Image: Nature’s Natural Market

The Professor and The Co-Conspirator have purchased a lot of our produce from local farms this year.  Why are we doing this?  Because the product is FRESH.  We get a better value than going through the corporate food supply chain.  We support our neighbors who are small business people.  We end up with a better product and they get to make a living.  Real people we know.  Making a living. Authentic products made by real workers.  What’s this have to do with Wrestling?

A lot actually.  When you put your credit card on auto-debit and send a monthly fee to a giant Media Corporation who really benefits?  Fat cat owners and a relative handful of stars who suck up all the money.  Most of the people who make it to TV are wildly underpaid and expendable.  Same thing when you fork out hundreds to go to an arena show.  What are you getting beyond what is available locally?  Pyrotechnics? (A.K.A. “Fireworks”).

The Professor passed on the WWE Network.  9 months x 9.99 = 89.91 that has gone to local promotions and workers and not some corporate fat cat.

When you support your local Wrestling promotion with your dollars and presence you are not only getting a great value for your money, you are helping to keep the sport alive.  Your dollars go to family-owned businesses and real workers who deserve the money.  You can be assured that if you go to a show by any of the promotions featured on this site, you will get more than your money’s worth.

It’s not an either/or.  If you like corporate media companies, fine.  How about spending at least some of your entertainment dollars on the Indies?  You won’t regret it.