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House of Bricks Presents “Brickaversary”  August 30, 2014 Dias Field New Bedford, MA USA

Benefit for Greater New Bedford Youth Baseball League Inc.

Ring Announcer: Sean Feeney. Referees: Dan Tanaka, Mike Dubie

1. H20 Ryan Waters v. “The Ladies Man” Gregory Edwards v. “The Devil’s Reject” Brandon Webb.  W – Webb

Showmen.  Image: The Professor

Showmen. Image: The Professor

Not a bad opener.  It’s rare to get this level of stars in an opening contest.  As stated previously, The Professor is a bit sick of Triple Threat Matches.  That being said, this was a good one.  Webb and Edwards are well-known to The Professor but this was his first look at Waters.  His appearance is a bit rough around the edges but he engaged the crowd effectively and wrestled well.

Webb puts Waters away with a Power Bomb and Pin.  Edwards pranced off for whatever awaited him for the rest of his night.


Webb & Waters. Image: The Professor


Winner. Image: The Professor

2. The Refflers v. The Beasts.  DQ – The Refflers

The Professor was one of the few Reffler Fans in the house.  They are in full Heel mode at H.O.B.  Ledeur & Matrix entered with a “Manager” in what appeared to be Pajamas. He served only as a punching bag for The Beasts.  Non-Factor.

The video will show you in full gory detail what happened here.  The Beasts took offense apparently to certain Internet comments and punished The Refflers severely.

The Refflers began the match by taunting Redemption with rolls out of his grip.  This didn’t shake The Reverend.  He casually tagged out and let Colossus do the dirty work. Chops, Power Bombs, and Throws ensued.  Colossus bit both Refflers multiple times on their heads.  He threw Ledeur over the top rope on his back through a ringside table. A few minutes later he took Matrix outside and Power bombed him on his neck through the remaining half of the table.

The Professor was told by Chris Matrix later that this was his first Table experience. Mr. Ledeur had to go to the hospital after the show.  Matrix seemed relatively intact.

The Refflers showed incredible toughness tonight.  This is part of the game.  Onward and upward.  They consistently improve and have the guts to take on the biggest, meanest men in New England.  This only increases their reputation and prestige. Think of the workers who dodge these difficult matches.  The Refflers do this kind of thing practically every week.

3. Kyle Storm v. “The Clinic” . W – Storm


Domination. Image: The Professor

Quick and Dirty.  Storm dominated this entire match and put The Clinic (The Professor is not sure of his name) away with a quick pin.  That’s it.


It’s Over. Image: The Professor


The Clinic is Closed. Image: The Professor

4. “Shady Shay” Cash v. David Baker. W – Baker


Cash & Baker. Image: The Professor

Both men seemed off their games.  Slow, not making a real connection to the crowd. Frankly, they could use some gym time.   Baker managed to make it to the top rope and ended Shay’s night with a Flying Elbow for the pin.


Baker. Image: The Professor

5.  Mack Attack (Monster Mack & Trainee #1) vs. Ramona Romano & Mike Paiva (The Glamour Express). W- Mack Attack

An excellent match between 4 great athletes.  Mack Attack is in top form.  They are “Players”.  Paiva and Romano are not only cohesive and put on a technical clinic, they are great comedians in this role.  Romano is maybe one of the best in N.E.  He should be rated much higher in The Professor’s opinion.

Match ends with a Mack Attack Double-Team Face Buster on Ramona.  Monster Mack gets the pin.

6. Southern New England Championship Match.  Everett Brigs (C) v. J.B. Tickle.  W – Briggs


Drunk in The Ring. Image: The Professor

J.B. Tickle entered the ring area visibly intoxicated and sporting a bottle of “Shine”. When he managed to get into the ring Mr. Briggs proceeded to insult him and give him the old what for.  Then Briggs finished things – quickly.

As Feeney noted, this may have been the quickest title match in H.O.B. history.  It may have taken Briggs 90 seconds to hit Tickle in the mouth with the belt. Done.


I Don’t Care For You. Image: The Professor


If You Blinked You Missed It. Image: The Professor

7. LumberJake & Nikki Valentine v. Chris Cruise & Amanda Fox.  W – Cruise & Fox

This started off as a Lumberjake v. Cruise single match. Interference by Ms. Fox led to intervention by The Amazing Nikki Valentine.  Referee Tanaka re-started the match as an Inter gender Tag Contest.  Fox and Cruise steal a win.

8. The Mighty Cubador v. Devin Baker.  W – Assumed a DQ/No Contest (Unclear Decision)

Cubador got in a female fan’s face and it backfired when she fainted and had to be helped out of the field.  (It was subsequently announced that she was alright).  Devin Baker seems to be the Kevin Von Erich of the Baker Family, wrestling barefoot.  He was outsmarted by The Might One, receiving powder in the eyes and a Chloroform Mickey.  His Brother David had to save him.

9.  “Superstar” Shawn Candido v. Tim Lennox.  W – Candido

The Superstar is in his home territory and is well-loved in New Bedford.  The Professor booed him as usual, to little effect.  This was a great contest between two of New England’s best technicians.

Lennox is getting stronger and better each month.  Candido still has a lot of life in him. He’s in great shape and should be around for years.  It pains The Professor to say this but Mr. Candido will eventually be in the HOF.

10. H.O.B. Heavyweight Championship Match.  “Nature Boy” Gary Gold (with John Cena Sr.) v. Aaron Amadeaus.  DQ – No Contest

Mr. Cena improbably beat the heck out of a much younger and stronger Aaron Amadeus.  This was a weird match.  Gary Gold keeps his belt.  It’s not clear what happens now.