Incompetent Boob of The Week

Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg

You may remember him from his failed primary effort as Pete Buttplug. Failed Mayor. Hated by the Black people of his city. Farcical Presidential candidate. Thinks we can wish airplanes, cars and highways away so that we can all bike everywhere (Try biking to Europe). Rips down highways to somehow fight racism. Has his SUV motorcade drive him to within 1/4 mile of his office and then pretends to cycle to work. As phony as the day is long.

Pete Buttplug cycles 150 yards to work. Saves the planet.

Failure Friday

Biden has failed on all fronts. He’s given up on his signature “infrastructure” bill. Just this week he’s managed to alienate Great Britain. Dope Kamala fell on her face on her first foreign trip. She couldn’t even handle the Honduran press. Unbelievable. They can no longer hide massive inflation. They admit to 5% but any sentient being who buys groceries or gas knows it is much higher.

Styx summarizes it beautifully:


Incompetent Boob of The Week

Just Plain Harry

This guy actually served in Afghanistan with honor and was a legitimate prince. He chucked it all away for a post-wall narcissistic harpy. He’s now just a jerk off cuck with a podcast. His recent statements about our Bill of Rights show what an imbecile he really is. He doesn’t think peasants like you deserve free speech.

Queen Elizabeth II must be so glad that Prince William is in place to take over from her.

3 Poor Victims Commiserate

‘Go back to England’: Prince Harry angers Americans after calling First Amendment ‘bonkers’

Incompetent Boob of The Week

John Cena

This week’s boob is an actual professional wrestler. John Cena was most likely told by his movie bosses to kiss the Chicom’s asses after he made a factual statement online. He had the audacity to correctly state that Taiwan is a country. His corporate masters won’t let anything come between them and that sweet Chinese money so they had the poor slob record an “apology” to the Chinese communist party using something approaching Mandarin.

John is a tool, a filthy traitor, a greed head, and an enabler of slavery and genocide. What a jerk off. Let’s hope John gargled with Listerine after he did what he had to do.

Update 4 June: Despite fellating the CCP, John’s movie bombed in China. What a sad clown.

“F The Uyghurs, Give Me Money” – John Cena

John Cena To Undergo Experimental Spine Implant Surgery

John Cena Shows ‘Gutlessness’ In Apology To China

Incompetent Boob of The Week

Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker

Spineless. Shifty. Weak. Power Mad Covid Cultist. RINO Jeb Bush fanboy. Destroyer of children and small businesses. Urinator on civil rights. Rapist Son. Sleazy Lieutenant Governor.

Charlie Parker (as Biden calls him) has it all. He’s Gretchen Whitmer with less testosterone.

This Bozo ruined thousands of lives for nothing. Complete ijit. The sad thing is, if he runs again, the NPCs of Massachusetts would re-elect him in a landslide.

Governor Charlie Parker

Howie Carr: Charlie Baker, a quagmire for our time

Governor’s COVID-19 orders are unconstitutional

5 Republican Governors Who Should Be Fired or Put on Probation

The Covidian Cult Goes Down in Flames

Update 23 May: We just went to a major grocery store and did not wear a mask despite a sign on the doors saying they are required. Not one person said anything, customer or staff. No one even looked at us. The terror is over. Be free.

Update 25 May: Bare Faced in Tractor Supply. Friendly staff and customers. No issues. Burn your face diapers. It’s over.

The Z Man nails it on Gab. The cult is dead. Time to end the mask farce once and for all.

The Zman@TheZBlog

Back when the Covid nonsense started, the loonies converted to the Church of Covid quickly. They loved the mask and the ritual hand sanitizing. The rest of us resisted until it was made the law here. Businesses were forced to do the mask stuff or lose their license.

Most everyone got used to it. My guess is a half just assumed the media was telling the truth and went along with the rules because that’s what they do. A third were Covidians already, so they had to find way to stand out, like double masking. The rest of us knew it was stupid, but fighting these idiots is not practical.

Now that the mask rules have been dropped, it is an interesting bit of psycho-drama going on with the mask wearing. I just walked into a store bare faced and everyone in the place was masked up. I did my thing and I noticed a few people take off their masks. Young guys. One women was giving me the stink eye.

I suspect the mask wearing will be like an avalanche. A few here and there and then all of a sudden the masks come off in force. The Covidians and Masketarians will be in a full panic in a couple of weeks. They will need new stars for their bellies.

Know Your Enemy – World Economic Forum

Klaus Schwab, Bill Gates, George Soros, and the Davos Crowd are not giving up. They will make billions of dollars on forced vaccines. They openly state that their goal is 90% world population reduction. It’s not a stretch to be suspicious of their vaccine motive beyond the obvious $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$. They deleted this tweet but the cat is out of the bag. Time to wake up people.

Meanwhile, fake president Joe Biden as let slip his plans for you:

Biden threatens unvaccinated ‘will pay the price’

The WEF and Biden are losing. Only 37.5% of Americans have taken the experimental gene therapy. Demand has dropped to nearly zero. Now OSHA has determined that a company requiring vaccination as a term of employment assumes all liability. Watch the corporations scurry away from this requirement en masse.


Incompetent Boob of The Week

The “Know Your Enemy” series is pretty grim. We get it. There are plenty of creepy jerks in the government, business, and media spheres who are ruining our world. The Incompetent Boob series is intended to mock and laugh at the stupidity and ineptitude of the dumbest of these cretins.

CDC Director Rochelle Welensky

First up is CDC Director “Dr.” Rochelle Welensky. A political apparatchik with a medical degree. This imbecile can’t manage her own grocery list let alone a medical organization. She is singlehandedly destroying what is left of the CDC’s credibility. The good news is she has been instrumental in freeing us from the mask cult. When someone as dopey as Susan Collins can make a monkey of you, you’ve got problems.

Know Your Enemy – Dr. Anthony Mengele Fauci

You may be among the millions of people fooled into trusting TV doctor Anthony Fauci. We will never forget the friends of ours whose suffering and horrible deaths were made worse by Fauci’s deceit and incompetence during the AIDS pandemic in the Eighties. We saw it first hand. This guy is a slimy crook who is likely responsible for the entire Covid pandemic due to his funding (and cover up) of the Wuhan lab. He belongs in the Supermax with 8 consecutive life terms for what he’s done. Don’t take our word for it. Read below. Don’t be fooled by this criminal.

Fauci admits to LYING about Covid-19 herd immunity threshold to manipulate public support for vaccine, moves goal post to 90%

Dr. Fauci: 40 Years Of Lies From AZT To Remdesivir


Sen. Rand Paul Exposes Dr. Anthony Fauci for Funding Dangerous Research in Wuhan Before COVID-19 Pandemic

Gates and Fauci Conspiracy

Saagar Enjeti: New Details REVEAL Fauci, Media Coverup Of Lab Leak Hypothesis