Paul Richard Retires From Wrestling on October 13th


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Paul is a good friend of ours. We’ve been collaborating on a project to document his life for the past year. On October 13th Paul will officially end his wrestling career after 38 years. Everyone in New England knows Paul Richard from ECW and NECW. You may not know much about the current chapter of his life, a big part of which is his battle with CTE.

We love Paul and will be at NECW on October 13th to celebrate his career. We hope you can be there. Paul Richard is The Man.


Saturday October 13, 2018
7:00 PM
Copeland Field House at Milton High School
25 Gile Road
Milton, MA USA

Showcase Pro Wrestling Results & Reviews Raynham, MA USA September 16, 2018


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Showcase Pro Wrestling
September 16, 2018
Raynham Community Pride Day
Raynham, MA USA

Ring Announcer: Sgt. Muldoon
Referee: Frank Rocha, Alicia Muldoon
Promoter: Chris Blackheart
Commissioner: John Cena Sr.

Happy Birthday Kat – A Stacked Deck Fan. Image: TWP

Professor’s Note: A large and rowdy crowd was treated to a real barn burner. Hats off to the wrestlers who worked this show. The sun was broiling. When we got close to the ring we could feel the heat radiating off the canvas. The wrestlers were actually in danger of burning their skin. That’s the business.

Match videos will be available after 4:00 p.m EST 19 Sep. at our YouTube channel.

Match 1. Carlos Esteban (with Ruby Bastein) v. Jason Devine. W – Esteban

Carlos and Devine battled back-and-forth for quite a long time in the intense sun with no one having a clear advantage. The difference maker was Ruby Bastein who distracted Devine from the apron. Devine was about to finish Carlos when he dropped him and foolishly went over to try to get Ruby. Carlos came up from behind and rolled him up for a win. This was not cheating, not even fair cheating. Carlos’ clean win was even acknowledged by Sgt. Muldoon after the match.

The Canvas Was a Frying Pan. Image: TWP

Here Comes The Knee. Image: TWP

Clean Pin. Image: TWP

Match 2. Chris Matrix v. Ricky Medeiros. W – Medeiros

Devine’s tag team partner was next to face a SPW superstar, Former Heavyweight and Tag Team Champion, Chris Matrix. Matrix beat up on the smaller man, doing fun things like eye gouges and tilt-a-whirls. He also made a series of sexist remarks to Referee Muldoon. Matrix object to a slow count which allowed Ricky the chance to escape a pin (we agree). While making his case to the referee, Medeiros came from behind and rolled him up. After Medeiros’ interview with Sgt. Muldoon, Matrix Peal Harbored him (completely justified). As a smart ringside observer and Matrix both said, this was a ripoff.

Both Men Down. Image: TWP

Matrix Proves a Point. Image: TWP

He Shouldn’t Have Shot His Mouth Off. Post-Match Beat Down. Image: TWP

Match 3. Sensational Scott Levesque (with Ruby Bastein) v. Mike Montero.  W – Levesque

Montero is good. Very good. But he had to face The Premiere Wrestler of New England in 88 degree weather, in full sun, with a black apron. Few men would have been able to function at all let alone survive an encounter with #1. Montero was able to use his acrobatic style to knock Scott off-balance a few times but in the end Mr. Levesque finished the upstart with his trademark DDT without even cheating. Ruby not a factor.

High Flying Stomp. Image: TWP

He Could Have Snapped it if he Had Wanted to. Image: TWP

DDT. Image: TWP

Cooling Down The Legend. Image: TWP

Match 4.  Heavyweight Championship: S.O.G. Ronnie Ribs (C) v. King Leon VI.  W – Ribs

The King was displeased with the lack of deference from the crowd. For some reason people refused to bow to their king. Mr. Ribs took offense at the royal personage’s derogatory remarks to the peasants. Ribs had his hands full with the monarch. His majesty is a very big man with the strength to match. What’s surprising is his speed. He used it to run into the crowd in an attempt to escape The Champion. This backfired when Ribs scratched his back, chopped him, and banged his face into a parked van. Ribs finished The King with back-to-back leg drops on his head followed by a clean pin.

