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1. Roger Williams vs. “The Maniacal” Jack Krueger.  W – Krueger

Both journeyman wrestlers continue to improve.  Williams always gives free candy to the kids and for the 10th time I still didn’t get a Blowpop.  Maybe next time.  Krueger is better when he concentrates on the match and not his strange gimmick.  Good opening contest.

2. “Trainer” Dan Terry vs. Donovan Dijack.  W- Dijack

Apparently Dijack is the next big thing and is seen as the most likely New England Wrestler to make it to the WWE.  This is based on his physique which fits in with Mr. McMahon’s ideal.  He’s big, strong as hell, and has potential but he needs seasoning.  You could see Terry clearly leading the match, working hard to put Dijack over.  Dijack needs time to develop techniques beyond stomps and carries.  He’ll get there.  He’s good at taking a beating to his leg and Terry accommodated him well.  Terry is great at taunting the out-of-shape spectators.  The fitness band is a good gimmick.  He’s good as a singles wrestler and equally good with his diminutive partner Mi’chael Mullett.

3. Mark “Flex” Damon vs. Beau Douglas vs. Brandino Davis.  W – Damon

The massive Damon is a current SPW Tag Team Champion and as such is a favorite at this Promotion.  He acquitted himself well against a guy who I think is a better technician.  The future Hall-of-Famer Douglas pissed off the crowd but good and put in his usual top quality performance.  Glad to see Douglas at Showcase.  The Professor doesn’t know much about Mr. Davis so will withhold comments.  Chris Blackheart is bringing in a lot of new top talent.

4. The Refflers vs. “Superstar” Shawn Candido and Wayne Winslow.  W – Refflers

For some reason the Refflers’ manager “No Class” Rich Bass was again absent and managed by correspondence.  If he no shows again I think he should be written off by the team.  These 2 have steadily improved over the year but still show bad habits, lack of focus and maturity.  Candido was his usual arrogant self and the crowd (including The Professor) gave him a healthy chorus of boos.  Candido was in the ring maybe 90 seconds of the whole match, spending his time criticizing the kid while young Winslow gave quite a show for the crowd.  The rookie shows promise.  We all look forward to the day that he turns on Candido, beats him silly, and goes solo.

5. “The Masshole” Mike McCarthy vs. Barricade.  W- Barricade (Count out)

As I’ve said on the radio, McCarthy is pound-for-pound the best worker in New England (in and out of the ring).  He gave a mighty performance against a man who outweighed him by at least 100 pounds.  Barricade was more energetic than usual and kept up with McCarthy.  McCarthy surprised everyone by sneaking out and coming at Barricade off the top rope after his count out.  He knocked the big man down as well as Sgt. Muldoon.  This was one of the few times that the Masshole couldn’t quite get the CTFO to work.  Barricade ended up chasing the McCarthy out of the building.  The Professor wants to see McCarthy face Hanson and Mike Nice. This was the match of the night.

6. Buck Nasty vs. Travis Funk.  W – Funk

The ancient Hall-of-Famer looked in decent shape and had the energy to put it to the big man from Deliverance.  (Did you hear the fan yelling for him to take his Centrum Silver?) Nasty is huge and mean but he really needs to develop his technical skills beyond forearms, clotheslines, and sitting on people.  Funk showed us an old style Scientific match.  It was great to see.  Nasty should be more technically proficient given his time in the ring.  He can get there if he focuses.  He did a pretty decent interview and his ripping up the Travis Funk picture in front of Mrs. Funk was a classic.

Excellent full house and engaged audience.  Good Lockdown sessions by Sgt. Muldoon.  Johnny Rey did “Justus” to the ring announcing.  JRJ has a lot of friends in Taunton.  Showcase keeps improving its product with each show.   This promotion deserves to have no fewer than 200 people in the room.  The product is solid.