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SPW February 7, 2015 Taunton VFW, Taunton, MA USA

Ring Announcer: Derek Bradley.  Referees: Chris McCloskey, Joseph Brody

Promoter: Chris Blackheart. Commissioner: Frank Rocha

Superstar Shawn Candido - SPW Heavyweight Champion.  Image: The Professor

Superstar Shawn Candido – SPW Heavyweight Champion. Image: The Professor

Match 1. “The Maniacal” Jack Krueger v. Robbie “The Giant” Araujo.  W – Krueger

Krueger scores an impressive victory over the talented Giant. The Maniacal One countered Mr. Araujo skill-for-skill and ended up winning with pure strength. Looks like it doesn’t pay to play around with Krueger’s mirror Robbie.

Match 2. “Mad Dog” Matt Storm v. Dr. Roger Williams.  W – Storm

The Cartel has something to prove after their clear defeats at the hands of The Refflers.  Tonight Hall-of-Famer Storm used Dr. Williams to make his point. Ouch.

The Black Swan once again adds insult to injury by inflicting severe pain on an unsuspecting Wrestler.  The Professor is looking forward to seeing Swan in a bona fide match soon.

Match 3. Tag Team Championship Match: The Refflers(C) v. The Fellowship. W – The Refflers

The Fellowship have a strange spiritual message which they convey before, during, and after their matches.  It’s a bit hard to follow but their sincerity rings out.  Having Doctor Ozone in their corner makes it particularly tough for their opponents and the referees. Despite their considerable talent and physicality, The Refflers prevailed.  The Refflers are truly at the top of their game and are the most cohesive Tag Team in New England (and perhaps the entire Northeast) today.

Match 4.  Reverend Redemptions v. The Convict. W – Redemption

Reverend Redemption continued Mr. Storm’s work by punishing his opponent. The Convict bore the brunt of the Cartel’s frustration.  This adds to the insult of Mr. Bass failing to pay The Convicts a few weeks ago when they were unable to eliminate Black Wolf.

Match 5. “The First” Nicholas Night v. “The Clinic” Christopher James.  W – Night

Mr. Night won a pinfall with a questionable count.  This match could have gone either way, since both competitors were evenly matched.  James is a wild card who could find himself on the contender list at any time.  Mr. Night has a tough task in regaining the SPW title.  The competition in the company is miles above where it was in his championship days.  He’ll have to continue to climb the ladder back up to the top.

Match 6. Heavyweight Championship Match: D.J. A.C. (C) v. Superstar Shawn Candido.  W – Candido (New Champion)

D.J. A.C. can hold his head high.  He legitimately beat Scott Levesque and earned his short-lived title.  It was never in the cards for a 10-month rookie to have a long title run.  A.C. is a real talent and a dedicated student of the business.  He’ll have other titles in the future.  He needs to keep his head on straight, learn from this experience, and continue to mature as a practitioner.

The Superstar gained what should have been his for some time.  Some fans objected to his tactic of removing the turnbuckle pad and using the bare metal against A.C.

From The Professor’s perspective, this is exactly what Ric Flair or Scott Levesque would have done.  It’s called Strategy.  Fairness is an elastic concept in Pro Wrestling. Mr. Candido won fairly in this correspondent’s opinion.