Disrespecting The King. Image: TWP

The Royal Visage Meets a Van. Image: TWP

Ribs Humbles His Majesty. Image: TWP

Match 5. Sons of Liberty Championship: Alec Price (C) v. Todo Loco. W – Price (DQ)

Todo Loco is a Mexican legend and is one of the biggest stars in New England. The fact that he traveled up to Raynham to appear at SPW is a testament to the company and its promoter, Mr. Blackheart. Young Price is a natural talent but he’s still inexperienced. He didn’t know what to make of a Luchador style. Todo Loco dominated. Every time Price tried to set him up, he wasn’t in the same spot anymore. Todo Loco would have won if Referee Rocha had not been temporarily stunned when Price somehow recovered from a back breaker and pushed the Mexican into the ref. Todo Loco had Price beat when he tried to revive Mr. Rocha. The Referee regained his senses and inexplicably disqualified the Luchador. Price got very, very lucky.

Sons of Liberty Champion Alec Price. Image: TWP

Lucha Style. Image: TWP

The Legendary Todo Loco. Image: TWP

Let’s Get Loco. Image: TWP

Next Show:

Attleboro, MA
The Moose Lodge
241 Thatcher Street
@ 7:07


Showcase Pro Wrestling Results & Reviews Attleboro, MA USA Sep 15, 2018


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Showcase Pro Wrestling
September 15, 2018
Lee’s Pond Festival
Attleboro, MA USA

Ring Announcer: T.J. Albin
Referee: Frank Rocha
Promoter: Chris Blackheart
Commissioner: John Cena Sr.

T.J. Albin Image: TWP

Professor’s Notes: The cloud cover blew away just in time to for the sun to super heat the ring. The workers put on a good performance for an enthusiastic crowed of really young kids. The next generation was into it in a big way. Fall festivals are a great time to enjoy an outdoor show. Another one Sunday in Raynham.

Match videos will be available after 3:00 p.m EST Sep. 18 at our YouTube channel.

Match 1. Carlos Esteban v. Mike Montero. W – Esteban

Rising Star Carlos Esteban. Image: TWP

Carlos Drops a Knee. Image: TWP

Montero Wouldn’t Give Up. Image: TWP

Fair & Square. Image: TWP

Carlos has been on a steady upward trajectory until he was stopped cold at two attempts to dethrone Heavyweight Champion Ronnie Ribs. The high-flying Montero was a chance to regain momentum and he wasn’t going to let it slip by him. Montero used his quickness and agility effectively but Carlos was not going home without a win. He wisely used the momentum of feet-on-the-ropes to pin Montero. Smart.

Match 2. “The Big Dawgs” (Rev. Redemption & Big Dawg Butler) v. Buck Nasty & Chris Matrix. W – The Big Dogs (DQ)

Matrix & Nasty. Image: TWP

Big Dawg Butler. Image: TWP

The Reverend Has Many Ways to Punish His Foes. Image: TWP

Victorious Big Dawgs. Image: TWP

We asked Matrix from ringside why he would team with Buck Nasty and he replied that the Southern Giant was “a good resource”.  Makes sense to us. This was the first time we had seen Butler team with Redemption and we think that the announcer under represented their weight. They come close to 750 pounds combined easily. There was a lot of pummeling, eye gouging, and good old-fashioned squishing but neither team could get the upper hand. Nasty and Matrix got over excited while double teaming Redemption in the corner (fairly) but not stopping before Referee Rocha’s 5 count. DQ for The Big Dawgs.

Match 3. Tag Team Championship: The Bitter Club (Buddy Romano & Sensational Scott Levesque with Ruby Bastein) v. Detox (Ricky Medeiros & Jason Devine). W – The Bitter Club (New Champions)

Sensational Scott Levesque – The Premiere Wrestler of New England. Image: TWP

Detox. Image: TWP

The Master Teaches Ricky a Harsh Lesson. Image: TWP

S-Eating Grin of a Champion. Image: TWP

Detox had a surprise win over The Bitter Club recently in Woonsocket so The Premiere Wrestler of New England and Beautiful Buddy Romano were in no mood to fool around. Detox seem to be a team who play by the rules which puts them at a big disadvantage when facing a Machiavellian team like The Bitter Club.

