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The Professor had the pleasure of speaking with Mr. Storm today on Chris Blackheart’s Showcase Pro Wrestling Radio Show.

Matt Storm is part of Rich Bass’ High Class Cartel.  His current job is to beat up The Refflers.  He’s done this with aplomb on multiple occasions. It’s really a free education for the young Champions.  Mr. Storm is a 22-year veteran, member of the New England Wrestling Hall of Fame, and has done it all in the business.  He’s amazingly strong, cunning, and skilled.  Not to mention possessing a wealth of wrestling knowledge which he articulated for the fans on the radio.  The Professor is a supporter of The Refflers but you can’t really argue with Mr. Storm on this one.  The Professor almost feels bad for referring to him as a “Goon”.  Almost.

Mad Dog Matt Storm. Image by: MDMS