Brad Hollister is only 21 years old and he holds one of the most prestigious titles in the Northeast, the NECW Heavyweight Title.  Despite the fact that he can’t legally rent a car, he’s been around awhile and has shown himself to be a good student and worker.  He went through the paces of being the new guy punching bag at NECW and never complained or put in less than a total effort performance.  Mr. Hollister has excellent ring skills and is bringing back something The Professor sees too little of these days – Mat Wrestling.

Is this too much too soon? (see The Professor’s analysis of The Refflers).  Will this young athlete be able to handle the responsibility and the pressure of the workers wanting to take his belt?  As the months go by will he be able to resist the likes of Sean Burke, Jeremy Prophet, and even his mentor Antonio Thomas?  What happens when Slyck Wagner Brown heals and wants his vacated title back?  What of wild cards from other regions and promotions like Dirty Money, Damien Wayne, and Donovan Dijack? Not to mention the NECW up-and-comers like Tim Lennox, Dan Terry, and Jimmy Preston.  The number of people who could knock him off is too long to list here.

The Professor wishes Mr. Hollister all the luck in the world and a respectable title run.

Brad Hollister.  Image by: NECW.  From The Professor's Private Collection

Brad Hollister. Image by: NECW. From The Professor’s Private Collection