Buddy throws Scott a stunned Jason Devine and Scott applies a DDT as only he can. Devine pinned cleanly.

Apparently the titles were vacant and The Bitter Club regained them after an embarrassing loss to Mr. Vega and Mr. Vinton last week in Taunton. All is as it should be.

Match 4. Heavyweight Championship: Soldier of God Ronnie Ribs (C) v. Chris Cruise. W – Ribs

The Champion. Image: TWP

Battle. Image: TWP

Cruise Got Closer Than Most. Image: TWP

The Soldier of God is a true fighting champion. He’s faced top rate competitors so far and has defeated them all. Chris Cruise is not as big as Ribs but he has quickness, technical ability, strength and best of all: Sneakiness. He was a worthy contender. Ribs appeared to sustain an arm or shoulder injury as a result of a painful Cruise Chicken Wing.

Despite the handicap, Mr. Ribs finished the man from Roswell with a cruel DDT. Still champion.

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@ 1PM



Showcase Pro Wrestling Results & Reviews Taunton, MA USA 8 Sep, 2018


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Showcase Pro Wrestling
8 September, 2018
Taunton VFW
Taunton, MA USA

Ring Announcers: Sergeant Muldoon
Referees: Rob Roberts, Frank Rocha
Promoter: Chris Blackheart
Commissioner: John Cena Sr.

Full videos of these matches will be available after 10:00 p.m. EST on 11 September on our YouTube channel.

Sergeant Muldoon. Image: TWP

Professor’s Notes:

The Soundboards both quit leaving the show without the traditional music. As Sergeant Muldoon said, what counts is the wrestlers wrestling. And they did. Showcase  is on a continuous improvement curve that shows. Mr. Blackheart has a talent for surprising the fans with newcomers, stars from far afield, and favorites returning after long absences. Mr. Vega (and the other trainers) have the product running at a high level. Tonight was a high-energy example for a full house.

Match 1. Chris Matrix v. Five Star Jace.  W – Matrix

Matrix and Jace were well matched in size and skill. Mr. Matrix started the match by getting into the man from Springfield’s head by sitting in the crowd and asking for a time out.  He had to get a bit mean by hitting Jace in the crotch and standing on his head in the corner. Matrix prevailed by capitalizing on a Jace missed spot for the roll up and pin.

Matrix & Jace. Image: TWP

Close Contest. Image: TWP

The Winner. Image: TWP

Tequila Rose & Alicia Muldoon Talk Smack

Tequila Rose made her debut at SPW with an in-ring interview with Sergeant Muldoon. Alicia Muldoon was not pleased with this and entered the ring and made disparaging remarks about her rival, at one point accusing her of having extensions (obviously not true). The women almost came to blows. Mr. Cena approved a match for later in the evening.

They Don’t Seem to Like Each Other Much. Image: TWP

Match 2. Buck Nasty v. Big Dog Butler.  Double DQ

A rematch of giants from last night in Woonsocket with the same result. Nasty focused on the hams of Butler in an attempt to keep the taller wrestler on the ground. This almost worked but he couldn’t quite put him out. The combatants got carried away and tossed Referee Rocha out of the ring which resulted in a double disqualification. Again.

A Determined Butler. Image: TWP

Sizing Each Other Up. Image: TWP

Nasty, Butler, Rocha. Image: TWP

Match 3. Sons of Liberty Championship: “The Prize” Alec Price (C) v. Heck Dynamite. W – Price

This was Dynamite’s first time at Showcase so we are not sure why he was granted a title shot. Nevertheless, he showed agility and skill and gave the arrogant punk champion a run for his money. After The Prize had enough of the upstart he masterfully rolled him up for the pin. Some fans were whining about grabbing of tights but we saw nothing that did not fall under the doctrine of fair cheating. Price keeps his title to the dismay of the newcomer.

Dynamite. Image: TWP

Dynamite Wouldn’t Tap Despite Our Recommendation That He Do So. Image: TWP

Completely Legitimate Pin. Image: TWP

Dynamite in Disbelief. Image: TWP

Nick Night Addresses The Fans

Mr. Night won The Woonsocket Rumble Friday night under the guise of Zero. He is now in a position to cash in a title shot of his choosing at any time. He told the story of his long absence and recovery from an ACL injury. He bemoaned the fact that not one wrestler or person from the office called him during that period. His only support was from fans and that is with whom he feels a connection at this point. Night is going to ponder his next move and announce it in Taunton on 13 October.

