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May 2, 2015
Showcase Pro Wrestling Training Center & Arena
Woonsocket, RI USA

Ring Announcer: Sgt. Muldoon
Referees: Chris Mack, Rob Sandow
Promoter: Chris Blackheart
Commissioner: Mr. Frank Rocha
Timekeeper: Kyle Rocha

Ring Announcer and WWF Veteran Sgt. Muldoon.  Image: The Professor

Ring Announcer and WWF Veteran Sgt. Muldoon. Image: The Professor

Match 1. Buck Nasty vs. “The Dominator”.  W – Nasty

The Dominator is a Rookie who was given a hard-earned debut match at the storied SPW Arena.  Unfortunately for him, it was with one of the cruelest practitioners in the region, Buck Nasty.  The youth gave a respectable performance but the outcome was pre-ordained.  Nasty toyed with the kid like a one-eyed Tomcat with a little mouse. When he got tired of it he finished The Dominator with his signature combination of a Neck Breaker with a big forearm followed by the deadly Second Rope Splash.

Match 2. Chris Matrix v. S.O.G. Ronnie Ribs.  W – Ribs (Count Out)

The Fellowship thought that they could ride into SPW and take The Refflers’ belts. Several big name teams have been disabused of that naive notion by Ledeur and Matrix.  Having failed to dethrone The Refflers as a Tag Team, Doctor Ozone found a way to get singles contracts for his men.  Ribs is at this point one of New England’s best but he could only sneak out a cheap “win” by cheating and getting a lame count out with the help of G.A. West.  In The Professor’s opinion this was a stolen match.

Match 3. Dr. William Rogers v. Bryan X. W – Bryan X

“The Truth Seeker” Bryan X has some sort of beef with Dr. William Rogers, sometime parter of Dr. Roger Williams.  X has probably 50 pounds on the medical man and used it, along with skill, to dominate.  Bryan X has something to prove.  We expect to see him in title contention probably later in the year. There’s something volatile and threatening about him that we can’t quite put our finger on yet but it’s there.  Like we’ve seen him somewhere before.

Match 4.  Five Star Scott Ledeur vs. “Simply God’s Best” G.A. West. W – West (Count Out)

The Fellowship followed the same cowardly strategy in this contest as it did in the Matrix v. Ribs match.  West pulled out a technical victory by having Ribs slither in and grab Ledeur’s legs as he tried to regain the ring.  Disappointing given that West has the ability to win straight against anyone on the East Coast.

Prediction: The Refflers are going to punish The Fellowship severely for this evening’s hijinks.  There’s little doubt that the trash talk overheard in the parking lot before the show will get back to Mr. Ledeur who has a mean streak that The Fellowship has yet to see.  The Refflers may be nice guys now but they came up as Heels and they still possess the killer instinct.  Disrespect Ledeur and you’re going to get hurt. Plain and simple.  Ask The Knuckle Busters if you can find the rehab home where they are laying low.

Sgt. Muldoon Lockdown Segment: The Cartel

Rich Bass and his goons were given an opportunity to express their views by a fair-minded Sgt. Muldoon and the results were disastrous.  This time Bass went way too far and earned himself at least a 30-day suspension.  He’s lucky that he’s not in a jail cell this morning for aggravated assault.  No one can say what will ultimately come from this incident but it’s not implausible that Bass and The Cartel may pay a career-ending price for their decisions this evening.

Match 6. Todd Harris (with Micky O’Shea) v. Joe The Trash Man.  W – Harris

Todd Harris is a spoiled rich kid who claims that his father is a financial backer of SPW. This supposedly entitles the brat to have his rear end smooched by all in the building. He’s disrupted shows in the past by fighting fans who allegedly stole his reserved seating.  Somehow Mr. Blackheart has tolerated this punk as a student and gave him a debut match.  Harris claimed it was Daddy’s present on his birthday.

Young Harris’ opponent was the man who single-handedly kept the Freetown Lakeville Middle School Gym litter free: Joe The Trash Man, from NYC.

The video shows yet another sickening example of the corruption of America by out-of-control financial elites.  The Professor hopes that Harris finds himself in the ring with a more financially stable opponent and gets a taste of what wrestling is really about.

Match 7. Candido & Rich (with Danny Cama) v. D.J. A.C. and “The Clinic” Christopher James.  W – D.J. A.C & James (DQ)

The Superstar now appears with a crew when he appears publicly.  This is wise given the unfairness with which he’s been treated by promoters, workers, and fans.  Richie Rich and Danny Cama accompanied the Champion to the ring.

D.J. A.C. is trying to find a way to beat the wily Candido.  Tonight he found a partner in the wayward Chris James.  A.C. is on his way but finds himself up against arguably the greatest SPW Champion of all time.  It’s a quandary that will take some time to work out.

Next Show:
Saturday, May 30, 2015
Bell Time: 7:07 PM
Taunton VFW
82 Ingell St. Taunton, MA.
Tickets: $12