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SPW September 5, 2014 Showcase Pro Wrestling Training Center 126 Main St. Woonsocket, RI USA

Ring Announcer: Sgt. Muldoon.  Referees: Rob Sandow, and Sr. Referee (name unknown – will find out)

1. Nicholas Night v. Matthew King v. Jack Krueger  W – Night

Mr. Night continues to poke and prod his way back into the top ranks of SPW.  For some reason he keeps getting put with Krueger whom he has beaten before.  Unfortunately for Nick Night, Mr. Krueger has beaten him as well and he is a ranked contender in the same position.

Arrogant Punk.  Image: The Professor

Arrogant Punk. Image: The Professor

King is an arrogant newcomer who, like a teenager, has high opinions of his skills and lacks the perspective to realize that he doesn’t have the experience of his opponents. Not to say he isn’t a talent – he is.  (Young King stopped his entrance to ask The Professor if his hair was in place.  The Avuncular Professor, gave him reassurance).

Night, Krueger, and Young King.  Image: The Professor

Night, Krueger, and Young King. Image: The Professor

Early in the match the Newport Aristocrat visibly paid Krueger a bribe, presumably to leave, of a measly $5.  Krueger did not appear to give it back, and beat the heck out of King regardless.

This was one of the better Triple Threat Matches of recent times.  All three men showed some moves.  Nick Night managed to do a Moe Head Smash on the other two more than once.  He had King up on the turnbuckle with his legs spread and somehow choreographed Krueger as a bowling ball right to King’s tender bits.  Ouch.

Pain.  Image: The Professor

Pain. Image: The Professor

As is expected in a Triple Threat, there were multiple instances of the third man spoiling a sure pin.  Master King did this several times, most notably with an eye gouge to Night and nullifying a Night Flying Elbow induced pin.

Krueger ultimately had a psychotic episode and left the ring.  Nick finished off the young upstart with an intense Face Buster.

Advice to Night:  Stay cool, take each match one-at-a-time.  You are getting there.

Advice to Krueger:  McClean Hospital is doing some great work these days.  Get an appointment.

Advice to King:  Stand up straight, wipe your nose, no back talk.  You have talent and if you avoid too many in-ring gimmicks and shortcuts and listen to your elders, you’ll go far.

2. Dr. Roger Williams v. “The Clinic” Chris James – W. Williams

Journeyman Williams once again takes a serious beating from a veteran.  The Professor watched Mr. James get taken apart by Kyle Storm last week in New Bedford. He showed us what he’s got and pretty much dominated but he let the Doctor beat him with a Flying Elbow off the top rope.  Clean Pin.

James & Williams.  Image: The Professor

James & Williams. Image: The Professor

Dominance.  Image: The Professor

Dominance. Image: The Professor

3. Cargill Vinton (C) and “The New” Scott Levesque Contract Signing/Vinton v. Buck Nasty – W. Vinton (Count Out)

The signing ceremony for tomorrow night’s Championship Match was full of insults and threats as expected.  Great trash talk.  Right after Cargill Vinton faced an angry Buck Nasty who seemed to be in some sort of cooperative arrangement with Mr. Levesque. Levesque interfered as much as he could but Cargill pulled out a win due to a count out caused mostly by Scott Levesque.  Mr. Nasty was quite outraged and it seems that he will take it out on The Sensational One later.  Not to mention Vinton.  Mr. Nasty, like Barricade, is boiling over with frustration.

4. The Refflers (Chris Matrix & Five Star Scott Ledeur) vs. The Convicts – W. The Refflers

The Refflers easily best The Convicts in an entertaining match.  The Refflers continue to build credibility.  Anyone who objectively watched this contest can see why The Refflers are one of the top teams in New England.

5.  Superstar Shawn Candido v. Kuma – W. Candido

The Superstar is now introduced as “The Most Ruthless Wrestler in SPW”.  He’s the top Heel.  He demonstrated his incredible prowess against the huge, but less experienced Ugandan Warrior.  His banter with the fans is the best in the company.   The Professor continues to enjoy tormenting Mr. Candido all over New England but its undeniable that he is an amazing technician.  The Professor caught himself oddly cheering for The Superstar multiple times as he showed his superiority.

Mr. Candido used Kuma’s props against him.  He hit him in the stomach with his stick when Referee Sandow was looking the other way and used the skull as a distraction. He cheated fairly by using the ropes for leverage on the final pin.

6. Barricade v. Big Wolf Derek Andrews – W. Andrews (DQ)

Poor Barricade.  He’s the big man in SPW and now he has to deal with a guy probably 100 pounds heavier.  Not what he’s used to.  It was weird to see Barricade as the nimble guy in the ring trying to wear down the bigger man.  Barricade used every trick in the book, pounding Andrews and applying his trademark Spear.  Blows that would K.O. another man have minimal effect on the giant Andrews.  Eventually Barricade’s Achilles Heel took him down.  He beat himself by becoming frustrated.  He unwisely threw the Senior Referee across the ring and got himself disqualified.  This is unfortunate because he was on the way to beating Andrews, which would have put him right in line for another title shot.

7. “The New” Scott Levesque v. “The Flyin’ Hawaiian” Keanu – W. Keanu (DQ)

Keanu is a fantastic Wrestler and one of the top contenders for the Belt.  That being said, its unlikely that he can muster the skill and cunning to beat a master like Scott Levesque.  The Professor suggests you watch this video in its entirety to see what a Master Heel can do in the ring.  Plus Mr. Vinton could not resist getting involved and the locker room cleared out and a melee ensured.  Great way to sell tomorrow’s championship match.