“The First” Nicholas Night with Sargent Muldoon. Image: TWP

Match 4.  Heavyweight Championship: Soldier of God Ronnie Ribs (C) v. Carlos Esteban (with Ruby Bastein). W – Ribs

In a rematch from last night in Woonsocket, Esteban attempts once again to best The Champ. He punished Ribs severely and took a lot of punishment himself. Partners Romano and Levesque couldn’t help themselves and started ringside interference to no avail. Ribs applies the DDT and Esteban was done. Two bites at the apple. Get to the back of the line Carlos. Commissioner Cena after the match closed a bit of unfinished business and informed Mr. Ribs that he would have to face Noriega for a rematch in Taunton on 13 October.

The Champion. Image: TWP

Carlos Focuses on The Knee. Image: TWP

Pin After DDT. Image: TWP

Commissioner Cena Lays it on The Line. Image: TWP

Match 5. Tequila Rose v. Alisha Muldoon. W – Muldoon

Ms. Muldoon was angry at the new female competition in SPW. Tequila Rose has traveled the world as a wrestler and there appears to be some envy on Alicia’s part. She and Ms. Rose went at it in a short match which was ended inexplicably when Rose did not counter a pin after a Muldoon spear. She should not have capitulated that early. We hope there’s a rematch soon.

Alicia Muldoon. Image: TWP

Tequila Rose. Image: TWP

Rose Down. Image: TWP

Match 6: Tag Team Title Match: The Bitter Club (Sensational Scott Levesque & Buddy Romano (C) with Ruby Bastein & Carlos Esteban) v. Mr. Don Vega & Cargill Vinton. W – Vega & Vinton (New Champions)

Referee Roberts lost patience with the annoying antics of Ruby Bastein and ejected him from the room. Mr. Vega ran backstage after Ruby, apparently to mete out some punishment to the hapless youth. Mr. Levesque capitalized on his absence and stomped Vinton into a stupor. He and Carlos smashed Vinton on his back then dragged Buddy over his prostrate body for a pin. Somehow Vinton revived as the returned Roberts neared a 3 count. Vega came back and pinned Buddy for a definitive win. For some reason Vega and Vinton were upset with Referee Roberts for not giving them a 3 count on one of their earlier falls so they disgraced themselves by KO’ing the official after the match ended. In our opinion Mr. Cena should suspend or fine them for this low act.

The Bitter Man, Beautiful Buddy Romano. Image: TWP

The Premiere Wrestler of New England Does The Smart Thing. Image: TWP

Referee Roberts Pinned and Counted Out. Disgraceful. Image: TWP

Mr. Vega Adds a New Belt to His Resume. Image: TWP

Next Shows:

@ 1PM

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Showcase Pro Wrestling Results & Reviews Woonsocket, RI 7 Sep 2018


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Showcase Pro Wrestling
7 September, 2018
Showcase Arena
Woonsocket, RI USA

“Woonsocket Rumble”

Ring Announcer: Sargent Muldoon
Referees: Rob Roberts, Frank Rocha
Promoter: Chris Blackheart
Commissioner: John Cena Sr.

Professor’s Notes: This was the first night back in Woonsocket since the summer festival season ended and it is finally cool enough to have shows in the training center. Champions keep their titles. A legend returns from the mists of time. So good to be back in the center of TWP’s wrestling universe.

Match videos will be available after 9:00 p.m EST 10 September at our YouTube channel.

Match 1. Buddy Romano (with Sensational Scott Levesque) v. Ricky Medeiros. W – Medeiros

Buddy came out with partner Levesque and arrogantly (justified in our opinion) agreed to wrestle Medeiros as a warm up match to their showdown with Messrs. Vega and Vinton in Taunton tomorrow. He dismissed Medeiros by telling the crowd that his tights looked like he bought them at a Matt Taven yard sale. Buddy made a bit of a miscalculation because the kid somehow pinned him after giving him some real trouble. Medeiros’ reward was a well-deserved stomping by The Bitter Club. Tag Team partner Devine entered to save his hide and The Bitter Club left in disgust. Detox asked for a title match as a penalty for the stomp down and amazingly Mr. Cena consented.

