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Marchiversary – Showcase Pro Wrestling 8th Anniversary Event

March 21, 2014

South Attleboro Knights of Columbus Massachusetts, USA

Promoter: Chris Blackheart

Commissioner: Derek Molhan

Guest Ring Announcer: Sargeant Muldoon

“Curly Howard” sang the National Anthem a cappella.  Great job!

Note: The Professor is 2 for 2 in his predictions for Marchiversary (Refflers, Vinton). Just saying.


1. “Trainer” Dan Terry vs. Dr. Roger Williams – W – Terry

An easy win for Terry.  Pinfall.  Dr. Williams was outgunned by a more experienced and skillful opponent.  It’s been observed that Williams is too distracted by his lollipop distribution and fan interaction.  He needs to focus more.  Terry said that “Lollipops are for fat people”.  Maybe he’s right.

2. Beau Douglas vs. Keanu – W – Keanu

This was the grudge match after the now-famous Pineapple incident.  Both men brought strength and cunning but in the end the Samoan managed to grab Douglas off the top of the turnbuckle and slam him hard backwards for the pin.  The Professor thinks this rivalry isn’t over.  Keanu has the makings of a champion but he’s just a punk kid compared to Mr. Douglas.  We’ll see.

Pineapple Payback.  Image by: The Professor's Co-Conspirator

Pineapple Payback. Image by: The Professor’s Co-Conspirator

3. Lockdown Session With Sergeant Muldoon & Barricade

Barricade v. Jack Krueger – W – Barricade

Barricade is trying to get back into title contention to regain the belt he had to vacate because of his eye injury awhile back.  He claims to have spent 26K USD on medical costs to get back in the business.  Muldoon announced that Mr. McCarthy was injured and could not compete in the scheduled match.  Barricade complained about the level of his opponents (not sure why, he met Beau Douglas recently at the SPW Training Center) and demanded a top 10 opponent to help him get closer to a title shot.  For some reason out ambled Jack Krueger (The Professor does not consider him top 10 material – yet).  A spirited match ensued and frankly, Krueger embarrassed Barricade.  He managed to keep the big man on the mat for much of the mat (smart) and at one point removed one of Barricade’s knee pads and went to work on the knee and leg.  This really affected Barricade’s offense and he got slapped around plenty by someone at least 150 pounds lighter.  In the end, Barricade managed to execute his famous spear for the pin.  As stated, Barricade should be embarrassed to have been pushed around by a weaker, less skilled wrestler.  Krueger is getting better.  This was the best performance of his that the Professor has seen.   The Professor now puts Krueger in the wild card category.  He can be trouble.

4. The Refflers vs. Eternity for SPW Tag Team Championship – W – Refflers

The Refflers came out with manager “No Class” Rich Bass and a new hired henchman called Mr. Storm.  A group of fans got a funny chant going – “Foot Locker Rejects!”.  Eternity entered ringside and it seemed like the contest was to see which team could do the best job of arrogant preening.  The capacity crowd was loud and rowdy so the Professor’s vocal contributions were mostly drowned out with the exception of getting in an audible “You’re Going Down!” to Eternity before the match was underway.  Flex and Nick started coming over the ropes yelling “Who said that?” to which the Professor belligerently stood up and pointed to himself.  (It’s usually not wise to cross the Professor).

Matrix wails on NIght.  Image by: The Professor's Co-Conspirator

Matrix wails on Night. Image by: The Professor’s Co-Conspirator

Both teams showed that they belonged in a title match.  The Refflers were in strong form, if a bit distracted.  Matrix and Ledeur have been practicing their technical skills and have obviously taken their weight work more seriously.  Eternity are always in shape, being the Professor presumes, bodybuilders.
The cracks in Eternity became a full on chasm when Flex couldn’t hold his resentment back anymore and blatantly turned on Night.  He basically kicked his butt all over the ring while an astonished Reffler team could only look on in disbelief.  Flex disabled Nick and he was for the most part down and out in the middle of the ring on his back.  Bass had to push his confused team (both guys) onto Night for the pin.

