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March 7, 2015
SPW Arena
Woonsocket, RI USA

Ring Announcer: Sgt. Muldoon  Referees: Chris McCloskey, unidentified

Promoter: Chris Blackheart. Commissioner: Frank Rocha

This was the third sold out show in a row at the Woonsocket Facility.  Showcase is getting big numbers.  The reason is the appearance of so many stars from around the country and the consistent improvement of the workers on the roster.  To quote Ric Flair: “Things Are Taking Place”.

Match 1. Black Wolf v. Jase.  W – Black Wolf

The seven-foot former Cartel member had little trouble with newcomer Jase.  He ended the match by picking his opponent up and slamming him from just below the ceiling to the mat.  Jase had some moves but the over 100 pound weight differential made the outcome a foregone conclusion.

The Guy is Big.  Image: The Professor

The Guy is Big. Image: The Professor

Lockdown Segment: Superstar Shawn Candido

The Champ came in for what he expected would be a pleasant congratulatory interview and chaos ensues.  Everyone wants a piece of The Superstar. Defending this belt will not be easy.

Match 2. Cargill Vinton v. G.A. West.  W – Vinton

A Champion Returns.  Image: The Professor

A Champion Returns. Image: The Professor

The former Champion makes his long-awaited return to SPW by facing one of the best in The Northeast.  West’s patented “Nail in The Cross” move backfires.

Doctor Ozone is Not Afraid of Any Fan.  Even 7-Year-Olds.  Image: The Professor

Doctor Ozone is Not Afraid of Any Fan. Not even 7-Year-Olds. Image: The Professor

Match 3. Buck Nasty (with Buckshot Rob Roberts) v. Name Not Heard, San Juan P.R. W – Nasty

The Professor apologizes for not getting the gentleman from San Juan’s name. The house was packed and a gang of kids followed The Professor and The Co-Conspirator to our perch in the second ring so there was a lot of noise. Nasty made short work of his adversary after a few minutes of receiving embarrassing drop kicks.  Nasty had his man pinned but pulled 2 pins for fun and ended the night with an unrecoverable second rope splash.  Another contender having to work his way through a jobber to get nearer to Candido.

Match 4.  Matthew King v. Tyler Burroughs. W – King

The Aristocrat King dominated the apparent punk rocker Burroughs.  King’s swagger and arrogance were on display despite strong fan disapproval.  Things ended badly for both men at the hands of The Black Swan.

The Black Swan Wreaks Havoc

The enigmatic Black Swan once again appears out of nowhere to punish people for reasons unknown.  This time he attacked not only 2 Wrestlers, but Referee McCloskey. Nothing more is known about this person.  We are all waiting to see him in a sanctioned match.

Match 5. The Knuckleheads v. The Convicts.  W – The Knuckleheads

This match was announced as The Knuckleheads’ final Woonsocket appearance. Curley Howard is apparently retiring.  The boys did a great job (including cheese) and after disposing of the reprobate Convicts, the ring filled with kids at intermission wanting pictures with the Goofballs.

Match 6. “The Maniacal” Jack Kruger v. Akani.  W – Krueger

Krueger dominated this contest against the unknown Akani.  Akani comported himself well but had little chance against the contender.  Krueger had some particularly brutal exchanges with unsupportive fans which surprised even The Co-Conspirator.

Match 7.  Dr. Roger Williams v. Richie Rich.  W – Williams

AARP Member Rich is one ungrateful man.  He turned on his loyal Tag Team Partner and it blew up in the old timer’s face.  Full Disclosure: Dr. Williams handed The Professor a Blow Pop prior to the match.

Richie Rich did a John Kerry Special – “Do You Know Who I Am?” after Referee McCloskey showed him the door.  See ya Rich.

Match 8. Tag Team Championship Match: The Refflers (C) v. Jurassic Era.  W – The Refflers

The Professor was astonished that Jurassic Era received a title shot given that they have been absent from SPW for well over a year.  The Dinosaurs did well but The Champions have their sights on much bigger fish and were able to dispense with their opponents expeditiously.  There’s little doubt that Big Woody is studying this video in preparation for The Knuckle Busters’ shot at the title on March 28.

Match 9.  Heavyweight Championship Match: Superstar Shawn Candido (C) v. D.J. A.C. W – Candido

The Superstar wisely chose to give the Rookie his return match instead of the more seasoned former Champion, Mr. Vinton.  A.C. did some fine work and showed admirable skill and tactics for a man with his short tenure, but in the end the veteran prevailed as expected.  Despite the wolves at his door, The Professor doesn’t see anyone out there who has a clear shot at dethroning The Superstar.