Happy Independence Day


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We wish our fellow American Citizens a happy and healthy Independence Day. Take some time with those you love and remember why we celebrate this day. Our Founding Fathers sacrificed everything to give us a chance to live as free citizens.

In a strange twist of irony, the lemmings and ruling parasites have likely destroyed themselves by a combination of poison injections, debt, and the foolish provocation of Russia, China, and The Global South. There are at least 100 million real Americans who will be left standing to rebuild the republic. Our enemies may not be capable of taking the metaphorical or physical field against us. Good riddance.

We still have hard times ahead but an American Renaissance is coming. Thank You Jesus.

Don’t mistake generosity for weakness. F with us at your peril.

Signing of the Declaration of Independence. Image: Bill of Rights Institute

The Bill of Rights

God Will Punish Us For This

Being lectured by China on press freedom is humiliating. We can no longer be ruled by demons. We must remove these criminals and restore The Republic.

Julian Assange is guilty. Of journalism. Of embarrassing the global American imperial elites. Of exposing war crimes. Of truth. He should be released immediately. Instead, he is being persecuted and physically destroyed by our evil rulers.

Yonden Lhatoo is right. There will be terrible vengance from an angry God for this crime.

This is Boris’ Fault

There was a time when we had hoped that PM Boris Johnson would be the British Trump. He did after all get Brexit done. He turned out to be a madman who is even more of a cause of conflict with Eurasia than Biden. This is on Boris. Too bad. We loved riding the London Eye and visiting The Imperial War Museum. Great job Boris. Maybe he’ll be at an illegal party when he is incinerated.

Close ally calls on Vladimir Putin to ‘strike London first in WWIII’ on Russian media

War-Mad Sicko Boris Johnson. He’ll be out of office soon thank God.

Yet Another Big Pharma Murder Victim

OK. A 25-year-old star athelete, among the most physically strong people on the planet, dies “suddenly”. It was the “vax”. How much longer can the media avoid giving the mRNA injection status of these victims of the establishment?

It was the fucking “vax” people. This is homicide.

Former NBA Player Caleb Swanigan Dies of “Natural Causes” at 25

Murder victim Caleb Swanigan. He was 25.