The Bitter Club. Image: TWP

Detox. Image: TWP

Buddy Romano Dominates. Image: TWP

Match 2. Buck Nasty v. Big Dawg Butler. Double DQ

These two giants continue to face each other in either stalemates or very close finishes. After a brutal 15 minutes of 600 pounds beating each other half to death Referee Rocha made the mistake of trying to get between the behemoths. He was tossed out of the ring (unclear which man was responsible) and called a double DQ. This is not over.

Nasty Down. Image: TWP

600 Pounds of Anger. Image: TWP

Buck Nasty. Image: TWP

Match 3. Chris Matrix v. Kovu. W – Matrix

Chris Matrix is sick of getting insufficient respect from the SPW office. He is a former tag team champion and a recent heavyweight champion. He has been a pillar of the company for years. Why is he put in mid-card matches with kids or unknown wrestlers? He made his objections loud and clear to the crowd. Kovu is apparently from Johannesburg, South Africa. He surprised Matrix by being a good mat wrestler. It looked like Matrix’ bad luck would continue until he decisively destroyed Kovu with a reverse neck breaker followed by a killer surfboard and drop on the face with a pin.

Roberts & Matrix. Image: TWP

The Man From Jburg – Kovu. Image: TWP

Matrix Triumphant. Image: TWP

Match 4.  Tag Team Championship Match: The Bitter Club (C, Buddy Romano & Sensational Scott Levesque) v. Detox (Ricky Medeiros & Jason Devine). W – The Bitter Club

This match was a travesty. Just because The Bitter Club decided to give Medeiros a free lesson in wrestling reality in the earlier match, Mr. Cena let these guys jump the line to a title shot. Detox (what a ridiculous name for a team) gave the champions some trouble and displayed some talent but it was not going to be enough to beat a veteran like Buddy Romano and The Premiere Wrestler of New England. Devine inadvertently landed on his back against the ropes where Buddy was recovering with his belt in hand. A complete accident but it allowed Levesque to apply a neck breaker and pin his opponent. The Bitter Club triumphant.

Too Sweet. Image: TWP

Detox. Image: TWP

The Count Begins. Image: TWP

Match 5. Heavyweight Championship: Soldier of God Ronnie Ribs (C) v. Carlos Esteban. W – Ribs (DQ)

Esteban has come far fast but he is not ready to unhorse a superstar like Ronnie Ribs who in another era would be at the top of the territories. Ribs did us all a favor by smashing the always annoying Ruby Bastein in the face and forcing him to flee the room in terror. Right after that he had Carlos down for the pin after a bulldog but Levesque and Romano intervened with a stomping (their specialty). Not sure what they hoped to achieve other than saving their partner from a straight up loss. Ribs is unstoppable at this point.

Ribs Schools Esteban. Image: TWP

Carlos Wants That Title. Image: TWP

The Champion Stomped. Image: TWP

Match 6. The 2018 Woonsocket Rumble. W – Zero

This was a royal rumble style match where the fans picked the order of wrestler entry at one minute intervals. Ribs was the second picked just after his match and beat down and he had energy the whole way through.  He made it to the final 4. It’s impossible (at least for us) to do a detailed breakdown of rumbles and battle royals so here are a few highlights: Reverend Redemption sent in 3 disciples while he directed them from ringside. Frank Rocha was picked despite serving as an active referee (?). Alicia Muldoon was the sole woman in the battle. Zero returns unexpectedly from Japan and wins the rumble by eliminating Buddy Romano. Zero was then revealed to be Nicholas Night (the first SPW Heavyweight Champion) who has been in Miami for most of the last year recovering from a ACL injury. He’s back in the running for a third run at the title. Ribs, Price, and The Bitter Club should be concerned.

