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Brandon Thurston was one of the finalists in last week’s Iron 8 tournament. He was more than impressive.  The Professor hopes that this superstar from Buffalo, NY makes more appearances in New England.  He could take titles here if he chooses to do so.

Mr. Thurston weighs in at 178 lbs. and is 5′ 7.  Height does not appear to be an issue (ask Genesis). Thurston is a mainstay at Empire State Wrestling (ESW) in Buffalo. He’s appeared at Beyond Wrestling, Pro Wrestling Rampage, Magnificent Champions Wrestling, Maximum Force Wrestling, and of course NECW.

Brandon Thurston is the leader of a faction called “The Patron Saints of Pro Wrestling”.

As the sport continues to rebuild we hope to see more stars from beyond New England competing in this area.  Thurston, Jay Freddie, Kimber Lee, Damien Wayne, Dirty Money, Sumie Sakai, The Fellowship, Jeremy Prophet, Colt Cabana, Chris Escobar, Bobby Venom, Nick Sheppard, and Jasmin Areebi have all made an impact here.

Brandon Thurston is a threat.  There’s only the NY State Thruway between him and New England Gold.