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Northeast Championship Wrestling

August 8, 2014 Norwood Elks Norwood MA USA

(This was The Professor’s first NCW show as part of his extended scouting tour of New England Promotions.  Apologies if names are wrong or someone is left out).

Ring Announcer: Shane Daly
Referees: Redd Roche, Dan Tanaka, Mike Dube, & David Montenaro
Commentators: “Toxic” Tom Warren & Tim Kilgore

1.  Scotty Vegas v. Tomahawk v. Buddy Romano.  W – Tomahawk

The Professor is starting to tire of Three Way Matches.  It seems that they are featured on more and more cards as a standard and not as the exception.  The Professor feels that this is not the best way to showcase workers’ talents, though at least it gets a spot for everyone who’s backstage.

Romano, Tomahawk, Vegas.  Image: The Professor

Romano, Tomahawk, Vegas. Image: The Professor

Tomahawk dominated this match, administering at least 50 chops to Vegas and Romano.  Mr. Romano was at his best this evening.  He showed his strategic mastery in this match (as well as the later Rumble).  Vegas held back which is smart strategy but does not make for the most exciting product.  Tomahawk gets the win by doing a cross body off the top rope when Vegas was distracted.  Vegas pinned.

He'll Feel it When He's 50.  Image: The Professor

He’ll Feel it When He’s 50. Image: The Professor

After his defeat Vegas threw water at Tomahawk from outside the ring and then ran away.  It looked like Tomahawk and Mr. Romano were going to have an altercation after a stare down but they embraced and Tomahawk raised Buddy’s hand in center ring.  Romano is that good and deserving of admiration for his skills

2. NCW Tag Team Championship Match: “The Showoff” Mike Paiva & Anthony Greene (Tag Team Champions) v. Tim Lennox & Brandon Behm (with Sean Feeney).  W – Lennox & Behm (New Champions)

The Creepy Kids prevail mostly because of Feeney and his metal bar.  The video shows the proceedings.

3. “Pretty Boy” Derek Andrews v. Jon Thornhill .  W – Thornhill

Referee: Dan Tanaka

Mr. Andrews is one of the funniest performers in New England.  He makes his considerable weight an object of controversy and humor.  He surprised the professor with his excellent technical skills and superb timing.  Maybe he is 217 pounds.  Who knows?

Brains & Brawn.  Image: The Professor

Brains & Brawn. Image: The Professor

Thornhill held his own and managed a pin off the top rope.

I Didn't Win?  Image: The Professor

I Didn’t Win? Image: The Professor

4. Four Team Tag Match:  “Dastardly” Doug Summers & Richard Pacifico (with Ashley Voxx) v. Kenny Roberts & Christian Casanova v. The Loomis Brothers v. Mack Attack. W – The Loomis Brothers

Another novelty match that in the end was too confusing to follow, much less summarize in a blog the next day.  Suffice it to say that Roberts and Casanova were the first eliminated by Mack Attack.  Mack Attack was then put out primarily by a Summers Face Buster.  The Loomis Brothers sat out the majority of the match just laughing at the other suckers who were doing all the work and getting the beatings. This paid off for them big time.

Big Mouth Summers.  Image: The Professor

Big Mouth Summers. Image: The Professor

Eddie Loomis received a gushing bloody nose.  Rare to see blood nowadays.  He soldiered on despite the flow.  He ended up pinning Mr. Pacifico for a Loomis win.

Facing Off.  Image: The Professor

Facing Off. Image: The Professor

Summers and Ms. Vox proceeded to kick Mr. Pacifico to the curb in a very public way and then smashed his head into the bell a few times.  At one point Summers slammed Ashley’s whole weight (probably 110 pounds) onto Pacifico’s head and into the bell.  It was ugly.

The Loomis Brothers Relax.  Image: The Professor

The Loomis Brothers Relax. Image: The Professor

5. G.A. West In-Ring Promo 

“Simply God’s Best”.  That’s one heck of a presumed self-description.  The Professor enjoys it any time a worker can put forth an actual essay or thesis on society from the ring or in a promo.  Especially when he taunts the fans for their flaws.

G. A. West.  Image: The Professor

G. A. West. Image: The Professor

6. NCW Heavyweight Championship Match: “The Riot” Kellan Thomas (C, with Kepler) v. “The Devil’s Reject Brandon Webb.  W – Thomas

Either man could have won this title.  The Professor has a familiarity bias with Webb having seen him many times.  This was his first look at Thomas so in fairness he’ll let the video tell the tale.

7. 2014 Big City Rumble:  30 Man elimination match.  Draw – Lumberjake & A.G. West

30 men entering at one-minute intervals. First in and last standing was Lumberjake. As stated above, this kind of match is impossible to unravel in a blog the next day.

Battle Royals can be gimmicky and just an excuse to fill a card and give the rookies some ring time.  This was not the case with The Big City Rumble.  It was well-managed and quite entertaining.  Probably the best Battle Royal The Professor has seen in the past year or so in New England.

The Professor once again overestimated the capacity of his newish Samsung phone and ran out of gas prior to the end of the match.  The video(s) don’t show the conclusion.  Here they are.  The Professor feels that giving you what he has is better than throwing away a flawed product.  You know the problem up front so there’s no surprise disappointment at the end.  Hopefully NCW will post a tape of this on their site soon.

Lumberjake and A.G. West were both declared the winner by 2 of the 4 Referees in attendance.  Senior Official Redd Roche determined a draw.  Kellan Thomas came out and stated that he would take both men on as number one contenders for the Heavyweight Championship.  This probably means a three-way next month.