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If you read the “About” section of this blog, you’ll see that part of The Professor’s motivation is to work in his own small way to promote Professional Wrestling and to help it regain its footing in American Culture.  Perhaps its the summer heat that is putting the Professor in a contemplative mood.

The Professor is sick to death of the term “Sports Entertainment”.  Just because Vince McMahon had to come up with cover when too much sunlight came his way, the industry has been stuck with this indignity.  One could argue that the biggest blow to Wrestling as an industry (and a livelihood for athletes) came not when the Territory System collapsed but when the Kayfabe Genie was finally let out of the bottle in 1989.  Mr. McMahon, in “me first” fashion, destroyed an industry just to get out of some regulatory costs.  Thanks Buddy.

No longer could the majority of fans continue to suspend disbelief.  Between that and the disastrous Attitude Era, Wrestling lost millions of fans.  Estimates run as high as 50 Million.  The Professor was one of them.  An Eighties fan of WWF, NWA, GCW, AWA, and WCCW, the Professor checked out for over 20 years when cartoonish soft porn took over the story lines.  It was years before he came up for air and discovered the Indy scene in New England.

The Last Straw for Millions. Little Kids Being Exposed to “S..It”.  This made it embarrassing to be a Wrestling Fan.

There must be others of the millions of dormant, disaffected fans who could come back to the fold by discovering the rich offerings of local Wrestling.  And don’t bother the Professor with “It’s because of MMA”.  The numbers don’t support that claim.

7 months x 9.99 = 69.93 that has gone to the Professor’s Indy Show Tickets.  A Better Deal.

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Can You Seriously Tell Me That You Can Make a Connection to The Workers Here?

Image: Elvin’s Arena

How About Here?

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