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Travis Funk announced today on the radio that he is not only back for the odd match but is in it to compete full-bore against the best that Showcase Pro Wrestling has to offer.  Some potential opponents discussed were Buck Nasty, Donovan Dijack, and Dan Terry.  The Professor tried to persuade Mr. Funk to do some much-needed cleaning in the company and teach a few wise guys a lesson.  Specifically Superstar Shawn Candido, his protégé Wayne Winslow, The Maniacal Jack Krueger, the unpleasant Mr. Nasty.

When asked who he will take out specifically Mr. Funk responded “Anyone who gets in my way.”.  We’ll see Mr. Funk in action on June 7th in Taunton, MA.

Mr. Funk.  Image by: Tripod

Mr. Funk. Image by: Tripod

The Professor will have a full report.