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Lizzie Raze has burst onto the New England Wrestling Scene.  The Professor’s sources tell him that Ms. Raze has been training for some time at The Bell Time Club, one of the great producers of New England Wrestlers.  The Professor has seen Ms. Raze around a few events as an observer.  She appeared on June 13 at the NECW show in Everett, MA, where she assisted veteran Nikki Valentine in embarrassing “The Sisterhood” (Mistress Belmont, Miss Sammi Lane, and Toxis).   Ms. Raze is over six feet tall and appears to be quite strong.  Some Internet research along with one live match indicates that she enjoys grabbing her opponent by the throat, lifting her/him high off the ground, and slamming the victim hard on the canvas.  Cool move.

Image: Lizzie Raze Facebook

The Professor has high hopes for Lizzie Raze.  Independent Wrestling is not only a rough sport, it’s a rough business.  Not everyone can make it.  Ms. Raze must stay focused and plugged in to the masters at the Bell Time Club.  The good news is that New England really needs more women.  The challenge is that standards have been set very high by the top competitors.  The health of New England Women’s Wrestling depends on new talent that can rise to the proficiency level of people like Mistress Belmont and Alexxis Nevaeh.

We are all looking forward to seeing how this new alliance with Nikki Valentine turns out.