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SPW December 27, 2014 Woonsocket, RI USA

Ring Announcer: Sgt. Muldoon.  Referees: Chris McCluskey, Rob Sandow

Promoter: Chris Blackheart. Commissioner: Frank Rocha

Technical Note: The Professor and The Co-Conspirator did some experimenting with multiple cameras as we expand and improve our coverage capabilities. Some of the video is rough as a result.  We are going to upgrade our video systems considerably in January so thanks for bearing with us.

Match 1. Dr. Roger Williams v. Rex Dalton.  W – Williams

Rex Dalton appeared without his partner Cam Denial against #8 Ranked Dr. Roger Williams.  Dalton seemed to get the upper hand early but The Medical Man turned it around quickly.  Williams used a move for which he is becoming known; applying the second rope to his opponent’s tender bits.  Ouch.  Williams ends it for Dalton with a big Splash and a Pin.

Dr. Roger Williams

Dr. Roger Williams

Rex Dalton

Rex Dalton

Dalton, Sandow, Williams

Dalton, Sandow, Williams

Sgt. Muldoon Lockdown Segment: The Fellowship

The Fellowship is new to SPW.  “Soldier of God” Ronnie Ribs, “Simply God’s Best” G.A. West, and Manager “Doctor Ozone”.  These men are scripture-quoting Christians who have a unique point-of view.  Their wrestling skills are formidable.  The Professor ranks Doc Ozone in the top 3 managers in New England.

Match 2. The Stooges v. The Convicts.  W – The Stooges

Curley’s partner (was it Moe or Larry?) used a block of cheese to hyper-activate the Stooge.  This resulted in pandemonium as Curley threw The Convicts out of the ring. He then attacked his own partner.  Referee McCluskey for some reason allowed the Stooges a double-team pin on one of The Convicts for the win.

Idiots' Delight

Idiots’ Delight

Sgt. Muldoon Lockdown Segment: The Glamour Express 

The Lovely Ramona Romano and “Pimp Daddy” Mike Paiva made their debut at SPW. “Flamboyant” does not begin to describe these two.  They very clearly articulated their agenda at Showcase and The Sarge was uncharacteristically flustered during the interview.  The fans voiced their appreciation and approval for this exotic team.

Match 3.  Benny Blanco v. D.J. A.C. W – Blanco

D.J. A.C. announced that he discovered that The Boogie Down Brawler has mic skills. He turned up the music and Mr. Blanco performed a serviceable rap. After that the friendliness disappeared quickly and the two men proceeded to beat each other up. A.C. continues to improve by facing veterans.  With the tutelage comes a price. Blanco finished A.C. with a nasty Bulldog.

D.J. A.C.

D.J. A.C.

Benny Blanco Raps

Benny Blanco Raps

Blanco & A.C.

Blanco & A.C.

Sgt. Muldoon Lockdown Segment: The Glamour Express, The Fellowship, & Twisted Crazy

SPW Officials decided on a coin toss to determine which Championship Tag Team would have the privilege of taking on The Refflers for the SPW Title.  The losers would face each other. (Twisted Crazy is The Maniacal Jack Krueger and impromptu partner Buckshot Rob Roberts).

Match 4. The Fellowship vs. The Glamour Express.  W – The Glamour Express

The video tells the story better than even The Professor could.  One thing is certain: Ramona is certainly an affectionate individual.

Match 5. The Superstar Shawn Candido v. Dougie Hamilton.  W – Candido

The Superstar is a giving person.  He provides Trainees with mentoring and guidance in the form of severe beatings.  Young Hamilton’s brief time in the ring with Mr. Candido was worth six months of classes.

Match 6:  The Refflers (C) vs. Twisted Crazy.  W – The Refflers

Krueger’s original partner (The Mad Hatter?) didn’t make it so Buckshot Rob Roberts filled in.  Krueger and Roberts did a respectable job but as an impromptu team just couldn’t best The Champions.  Krueger had a major meltdown outside the ring that unfortunately was not caught on camera. Something is going on with him.  The Professor was hesitant to get a camera too close to Krueger given that he barely escaped with his life the last time he antagonized the maniac.

Professor’s Notes:

A high level source reports that SPW Heavyweight Champion Scott Levesque is injured and unable to compete for the time being.  Cause and extent unknown. “Staples in head” is the rumor.

The Professor got to meet Atlee Greene, one of the organizers of the successful ELKMANIA fundraising shows. Look for ELKMANIA to expand to multiple shows in 2015.