England. Despite his massive size, he’s quick and has plenty of moves. Bidondi, as others before him, wasn’t quite sure how to handle the giant. He managed to get The Bear on the ground and forced a submission through choke hold.


Big Bear & Bidondi. Image: The Wresting Professor


Poking The Bear. Image: The Wresting Professor

Match 4.  All New England Open Weight Championship: Sheik Ahmed Jordan (Champion with Mr. Old School) v. Crazy Chainsaw. W. – Crazy Chainsaw (DQ)

Two rather large guys had at it. Chainsaw somehow lifted The Sheik into a helicopter and dropped him on his head. He had him pinned but as Referee Hill hit the two count Mr. Old School pulled the official by the leg forcing a DQ.  Title stays with The Sheik.


The Sheik. Image: The Wresting Professor

Match 5. The Devil’s Reject Brandon Webb v. Ricky Reyes.  W – Reyes

The Lucha Underground Star was likely unaware of Mr. Webb’s formidable technical skills. This match was thrilling for the fans in its intensity and display of scientific wrestling. Reyes somehow pins the larger Reject.


Reyes & Webb. Image: The Wresting Professor


Mat Wrestling. Image: The Wresting Professor


Technical. Image: The Wresting Professor

Match 6. No DQ, No Count Out: Marquise Wright (replaced by Officer Jesse Wick) v. “The Widow Maker” Eric Shred.  W – Shred

Marquise Wright took the mic and insulted the fans. He then declined to wrestle Mr. Shred, instead providing a substitute from the prison, Jesse Wick. As Shred destroyed Wick he taunted Wright mercilessly but the thug would not enter the contest. Until he tried to interfere to Wright’s benefit and was ejected from the ring area by Referee Bell.

We haven’t seen Shred in a few years and thought he retired. He’s in prime condition and as dangerous as ever.  Wright embarrassed himself tonight.  He needs to put up or leave NWWE.


Marquise Wright. Image: The Wresting Professor


Shred Taunts Wright. Image: The Wresting Professor


Wright Doesn’t Bite. Image: The Wresting Professor


Jesse Gets His Bell Rung Literally. Image: The Wresting Professor

Match 7. The Fellowship (Osiris West & Ronnie Ribs with Doctor Ozone & Dante) v. The Heavy Hitters (Shay Cash and Frank Champion) W – The Heavy Hitters

Both teams hold championships in other promotions (The Fellowship in SPW, The HH at NECW). The Heavy Hitters did something we’ve never seen. They dominated and destroyed The Fellowship. Champion and Cash were on top for most of the contest when Apprentice Dante tried to help by diving off the top rope at Champion. He ended up hitting Osiris instead. The HH capitalized. Champion power bombs Osiris for the pin.


The Heavy Hitters. Image: The Wresting Professor


Ribs Smacks Cash Around. Image: The Wresting Professor


Unusual Site – The Fellowship Beaten Badly. Image: The Wresting Professor

Match 8. AIWF-Northeast Championship: Tokyo Monster Kahagas (CH) v. “Pure Talent” Chris Escobar. W – Kahagas

Kahagas showed us why he takes belts wherever he travels around the world. Escobar is truly pure talent and gave Kahagas one his toughest matches. Escobar opened up a nasty wound on his back when Kahagas threw him over the guard rail and into some chairs and fans. Despite this he kept going.  After Kahagas pinned him, Escobar showed some respect and asked for, and was granted, a rematch. The he Pearl Harbored Kahagas and ran away. Kahagas seemed to be unaffected by the attack.


Escobar & Kahagas. Image: The Wresting Professor


Science. Image: The Wresting Professor


Turnabout. Image: The Wresting Professor


Respect and Request For Rematch. Image: The Wresting Professor