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One of the great differentiators between Corporate and Independent Wrestling is that in the Indy World, Wrestlers come in all shapes and sizes.  Not everyone is a Body Builder.  Some guys are 5’4″.  Some are 6’5″.  Despite their billed weights, there are plenty of men weighing in at under 180 pounds who tear it up in the ring.

Image: Michelin

There are some athletes in New England Wrestling who have highly-developed physiques.  Good for them.  The dedication to body building is admirable.  Unlike some places, in this area these workers have to wrestle to get over, not just pose. These five get the job done.  Some don’t.

The Professor likes to taunt some of these wrestlers during matches and threaten to pop them with a pin, they are so puffed up.  Guys like:

“The One Man Thrill Ride” Jimmy Preston

Mr. Modest claims to spend 21 hours a week in the gym.  He well may.

Image: BoW

“The Big Ticket” Mark Damon

Flex is not known for his patience with ringside critics.


“The Big Ticket” Mark Damon. Image: SPW















“The Champion of Champions” Dirty Money

He’s got the swagger and can more than back it up.  A very nice guy.

Image: BoW

“Firefighter” Craig Costa

He could probably push the Fire Truck back to the station if it breaks down.

Image: TRP

“The Italian Superman” Tony Delfonzo

Had the gall to spoil Beau Douglas’ night last September at the NECW show in Beverly.

Image: BoW