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Another exciting show at the SPW Training Center.  You have to check out a show at the center.  You will be amazed at the energy that 40 fans can bring to bear.  It’s intimate with every seat being no more than 15 feet from ringside.  Tonight was no exception.  The wrestlers do not phone it in because this is an in-house event.  They go nuts and really interact with the fans.  Chris Blackheart gives more value for 8 bucks than anyone in the world.  The Professor loves these shows.


1. Chris Matrix v. Nicholas Night – W. Matrix

Despite the Professor’s misgivings, and the whole house chanting “No Class” (at the Professor’s proud instigation) The Professor has to hand it to High Class Rich Bass.  He has a plan to unhorse Eternity.  He had one half of his Refflers Tag Team take on Nick Night without Flex Damon in attendance.  Bass was wisely active at ringside along with Scott Ledeur.  Night tried hard and gave it a good show but 3 on 1 is tough to pull off.  Matrix gets the pin with help from Bass and feet on ropes.  The Refflers continue to improve.  They even look like they’ve discovered the gym.

Image by: The Professor

Typical Harmony between Low Class Rich Bass and his Team. Image by: The Professor

2. Tim Lennox vs. Brandino Davis – W. Lennox

This was billed as a VCW match.  Both athletes put on a good show.  These two are making the rounds beyond VCW and have recently been seen at NECW where they are climbing the ladder as fodder for The End and Jack Maverick.  Good to see them in SPW. Lennox is the current VCW Heavyweight Champion.  Lennox gets the pin after a Power Slam.  Fans were with Davis since Lennox told those cheering him to shut up when he entered.

Tim Lennox

Lennox gets acquainted with the SPW Floor. Image by: The Professor

3. Dr. Roger Williams vs. Wayne Winslow – W. Williams

Candido did his usual ringside critique while young Winslow put in a good effort against a more seasoned competitor.  Few have had more matches at SPW over the past year as Williams.  He takes his craft seriously.  Winslow made a repeat of last week’s rookie mistake and allowed the Doctor to put him in a vicious abdominal stretch which made him of course tap out.  Candido was livid and kept using a line about “What is it 1975?” (it kinda fell flat).  Candido then proceeded to show him how its done.

Image by: The Professor

Teacher and Student. Image by: The Professor

Image by: The Professor

Winslow Gets Stretched by Dr. Williams. Image by: The Professor

4. Dr. Roger Williams vs. Superstar Shawn Candido – W. Williams

Candido, as expected, succumbs.  He loudly blamed Winslow for the debacle and forced the kid to stand in the corner (facing the wall) by ringside for the rest of the night.  Amazingly the youngster complied.  Though through the entire night kids were giving him lollipops and asking for his autograph.  Candido is not only a great heal, he’s a great clown.

5. Buck Nasty vs. Robbie The Giant – W. Nasty

Buck Nasty was paired with a diminutive (probably no more than 4’8″ by the Professor’s guess) wrestler billed from Grenoble, France.  The Professor wonders if he knows Andre The Giant’s family.  The small man gave Buck a run for his money and frustrated the heck out of him.  He had some moves and put some great kicks into the swamp dweller’s face.  The outcome was inevitable and Nasty prevailed.  Though he was embarrassed and whined during his Sgt. Muldoon lockdown segment about wanting better opponents and a title shot.  Nasty was better than usual.  The Professor hopes he focuses more on fundamentals.  Buck – Chris is there Monday and Wednesday nights.  Even the best continue to train.  Do it and you will deserve a title shot.

6. The Candyman vs. Kid Reflex Eric Dylan – W. Dylan

The Professor didn’t get the Candyman’s name unfortunately.  He’s a young big kid billed from Hershey, PA who shows promise.  Dylan hasn’t been seen by the Professor since last summer at a PWF event in Taunton.  He cut his hair and has hit the gym.  Dylan the veteran outwrestled his day glow pink outfitted opponent, finishing him with a Bulldog.

Image by: The Professor

Dylan and Candyman. Image by: The Professor


7.  Scott Ledeur vs. Nicholas Night – W. Night

Bass again brought out one of his Refflers to do some damage to Eternity before their title match March 21 at the Anniversary show.   Bass and Matrix constantly interfered but in the end Night got the pin.   Night showed something in this match (as did Ledeur).  The Professor has stated on the radio that Eternity has gotten complacent and that the Refflers are going to ultimately take their belts.  He stands by this prediction.

8. Beau Knows Segment 2: Barricade

The Legend interviewed Barricade in the Ring.  A match follows.  The video speaks for itself.

9. Cargill Vinton & Keanu vs. Jack Krueger & Unforgiven – W. Vinton & Keanu (Disqualification)

Keanu filled in for Don Vega who was mysteriously absent.  Great match culminating with the entire locker room in the ring in mass mayhem.  The Professor will let the video    tell the story.