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SPW August 1, 2014 Woonsocket, RI USA

Ring Announcer: Sgt. Muldoon.  RI State Athletic Commissioner in Attendance: Frank Rocha.  Referee: Rob Sandow

1. Keanu “The Flyin Hawaiian” v. MIA.  W – Keanu

It’s unusual to see Keanu in an opening match given his status in SPW.  He faced a newcomer called MIA who is billed from New Zealand.  MIA is a masked wrestler in military fatigues.  Pretty big guy actually who gave Keanu more trouble than expected.  After taking more of a beating than he should have, Keanu went to the top and did a nicely executed cross body for the pin.  It took maybe 5 minutes which is to Keanu’s credit.  This illustrates the fact that SPW is constantly bringing in new and dangerous talent.  The established stars had better not get complacent.

2. The Refflers v. Dr. Roger Williams & Zero – W. The Refflers

The Refflers did a Lockdown Segment Interview with Sgt. Muldoon right before the match in which they explained their current strategy for reclaiming the SPW Tag Team Belts (included in video).

This was a good match that gave both teams a chance to show their stuff.  The Refflers are focused on much bigger fish but they showed discipline and cohesion in the execution of this contest.  This was the first time that The Professor has seen Dr. Williams and Zero work together.  Surprisingly good work for a new combination.

The Refflers finished the match by legally double teaming Zero for the pin.  All four men shook hands in a demonstration of good sportsmanship.  Watching all of these workers progress as technicians and professionals shows that things are working in the SPW school and system.

3. “Superstar” Shawn Candido v. Rescue 911 v. Buck Nasty – W. Candido

Sgt. Muldoon conducted a Lockdown Interview segment with Rescue 911 who is new to SPW.  Apparently he is a Firefighter who set some sort of record for pulling a Fire Truck one mile up an incline. (The Prof. will do more research on this man and report later).  911 is a big, soft-spoken guy. The match was supposed to be a 911 v. Candido contest but Buck Nasty decided to insert himself into the proceedings.  Ostensibly because he objected to another power man getting what should have been his match.  Management quickly sanctioned a Three Way match and it was on.

Candido used his superior experience and smarts and let Nasty and 911 knock themselves out while he spent a lot of time outside the ring.  He masterfully used every second of the distracted Referee’s 10 counts to stay safe (though he did receive his traditional verbal beating from the fans – nothing new for Mr. Candido in Woonsocket.  He can take it).  Candido managed to knock both Mr. Nasty and 911 off the apron from inside the ring and got the win through Count Out.  Buck Nasty was not pleased and Mr. Candido made a wise exit.

4.  “The Maniacal” Jack Krueger v. Nicholas Night – W. Krueger

Nicholas Night has been away from SPW for several months following the unravelling of his partnership with Mark Damon and the loss of the Tag Team Titles to The Refflers.  He looked to be in good shape though a bit rusty.  Krueger is on fire.  Despite the distraction of his strange gimmick, he’s getting stronger and his skills are improving.  He’s more worker and less gimmick every month.

Night & Muldoon.  Image: The Co-Conspirator

Night & Muldoon. Image: The Co-Conspirator

Mr. Night interacted a bit too much with the fans, his cockiness was kind of “Last Year” and did not reflect his current status as someone who is in a rebuild stage, not quite at the top where he was.  He allowed this, along with the announcements of “The Big Ticket” Mark Damon’s tweets on his mundane workout updates, to distract him.

Krueger & Night.  Image: The Co-Conspirator

Krueger & Night. Image: The Co-Conspirator

Krueger finished things with a groin kick followed by a quick DDT.  A well-deserved win and hopefully a wake up call for Night.  He has to focus to return to the top-tier (The Professor believes this is workable in a short timeframe).  Mr. Night continued his complaining about Damon with the fans. He ended by claiming he’s done with Damon. The Professor recommends he either forget his Puffed Up former Partner completely or put together a plan to beat him badly to show who’s the better man.  Otherwise, the tag “Former” will stick to Mr Night.  It’s his decision to make.

5. Cargill Vinton (SPW Heavyweight Champion) v. Matthew King – W. Vinton

It was not clear to The Professor if this was a title match.  The cocky Matt King entered the contest by taking a side trip into the bathroom.  The Referee had to knock on the door to get him out.  The fans were a bit grossed out and asked him if he washed his hands.  He showed them the way a Kindergarten kid does to his teacher.  Weird.

King looked like a preening clown at first but he did the smart thing.  He focused on punishing Cargill Vinton’s broken wrist.  He really went over the top on this one, well past poor sportsmanship.  However, this is Professional Wrestling so his conduct was legal if not in the best taste.  Cargill took a lot of pain but as one expects from a Champion, he used his head and managed to overcome the wrist issues and put up a respectable offense.  He finished things with back-to-back Neck Breakers with a clean pin.

Scott Levesque has called for Vinton to be stripped of his Heavyweight title due to injury.  The Professor has seen Cargill face Tim Lennox and now Matthew King in the past month so its clear that Mr. Vinton is actively defending the belt.  The Professor hopes that the wrist has a chance to heal a bit more before Levesque comes around again.  Knowing Scott Levesque, he has a plan to finish the job he started and pull Cargill’s arm off.  This fall should be very interesting in SPW.

6. “Five Star” Scott Ledeur v. “Big Wolf” Derek Andrews – W. Ledeur

The Refflers are wisely to deferring their Tag Team rematch option.  They decided to “Fight” this evening however.  Mr. Ledeur took on the 400+ pound Andrews in singles competition.  No one can take a beating better than Scott Ledeur and keep on coming.  He found a way to get the giant Andrews off his feet and capitalized intelligently.  Despite the encouragement of one fan, The Refflers did not cheat.  They sent a clear message to Rich Bass and the rest of the Cartel.  This was a sweet follow-up to The Refflers defeat of Reverend Redemption at a recent show for another promotion.

Mr. Ledeur wore down Derek Andrews and finished him with a drop kick off the top rope.  There’s more to come and The Professor predicts a belt change this fall.