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The Superstar has emerged as the Top Heel in Showcase Pro Wrestling.  Having shrugged off the loss of his bag-carrying Protege Wayne Winslow, he is now billed as “The Most Ruthless Wrestler in SPW”.   He’s been at just about all of the SPW shows lately and has beaten up quite a few people.  Currently the #5 Contender – When is he going to get a title shot?

This is What Happens When You Rile The Superstar from Ringside:

Superstar 2

Image: The Professor

Superstar 3

Image: The Professor

Superstar 4

Image: The Professor

The Superstar is the Booker at Whaling City Wrestling, a successful outfit in S.E. Massachusetts.  Mack Attack interviewed him in April 2013 in their Mack Cast Podcast. The veteran has great insights on the past, present, and future of Independent Wrestling in New England.