Wrestlers sometimes come up with their own gimmicks and sometimes gimmicks are thrust upon them.  Gimmicks can be quite effective and sometimes they bomb.  There are situations where an athlete wants to leave a gimmick behind and is pressured not to do so. The Professor’s prime example is Taz’ early “Tasmaniac” character where he looked like a warped Flintstones character.  Sabu was made into a Hannibal Lecter knock off for a while in ECW.

The Repo Man.  TV Guide’s pick for #1 Worst Wrestling Gimmick of All Time

“Leapin Lanny” Poffo famously said “A wrestler without a gimmick sucks”. Gimmicks are integral to this business.

TV Guide.com ran a feature of the 26 worst gimmicks of all time.  Interesting how they were mostly from the WWE.