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SPW June 6, 2014 SPW Training Center & Arena, Woonsocket, RI USA


1. Chris Matrix v. Wayne Winslow . W – Matrix

The members of the SPW Tag Team Champions “The Refflers” appeared in singles competition this evening. (They are defending the titles against The Cartel the next night).  Winslow appeared without his mentor “Superstar” Shawn Candido.  A ringside Professor asked Mr. Winslow “Where’s your Grandfather tonight?” to which the young man responded that he deserved a night off.

Winslow put in a good effort and appeared to have the upper hand on Matrix early on.  Matrix took a beating with his partner Mr. Ledeur encouraging him from ringside.  Matrix eventually did what was expected of a superior wrestler and fought back, eventually pinning young Winslow cleanly with a well-executed Standing Moonsault.

Matrix v. Winslow.  Image by: The Professor

Matrix v. Winslow. Image by: The Professor

2. Robbie “The Foreign Object” Araujo vs. Curly Howard . W – Araujo

Mr. Araujo, F.K.A. “Robbie The Giant” started with a Sgt. Muldoon Lockdown segment.  His mouth is a lot bigger than the rest of him. His idea of a tribute to Sgt. Muldoon was to talk about how old he is and to accuse him of encroaching senility.  He also found time to hide a cane under the ring.  Robbie has aspirations to the SPW Heavyweight Title and based on his ring skills, that seems plausible if not in the very near future.

The match started with Curly Howard apparently asleep in the audience.  He didn’t seem to realize he was up.  He came into the ring fully dressed and eventually got into his singlet and began wrestling.  Curly came to the ring with a confederate (didn’t get the man’s name) who was part of the comedy chase around the ring with Mr. Araujo.  Eventually Robbie found a use for the cane, tricking Curly’s manager into holding it while pointing this out to the referee.  While the ref was distracted, Mr. Araujo got what appeared to be a fist full of tights (not sure, it happened fast) and got the pin.

Araujo vs. Howard.  Image by: The Professor

Araujo vs. Howard. Image by: The Professor

3. Dr. Roger Williams v. Zero . W – Williams

Two masked wrestlers.  Dr. Williams put in a distracted, arguably sloppy, performance against the smaller Zero.  Zero outmaneuvered Dr. Williams throughout most of the match.  Williams was not able to use his size advantage to much effect.  Zero was much more skilled at using holds and the ropes.  This was disappointing because with all the ring time, Williams should be putting in a more scientific performance.  Maybe he had an off night.  He’s usually better.

Zero vs. Williams.  Image by: The Professor

Zero vs. Williams. Image by: The Professor

Dr. Williams went to the top rope and finished Zero off with a flying cross body pin.

4.  Lockdown Segment

“The New” Scott Levesque came out for an interview with Sgt. Muldoon.  Mr. Levesque stated emphatically that he wants “his” title back.  He does not want to wait for Saturday and paid handsomely for Matt Storm’s title match contract for this evening.  Mr. Vinton came out and questioned the legality of the maneuver and unwisely taunted The Sensational One.  Mr. Vinton found himself in the ring with his adversaries, and a beatdown on Mr. Vinton ensured.  Mr. Storm took the Professor’s chair from behind the ring barrier and started using it on Vinton.  The Champion was saved by the entrance of Barricade.

Do Not Disrespect Mr. Levesque.  Image by: The Professor

Do Not Disrespect Mr. Levesque. Image by: The Professor

The teams settled for a tag team match to be held later in the night.  Cargill allowed Scott Levesque to get inside his head and that turned out to be a major mistake.

5. Kuma vs. “5 Star” Scott Ledeur. W – Ledeur

Kuma showed a lot of improvement.  He’s learned how to use his size and also has acquired some good wrestling technique.  Like the earlier Matrix match, Ledeur took a pounding early on.  He seemed distracted (understandable given his task of facing well over a ton and a half of wrestlers tomorrow night).  Mr. Ledeur fought back with a series of flying kicks, the final one resulting in a pin.

Kuma v. Ledeur.  Image by: The Professor

Kuma v. Ledeur. Image by: The Professor

Image by: The Professor

Image by: The Professor








The Refflers did a Lockdown Segment with Sgt. Muldoon in which they thanked the fans and put forth their game plan against Slimy Bass and his Good Squad.  The Professor likes their chances tomorrow night.

Champions With a Plan.  Image by: The Professor

Champions With a Plan. Image by: The Professor

6. “The Big Ticket” Flex Damon vs. Keanu “The Flyin Hawaiian” . W – Keanu (Count out)

Flex Damon is on the way to establishing himself as the biggest jerk in Showcase.  He did a sort of Lockdown segment with Sgt. Muldoon in which he insisted that the M.C. re-do his ring announcement 5 or 6 times.  Flex is not what you would call a modest man. His arrogance rubbed the fans the wrong way and everyone from young kids to a cast-wearing Professor taunted him unmercifully. His response showed no class. (More on that in a later post).

Keanu entered with his usual style and the match was actually pretty good, with Flex dominating one of the few men in SPW with a musculature that comes close to Mr. Damon’s puffed up build.  The Professor was honestly surprised that Flex got the better of Keanu and expected Keanu to lose.  Then Flex left the ring and grabbed the mic.  He indicated that Keanu had no belt around his waist and was thus a waste of time for him.  SPW has a new emphasis on strengthening its rules and as such, Flex was counted out.  He deliberately threw the match.

Keanu, no slouch, was having none of it and taunted Flex.  Calling him a “Juice head” (no one has had the stones to do that to his face other than some fans safely behind the steel barricade).  He challenged Flex to a match tomorrow night which was accepted.

The Professor must note in the interest of full disclosure that he has taunted Flex a bit and that the two of us do not see eye-to-eye.  The man is a great competitor but his attitude stinks.  We’ll see what happens in Taunton on June 7.




Images by: The Professor






















7.  Levesque & Storm vs. Vinton & Barricade (No Contest)

The video tells the tale.  This was ugly, pure and simple.  It never should have happened.  Cargill may have a broken arm because he foolishly allowed Mr. Levesque to manipulate him into this mistake of a match.  We won’t know for sure until Saturday whether or not Mr. Vinton will be able to defend his title in Taunton.  He may even be forced to vacate, which may have been Levesque’s plan all along.