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Whaling City Wrestling
April 24, 2015 Fairhaven VFW, Fairhaven, MA USA

Ring Announcer: Sgt. Muldoon
Referees: Chris Mack, Rob Sandow, Mr. DeSouza, Mr. Ryder
Promoter: Superstar Shawn Candido

Title Controversy

“Kid Reflex” Eric Dylan came out and gave his views to the fans.  He loves wrestling so much that he’s willing to do “rinky dink” shows like this one.  Derek Andrews entered and tried to intimidate Dylan.  Keanu and eventually The Superstar entered the conflict.  He has plans to settle the angry aspirants to the title in the May show.  It got a little confusing to The Professor so we’ll all have to make sure to be there to see how this goes down. One thing is clear: Mr. Candido runs a tight ship and tolerates no nonsense from his workers.

Sgt. Muldoon & Kid Reflex.  Image: The Professor

Sgt. Muldoon & Kid Reflex. Image: The Professor

Andrews throws his weight around.  Image: The Professor

Andrews throws his weight around. Image: The Professor

Match 1. Chris Matrix (with Scott LeDeur) v. Richie Rich.  W – Matrix

Chris Matrix had his hands full with the elder wrestler but in the end he used his brains, skill, and legitimate distraction provided by his partner Mr. LeDeur, to get a clean pin.  Pound-for-Pound Matrix is one of the best in New England today.

Match 2. Straight Jacket Match:  “The Maniacal” Jack Krueger v. Jamie Tucker.  W – Tucker

The punk from Buffalo got very lucky in this match and against all odds managed to get the maniac into his jacket.  Krueger was not amused and proceeded to beat the kid senseless with his feet.  Tucker provided the coup de gras in the form of an audible chair shot to poor Jack’s head.  A fluke in this correspondent’s opinion.

Match 3. D.J. A.C. v. Chris Cruise.  W – Cruise

D.J. A.C. continues to make a name for himself as one of the hottest rookies around. He had his hands full with veteran Cruise.  Chris Cruise overwhelmed the newcomer with moves he probably has not yet encountered.  A backwards flip through the ropes landed on poor A.C.  Cruise finishes the youngster off with a running flip off the rope for a convincing pin.

Don’t count out A.C. because he got beat by a more experienced worker tonight. Imagine how good he’ll be this time next year.

D. J. A. C.

D. J. A. C.

The Sneaky Kevin Castro, who seems to have every WCW Heel under contract, came out with a yet to be identified goon who ambushed Cruise post match. Cruise was beaten pretty severely.

Castro & Cruise. Image: The Professor

Castro & Cruise. Image: The Professor

Match 4. Black Wolf Derek Andrews & Kuma v. Chris Pyro & Keanu.  W – Pyro & Keanu

Black Wolf and Kuma are beyond arrogant.  They used size and ego against two skilled but smaller men.  Men who are not considered small under normal circumstances. When you face such a challenge, creativity is required.  That’s probably why Pyro chose to bite Kuma’s face to break a Bear Hug.  Keanu employed his famous super kicks and brought Andrews down a few times.  He used his aerial skills to Suicide Dive Andrews as well.  Keanu and Pyro double teamed Kuma outside the ring.  They did the same thing to Black Wolf inside the ring.  The Referee allowed it, probably justifiably given he weight differential.  Pyro used his body as a missile off the top rope against Andrews with Keanu capitalizing for a pin.  Amazing turnaround for the smaller team.

Andrews Punishes The Unfortunate Pyro.  Image: The Professor

Andrews Punishes The Unfortunate Pyro. Image: The Professor

Confident Keanu.  Image: The Professor

Confident Keanu. Image: The Professor

Match 5. Commonwealth Championship Match: Frank The Crank (with Kevin Castro) v. “Scatman” Kevin Stryder (C).  W – Frank The Crank (DQ).

(Camera malfunction, sorry no pictures)

Castro’s goon was introduced as Frank The Crank.  He must have had 6 inches and 50 pounds on Stryder.  The Commonwealth Champion brought a lot of technical skill to bear but he was never really able to knock Frank off his game. He did manage to get out of a Choke Hold that looked inescapable.

Chris Cruise got his revenge by interfering and spoiling the match.  He may well have saved Stryder’s belt in the process.

Match 6. “Kid Reflex” Eric Dylan v. “The Clinic” Christopher James.  Draw – Double Count Out

More revenge and hijinks involving the oily Mr. Castro.  Castro did everything he could to give his man the advantage over his former client including choking Dylan and blatantly removing the Referee’s shoe.  The match ended with an inconclusive double count out.  Castro is accumulating enemies perhaps faster than allies in New Bedford. It’s going to catch him, maybe sooner than he thinks.

Match 7. The Heavy Hitters (Champion & Cash with Kevin Castro) v. The Convicts v. “Sweet” Scott Ashworth & Little Daddy Bravo.  W – The Heavy Hitters

A chorus of fans decided to do a disrespectful chant in which they added an “S” to “Hitters”.  Mr. Ashworth took the mic and repeated the mispronunciation of Champion & Cash’s appellation.  One of the Convicts sustained what appeared to be a bleeding broken nose.  Hopefully the Rikers infirmary can re-set the damaged proboscis.

Sweet got sloppy with his finishing pin on a Convict and didn’t notice Champion placing his leg on the bottom rope.  An alert Cash swept in for the pin while Ashworth and Bravo prematurely celebrated.  A high point for Castro this evening.

Match 8. WCW Heavyweight Championship.  “Sensational” Scott Levesque(C) (with Kevin Castro) v. Robbie The Giant Araujo.  W – Levesque

The Wrestling God was rightly introduced as Champion with acknowledgement of his recent SPW title run and his recent capture of the prestigious NECW Television Championship.  He looked better than ever with attitude to match. Why he needs Castro is a mystery.

Robbie did his best and it would have been enough to beat most men but this is 2015 and his opponent was Scott Levesque in his absolute prime.  Not tonight Robbie. The Giant has held several titles and will have many more before he hangs up his boots but having to face Levesque was just a bit too much.

Keanu committed a cheap post-match attack on The Champion which will no doubt be severely punished in good time.

Next Show:
Friday May 15, 2015 7:30 p.m.
VFW Post 2892 109 Middle St. Fairhaven, MA USA