1. Slade & Shurman Debacle.  W – The Professor

Slade & Shurman entered the ring in street clothes with the Tag Team Belts in order to strut and taunt Mr. Tony Ulysses’ new team “The End”.  These 2 are used to being fawned upon as fan favorite babyfaces.  The Professor succeeded in taunting both of them with “You’re Bums”, “You’re Gonna Lose” etc. and threw them off their TV game plan. They turned around from the camera and confronted the Professor.  The Professor gives Slade credit for good heckler handling skills (he even insulted Mrs. Professor).  Shurman said he is going to keep his eye on the Professor and will be knocking at his door.  We’ll see.

2. Prophet & Genesis v. Shepherd & Hollister.  W- Prophet & Genesis (Count Out)

Mass mayhem.  All four guys put in maximum effort and the Prophet/Asylum rivalry was well served.  Hollister is a good worker who actively gets the fans chanting and cheering.  Good to see Genesis do some quality technical wrestling.

3. “The Masshole Mike McCarthy & Beau Douglas vs. Mikey Webb & Johnny Thunder.  W – Webb & Thunder (Interference/Count Out)

NECW mixed it up with these extemporaneous tag team combinations.  Four solid performances from 4 of the best workers in the company.  The Professor was confused by the introduction of an allegedly Mexican masked wrestler outside the ring who did some kind of interference (hard to see on other side of ring) that cost the Masshole and Beau the match.

4. The End vs. Tim Lennox & Brandino Davis.  W – The End

Someone has to take a savage beating in each show while The End establishes its reign of terror.  Tim Lennox is the new Brad Hollister of NECW, meaning he is out there to lose, lose, lose for awhile despite being established in the NE scene.  The Professor doesn’t know that much about Mr. Davis having only seen him once before in a SPW event a week ago.  He also did his job and took the chains like a man.  It appears that Mr. Tony Ulysses is leaving the “Mr. Fabulous” gimmick behind.  The Professor isn’t sure that’s the way to go but it’s his life.

5. Miss Sammi Lane (with Mistress Belmont) vs. Alexxis Nevaeh. W- Nevaeh.

Miss Lane thought she was facing Kasey Ray who called in sick.  She demanded that Ray be counted out so she could get the win and go home.  General Manager Paul Richard entered the ring and told her she had a new opponent, the angry Alexxis.  Alexxis showed her skills to be far superior to Sammi and gave a high-energy whooping to both Lane and Belmont.  All 3 looked in top condition.  Alexxis wrestled in jeans and Uggs.  Unusual since she usually has excellent ring attire.

6. DAWG Heavyweight Championship Match.  Damien Wayne (Champion) vs. Dirty Money – W – Dirty Money – New Champion


Image by: NECW

This was a real treat.  Mr. Goldberg brought in these top level talents from the NJ promotion.  Both athletes in exceptional shape.  Their technical ring skills were top notch.  The Professor hopes that NE workers carefully observed this match because Wayne and DM put on a wrestling clinic.  Lots of arial stuff with fantastic mat and out of the ring wrestling.  Dirty Money took the match and title with a Spine Buster.  The Professor hopes that this kind of cross promotion continues.  Rumor has it that a Japan exchange is in the works which would be great for fans and would give the local talent some valuable experience.  PS: The ladies surrounding the professor expressed appreciation for the conditioning of the DAWG athletes, particularly DM.  The Professor, being a gentleman, will leave it at that.

7. Main Event:  Triple Threat for NECW Heavyweight Championship.  Slyck Wagner Brown v. Antonio Thomas v. Sean Burke.  W – Brown – New Champion

A well-fought match with three of the best out there.  All three put in maximum effort.  At some point referee Chris Bartolo got it in the eye (unclear how this factored).  Prophet and Genesis tried to interfere but were chased away by Asylum.  Right at that point SWB clinched it with a cover over Burke.  Congratulations to SWB – He deserves it.