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John Callahan a.k.a Sgt. Muldoon is celebrating 35 years in Professional Wrestling.  The Sgt. is the grand old man of Showcase Pro Wrestling.  He’s the guy who everyone looks up to and provides the anchor to the entire company and wrestling school. Mr. Callahan has done it all.  He was born in Baltimore in 1964.  He started training with Walter “Killer” Kowalski at his school in 1979.  Shortly thereafter he began a long tenure with the WWF.  Mr. Callahan ended his full-time wrestling career in 1999 after suffering a hip injury.

This is a man who wrestled The Iron Sheik and Hulk Hogan.  And he offers his wisdom to this generation of New England Wrestlers.

Image: Sgt. Muldoon & The Convicts Facebook Page

The Sarg is a ring announcer, interviewer, host, trainer, newsletter writer, and in-ring competitor for SPW, and still appears all over New England.  He was recently honored by his fellow wrestlers at a SPW show in Taunton, MA on June 7, 2014.

Travis Funk, Nicholas Night, Chris Matrix, Keanu, Derek Molhan and Others Honor The Man. Image: The Professor

Here’s a video of John Callahan vs. Sargent Slaughter circa 1984: