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The Professor and his Co-Conspirator have an ongoing debate about this issue.  The Professor feels that since at least the Nineties Attitude Era, and possibly before, that the line between Heel and Face has become morally ambiguous.  Co-Conspirator is more of a traditionalist, and feels that too much Heel affirmation borders on breaking Kayfabe and distorts the point of the product.

Image by: NECW.  From The Professor's Private Collection

Image by: NECW. From The Professor’s Private Collection

The Professor is known for rooting for Heels for really two reasons.  First, he likes irritating the crowd and creating noise.  In the Professor’s opinion, this helps the show.  Especially in a room of 60 people.  Should a Heel not be acknowledged for his great qualities?  The Professor rates a professional wrestler on the following attributes:

  1. Technical Skill
  2. Promo / Mic Skills
  3.  Showmanship
  4.  Athleticism
  5.  Consistent Improvement

Second reason The Professor roots for Heels- the six factors above.  Why shouldn’t a guy who is working his heart out for a crowd get the credit he deserves?  What’s your take?’