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Re-posted with the author’s permission from The Burning Hammer.

Thank you FoleyFunk89 (Mr. Edward Wise) for an excellent account of the proceedings.

Image: NECW

Results from 6/28

Beau Douglas defeated “All Good” Anthony Greene. Was mentioned by interviewer Al Basler afterward that it was Beau’s first victory in NECW, it was I believe his first singles victory. This won’t be the last we see of Douglas, read on…

Johnny Thunder defeated “Slam Dance” Tim Lennox. Thunder looked good, he is a full fledged “heel” again, which is what he is best at and afterward during a post match interview put all the wrestlers in the back with a Championship belt around their waist on notice, “Johnny Thunder is back.”

Genesis defeated Nick Farenheight. Genesis made fairly quick work of the former NECW Tag Team Champion, more or less a squash.

NECW Heavyweight Champion Brad Hollister defeated “The One Man Lynch Mob” Jack Maverick via DQ to retain his Championship. Maverick attacked the Champion, Brad Hollister, with his cow bell. Referee declares it a disqualification. Jeremy Prophet comes out, saves Brad Hollister and gives it to Maverick, Prophet & Maverick exchange words as well.

Miss Sammi Lane, Mistress Belmont & Toxis defeated Nikki Valentine, Davienne & Lizzie Raze. Very good women’s match I thought, the crowd was very into it. Belmont scored the pinfall.

“The Canadian Sensation” Jeremy Prophet defeated The Giant Pharaoh. Genesis, in the corner of Prophet, interjected himself in the match early on and he was promptly ejected from ringside by the referee. Ring announcer Chris Norman brought up beforehand, that this would actually be The Pharaoh’s final match in NECW, mentioning that he would be leaving the area soon. Norman proceeded to say this was a special occasion, this match marked The Giant Pharaoh’s Brockton debut, the city in which he was born ironically. The match was very good, I have to say it, the best match I have ever seen out of Pharaoh. Back and forth, near falls, they did it all. These two put on a very good match, giving it their everything. Afterward, Pharaoh put Prophet over on the mic, it was a nice moment.

“The Masshole” Mike McCarthy defeated Todo Loco to recapture the NECW TV Championship. Beau Douglas interjected himself in this one, coming out and cheering on McCarthy mid match, and while the referee was preoccupied by McCarthy, Beau hit Todo Loco over the head with the TV Championship. The rest was academic, new TV Champion.

Da House Party defeated Mike Paiva & Buddy Ramano in the final match of the evening. Fun match, Da House Party are always fun. Post match, Mr. Tony Ulysses comes out and hands Da House Party a contract to sign, they accept and will square off with The End this Friday. That should be very interesting.