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Marchiversary IX
March 28, 2015
Taunton VFW
Taunton, MA USA

Ring Announcer: Sgt. Muldoon

Referees: Chris McCloskey, Rob Sandow, Derek Bradley, Danny Cama

Promoter: Chris Blackheart. Commissioner: Mr. Frank Rocha

This was the fourth sold out show in a row for SPW.  The staff had to scramble to find extra chairs.  This was the Showcase Pro Wrestling ninth anniversary “Marchiversary” celebratory show.  Three of the top managers in the Northeast were in one room: High Class Rich Bass, The Mad Doctor Ozone, and Big Woody.

Sgt. Muldoon.  Image: The Professor

Sgt. Muldoon. Image: The Professor

Match 1. The Refflers vs. The Knuckle Busters.  W – The Refflers (DQ)

The long-awaited match between two of the top teams in the Northeast.  This rivalry started last summer at The Bell Time Club when The Refflers did not appear due to a scheduling miscommunication.  Burly & Bugsy made some hugely disparaging comments about Ledeur and Matrix which were witnessed by this correspondent.  It took almost a year but a showdown was inevitable. The Refflers have recently invaded APW, home of the Lowell Team.  Now TKB and Big Woody reciprocated with a visit to SPW. Both belts on the line.  The match was fairly even given the talents of both teams.

The Knuckle Busters were unable to “Teach the punks a lesson”.  They got themselves disqualified due to some double-teaming and outside interference by Bugsy with Ledeur who was legally on the apron.  Referee Sandow is a strict player and his call was good but the fans were disappointed at an inconclusive ending.  The Professor implores Chris Blackheart to bring these teams together again as soon as possible.

Match 2. Stretcher Match: Nicholas Night v. “The Maniacal” Jack Krueger.  W – Night

Krueger has had it in for Night for some time.  This was a no-rules match in which the winner had to remove the loser from the room on a stretcher. The match did not disappoint.  Both men deserve a title shot after this performance.

Lockdown Segment: SPW Heavyweight Champion Superstar Shawn Candido

The Champion showed why he is where he is.  He did something unprecedented. Candido wants total control of title shots so he entered The Gauntlet in order to own the title shot that is its prize.  This was taking a huge risk and only someone with The Superstar’s enormous ego would have the stones to do this.

Match 3. Black Wolf Derek Andrews vs. Mad Dog Matt Storm (with High Class Rich Bass & Rev. Redemption)-  W – Black Wolf

Mr. Bass and his Cartel are still red-hot over the downturn of their fortunes at SPW. They blame Mr. Andrews for much of it.  This was another revenge opportunity. Opportunity and outcome don’t always meet up.  These maniacs are still a threat to all despite tonight’s outcome.

The Knuckleheads Present a Gift to a Super Fan

The Knuckleheads (Curley Howard & Larry Fine) are winding down long wrestling careers.  They presented a large autographed picture to one of SPW’s top fans, Justin. Wrestlers spend their days beating people up but they can also be very nice people.

The Knuckleheads & Justin. Image: The Professor

What it's All About.  Image: The Professor

What it’s All About. Image: The Professor

Match 4.  Heavyweight Championship: Superstar Shawn Candido (C) v. Cargill Vinton. W – Candido

Cargill Vinton is back and is in excellent physical and mental shape.  He used his exile wisely and deserved this title shot.  Both men could hold this belt at any time.  Mr. Vinton showed skill and cunning but Special Referee Cama called a clean pin on the part of The Champion.  In this correspondent’s opinion this was another fair-and-square victory for the SPW Champion.  The two will meet again next week.

Match 5. Gauntlet For The Gold.  W – Superstar Shawn Candido

The Gauntlet varies from a regular Battle Royal in that the sequence of entrants is determined by a group of five fans.  This makes it unpredictable and interesting. Again Mr. Candido wins fairly.  Richie Rich apparently felt that he could not beat the Champion and he left the ring voluntarily.  It must be on the level.  Candido avoids the year-long threat of the Gauntlet winner.

Next Shows:

Friday April 3
SPW Arena
126 Main St. Woonsocket, RI USA
7:47 p.m.

Saturday April 4
Moose Lodge
241 Thatcher St. Attleboro, MA USA
7:07 p.m.