Champion.  Image by: The Professor's Co-Conspirator

Champion. Image by: The Professor’s Co-Conspirator

Eternity was still clobbering each other as the Refflers took their bows and paraded around with their new belts.  Night looked seriously injured and was carried out of the room by promoter Chris Blackheart and Sargeant Muldoon.

Goodnight for Nick Night.  Image by: The Professor's Co-Conspirator

Goodnight for Nick Night. Image by: The Professor’s Co-Conspirator

What followed next was a despicable betrayal by No Class Rich Bass.  Mr. Storm and a mountainous giant called Redemption (he had to be North of 400 pounds) of a wrestler came in with the scummy Bass and administered a savage beatdown on the unsuspecting new champions.  Bass did a version of the famous Bill Alfonso turn on Taz in ECW.  He even stated that he wasted six months on the “clowns”, reminiscent of the Alfonso betrayal. We heard that Matrix was hospitalized.  Ledeur too, though the Professor shook hands with him after the show and congratulated him on a significant achievement.  He seemed quite shaken and beaten up.

The Professor is unsure what comes next for The Refflers.  They will need to proceed without guidance to defend the titles.  Revenge on Bass and his goons is essential to maintaining their credibility as other tag teams from within Showcase and without are already smelling blood.  The Professor is feeling a bit suckered because he’s been warming up to Bass lately and acknowledged what he was able to do with The Refflers.

Bass' Goons.  Image by: The Professor's Co-Conspirator

Bass’ Goons. Image by: The Professor’s Co-Conspirator

Night also has some thinking to do.  Where does he go from here as a wrestler and how does he get back at Damon?  If he doesn’t give Damon a serious beating, he’s through as a viable wrestler in SPW.







5. Cargill Vinton vs. Unforgiven for SPW Heavyweight Title W – Vinton


The Professor predicted the outcome of this match on last week’s SPW Radio Show.  Mr. Vinton brought his A game against Unforgiven who was in trunks and not the usual black full body suit.  He was completely ripped without an ounce of fat on him.  As the highly-scientific match was nearing its peak, Vinton ripped the mask off of Unforgiven and we finally got to find out who he is.  The Professor was completely taken by surprise.  Unforgiven was revealed to be none other than “Sensational” Scott Levesque!  The Professor was floored.  Levesque has never been in that kind of shape and what was expected was some young kid from outside, not one of the great veterans of New England.  Vinton got the pin and regained his title.   Levesque is automatically in line for a title shot rematch.  Cargill has to watch out.  The SPW talent pool is much richer than when last he held the belt.  The Professor wishes Mr. Vinton all the best.  As he said after the show while congratulating the new Champion “The right thing happened here tonight”.  Vinton earned it.

6 . Gauntlet for the Gold (Royal Rumble Style Battle Royale)

Wrestlers drawn randomly and enter at several minute intervals.   This was one of the best of these types of matches that the Professor has ever seen.  The energy of the workers, many of whom had already had matches, was astonishing.

There is too much detail to describe everything that went on.  You’ll have to watch the video.

Participants:  “Sensational” Scott Levesque, “Kid Reflex” Eric Dylan, “Superstar” Shawn Candido, Beau Douglas, Buck Nasty,  Barricade,  Keanu, Zero, (Kamala Wannabe, not sure his name), (Nicholas Night – Flex came out and beat him outside the ring.  He never made it in), Scott Ledeur (announced he was taken to Sturdy Hospital), The Hobo, Robbie The Giant, Dan Terry, Dr. Roger Williams, Wayne Winslow, Redemption, Jack Krueger, Curly Howard, Candyman, Tim Lennox.  Rich Bass and Mr. Storm lurking ringside but non-factors.  Two referees.

Mayhem.  Image by: The Professor's Co-Conspirator

Mayhem. Image by: The Professor’s Co-Conspirator

Last 2 standing were Barricade and “Sensational” Scott Levesque.  Despite all of Barricade’s bragadocio, Levesque powered the 300-pounder through the ropes for the win.  This makes Levesque a “double” number one contender for the SPW Heavyweight title.  The Professor congratulated Mr. Levesque after the Rumble and he seemed spent.  Rightly so after a title match followed by winning a 20-man match (not to mention he was first in).  Barricade doubly embarrassed and Levesque doubly impresses.  Scott Levesque is truly “SENSATIONAL”.