Mayhem. Image: TWP

Final Four (Ribs, Romano, Levesque, Zero). Image: TWP

Nick Night (Zero). Image: TWP

Next Show:

Saturday, 8 September, 2018
Bell Time: 7:07 VFW Hall
82 Ingell Street
Taunton, MA


Happy Labor Day


Happy Labor Day to all of our friends across The United States. The economy is back and things are looking up, though we have a long way to go to repair the damage of the past 30 years. God Bless the American Worker.

Take the day to appreciate mom and dad and whoever in your family works to bring home the bacon. They are the heroes of America no matter what the elites tell you.

The Working Man. Image:

Lowest Unemployment rate for Black and Hispanic Americans in history. We know who to thank for that. 

Showcase Pro Wrestling Results & Reviews Providence, RI USA 25 Aug 2018


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Showcase Pro Wrestling
25 Aug 2018
Kids’ Day
Prete Metcalf Field
Providence, RI USA

Ring Announcer: (Didn’t get gentleman’s name)
Referees: Rob Roberts, Frank Rocha
Promoter: Chris Blackheart
Commissioner: John Cena Senior (not in attendance)

Professor’s Notes: The summer is winding down and we have not been to many shows as our travel schedule has been packed and some have been rained out. We’ve also been kinda zoning out for most of the season.

This event was a short “showcase” of three matches during the Kid’s Day event in Providence. (We might have missed some matches as we arrived at the scheduled 2:00 start but sometimes in festivals the start shifts). Beautiful day and a chance for people to work in front of the next generation of fans.

A wonderful group called “Bikers Against Child Abuse” addressed the crowd from the ring. They are working currently with 30 children locally. So great to have them there.

Bikers Against Child Abuse. Image: TWP

Looking forward to The Woonsocket Rumble on 7 September and re-engaging with SPW and a few other choice New England promotions after Labor Day. Match videos will be available after 3:00 p.m EST 28 Aug at our YouTube channel.

Match 1. Buddy Romano v. Mike Montero. W – Romano (Count Out)

Trading Chokes. Image: TWP

Romano Has Him. Image: TWP

Beautiful Buddy Romano With Henchman Ruby Bastein. Image: SPW

Buddy had trouble with the quickness, sneakiness, and super kicks of Montero. Both men did a lot of choking but neither could best the other. It ended when Montero couldn’t get up in time after Romano through him onto the grass.

Match 2. Buck Nasty v. Big Dawg Butler. W – Nasty

We had hoped that Nasty would be in trouble having to face a man as big, if not bigger, than himself. He and Butler were evenly matched, trading blows and staying on their feet for most of the contest. Nasty pinned Butler and got the three count though there seemed to be some confusion on the part of Referee Roberts. An additional 5 minutes were added to Mr. Nasty’s displeasure. During this time Butler managed to power slam the 300 pound plus Nasty to the crowd’s amazement. Nasty ended things with a cannonball on The Big Dawg in the corner. No one gets up from that.

He Thought He Won. Image: TWP

They Don’t Call Him Nasty For Nothing. Image: TWP

No One Can Withstand 300+ Pounds of Buck Nasty Cannonball. Image: TWP

Match 3. Heavyweight Championship: S.O.G. Ronnie Ribs (C) v. Carlos Esteban v. Dan Terry. W – Ribs

Champ Pins Hercules. Image: SPW

Soldier of God Ronnie Ribs. Image: SPW

The Fittest Man in The World – Dan Terry. Image: SPW

We’ve never been comfortable with championships being up for grabs in triple threat situations. Championships in our opinion should be restricted to one-on-one contests with the challenger being a ranked contender. That being said, both Carlos (SPW Tag Team Champion) and Dan Terry (The Fittest Man in The World) are of the caliber to be given a shot. A knee to the face followed by a flying scissors allowed The Champ to pin The Living Hercules and keep his title. We’ll see who emerges as the #1 Contender in the Woonsocket Rumble on 7 September.


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Superstar Shawn Candido. One of the few veterans who can justifiably call himself a superstar. Consummate technical wrestler. Most entertaining mic skills in 6 states.

Superstar Shawn Candido. Image: SPW

Memories: The Professor interviews The Superstar when he won the SPW Heavyweight Championship on February 15, 2015. This was back when we had a restraining order on The Superstar. These days we are on much more friendly terms.