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1. Brad Hollister v. “The One Man Lynch Mob” Jack Maverick.  W – Maverick

This was Hollister’s big chance to whoop a meaner, tougher opponent and put himself in the top tier of NECW.  He didn’t quite get there, though he put in a respectable effort.  He gave Maverick the hardest match he’s had in NECW.  Maverick may have been in trouble when he grabbed Referree Barbara Mahoney by the shoulders and using this as a distraction, managed to get the pin.  Perhaps as a show of respect for his young opponent, Maverick only smashed Hollister in the face with the noose as opposed to dragging him around with it as was the fate of Mullet and Lennox in previous matches.  Hollister is doing what he has to do – taking a series of beatings as the new kid until he earns his spot.  He’s getting there.  It’s clear that he’s a fan favorite and the company has plans for him.  Both men are big, strong, in-shape, and fast.  The Professor likes what he sees here.

Jack Maverick. Image by: The Professor

Jack Maverick. Image by: The Professor

2. Miss Sammi Lane (with Nikki Valentine) v Jasmin.  W – Jasmin

The company continued its strategy of bringing in new Canadian talent with Jasmin who is billed out of Toronto.  Cursory research pre-show by the professor suggests she’s about 18 years old and she looks it.  Jasmin has skills, strength, ring presence, and is in fantastic shape.  Lane was a bit overwhelmed as predicted but she rose to her best level against a very technical opponent.  Ms. Valentine did her best to interfere by grabbing Jasmin’s feet and at one time putting her in a middle rope choke while Referee Chris Bartolo was distracted.  Jasmin very deftly smashed Ms. Valentine in the face and she went down to the floor.  Ms. Valentine looked to be in top condition and is much bigger and stronger than she appears on TV (this was the first time the Professor has seen her in person).  Valentine was not able to turn the match for her crony and Jasmin scored a pin.  The Professor hopes we see Jasmin again, perhaps against Valentine or Belmont.


Jasmin. Image by: The Professor


Post Match Frustration. Valentine & Lane. Image by: The Professor


Lane & Jasmin. Image by: The Professor


3. “The Masshole” Mike McCarthy vs. Johnny Thunder.  W – McCarthy

This was the big postponed rematch for the NECW Television Title.  It was not the best performance for either competitor.  A diminutive “Mexican” masked wrestler called El Le Oro was back and caused some distraction.  We all picked up on who he really is.  Let’s just say he’s someone very much in the running for the Television Title who hasn’t been around much lately.  The “Mexican” Malden accent was actually rather funny.  We’ll see where this goes.

Pain.  Image by: The Professor

Pain. Image by: The Professor

El Le Oro. Image by: The Professor

El Le Oro. Image by: The Professor

4.  Ward & Flores vs. Slade & Shurman.  W – Slade & Shurman

This was billed as an open contract non-title match so they grabbed two wrestlers, put them together, and they lost to the Babyfaces.  Flores is a seasoned veteran.  The Professor is not familiar with Ward.  The annoying “Team Friendship” stuff combined with the vocals of the demented Shurmaniac cult imported from Chaotic overshadowed what should have been a good match.  Slade and Shurman preened more than they wrestled and the Professor found the match came up short.  (Full disclosure – The Professor had planned a repeat of the verbal beat down he gave these two goofs last month and the Shermaniacs drowned him out).  As the champions exited Slade’s growing annoyance with Shurman’s antics was apparent and the beginnings of the fraying of Team Friendship was on display.  The Professor is looking forward to these two beating each other up as Team Friendship is getting a bit tired.  Slade and Shurman have great skills and it would be nice to see them in singles action instead of this shopworn tag act.

5. Genesis vs. Tim Lennox. W- Genesis.

This was the match of the night.  Genesis was scheduled to meet Antonio Thomas but Thomas had a family emergency so up-and-comer Lennox stepped in to continue his beating-taking as he gets established in NECW.  At the very beginning the two faced off and the Professor yelled for Genesis to slap Lennox – which he did as if on request.  He then continued to slap the heck out of Lennox and generally beat the snot out of him for the rest of the short match.  Lennox is a champion elsewhere but in this match, on this night, you could tell that Genesis could have ended it at any time.  The Professor likes a good Beatdown and Genesis delivered.  Keep an eye on Genesis.  He’s been a bit of a sidekick to Prophet but he has the potential if handled right to become a top heel in NECW.

6. Jeremy Prophet vs. “Asylum” Nick Shepherd – (No Contest)

The Canadian blood feud continues.  Shepherd chased Prophet out of the room and both were gone so long that the fans wondered if they were running up the street.  Eventually they came back and re-entered the ring where Prophet threw what appeared to be chalk in Shepherd’s face.  He then proceeded with a beatdown on the handicapped Shepherd.  Shepherd started to come back when Promoter Sheldon Goldberg stopped the match because officials from an Ontario Mental Institution had come to collect Shepherd.  He protested as did the fans with chants of “NO, NO”.  Prophet loved it of course, as he finally was presented with a way to avoid the showdown.  Slade, Shurman, Thunder, Paul Richard, and some officials entered the ring and finally persuaded Shephard to leave.  Interesting story line but the Professor would have been happier if both men had fought it to a clear conclusion.

7. Nick Farenheight v. Apocolypse (with Mr. Tony Ulysses) W – Apocolypse

Farenheight gives up at least 150 pounds to Apocolypse.  He took the beating of his life like a real pro.  He came out and managed to deliver some good kicks to Apolcolypse which would have done damage to most other wrestlers, but Mr. Ulysses’ man does not feel pain and was barely pushed off balance.  Apocolpse could have finished the match multiple times but Mr. Ulysses was giving him instructions not to pin and to continue the massacre.  The Professor thought back to the disrespect that Mr. Fabulous received mostly from Mikey Webb as Mr. Ulysses savored some payback.  It should have been directed at Webb since Farenheight has always been a concilliator in the scenario.  Mr. Ulysses is trying to establish total dominance and intimidation with his new team, The End, so it appears that Farenheight was doomed to a savage beating.  A power slam should have ended it but Ulysses slyly distracted Referee Mahoney and Apocolypse delivered two more in rapid succession.  That was “The End” of Nick’s night.  He was practically carried out of the room.

8. Main Event: Slyck Wagner Brown v. Sean Burke. W – Brown

This was a rematch for the heavyweight title won by Brown in triple threat match with Burke and Thomas last month.  Both men put in an energetic performance.  The crowd was clearly with Brown but the Shurmaniac nutcases were chanting “Burke is Better” and had Burke’s back.  This was the one sensible thing they did all night.  Burke was audibly asking where Prophet and Genesis were (his “insurance policy”).  They were no-shows and had no excuse since Asylum was on his way to Toronto in a padded van.  Burke comes up a bit short and Brown finishes him with a Moonsault pin (how come no one does Moonsaults other than Brown and Kasey Ray these days?).  Wagner retains title.

A SImple Man.  Image by: The Professor

A Simple Man. Image by: The Professor


The Champion: Image by The Professor

Another great show by NECW.  The Professor enjoys the Cove but hopes that the company finds some new venues a bit more distributed around the state.  That strategy increases gate sales considerably and is working for Showcase.

The Professor observed Mr. Dijack in the balcony in civilian attire, watching and studying the matches.  This is the right thing to do.   It’s clear that Mr. Dijack is a student of his craft.