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The Professor was in attendance at both the NECW and DAWG Heavyweight Championship matches.  What a night!

(Text and Video: NECW)

Another exceptional half hour of action and intrigue as New England Championship Wrestling presents an all new episode, as aired in Boston on WMFP TV, Channel 62, for online viewing.

This week, we take a look at the controversial situation involving the NECW Heavyweight Championship. There is a new NECW Heavyweight Champion and it’s Slyck Wagner Brown, taking the title in a Triple Threat Match with now former champion, Sean Burke and Antonio Thomas. We will have words from the new champion and the now former champion, as this situation continues to develop.

Then, an unusual must-see feature match, as two men who have turned heads all over the country take their feud to NECW. The great DAWG promotion from New Jersey sends their champion Damien Wayne to defend his title against Dirty Money in an epic battle for the gold.

It’s fantastic action and intriguing developments in this must-see edition!