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July 10, 2015
Woonsocket Appreciation Night
Showcase Pro Wrestling Training Center & Arena
Woonsocket, RI USA

Ring Announcers: Sgt. Muldoon (what is the name of the new guy who is seconding Muldoon?  He’s good)
Referees: Chris Mack, Rob Sandow, Erik Newton
Promoter: Chris Blackheart
Commissioner: Mr. Frank Rocha
Timekeeper: Kyle Rocha

Tonight was Woonsocket Appreciation Night.  The Mayor of Woonsocket appeared before the show with a declaration that today was SPW day in Woonsocket.  Quite an honor and some well-deserved recognition for an important local enterprise.

It was announced that tonight is Chris Mack’s last night with SPW.  He’s relocating to North Carolina.  We wish Chris the best going forward.  He’ll be missed as one of the best referees in the Northeast.

Showcase Pro Wrestling Day in Woonsocket.  Image: The Professor

Showcase Pro Wrestling Day in Woonsocket. Image: The Professor

Match 1. G.A. West v. Nicholas Night.  W – Night

S.O.G. Ronnie Ribs is serving a suspension but that doesn’t mean that The Fellowship is taking time off from SPW.  G.A. West is showing what he can do on his own and tonight it was against a former SPW Champion.  Mr. Night has obviously been working on conditioning.  He gave West a real contest.  Skill and drive to get back on top trumped arrogance tonight.

Night actually pinned West with a Sunset Flip.  Apparently G.A. forgot that smacking the opponent’s ears is the way to get out of that hold 99.99% of the time.  Dr. Ozone threatened The Professor with physical harm for no other reason than his making a few comments ringside.  Talk about sensitive.

Lockdown Segment: Superstar Shawn Candido (with Richie Rich)

The Superstar generously educated the fans on the position Woonsocket holds in the world as well as the state of SPW and his own greatness as the champion. Mr. Candido announced that he would remove the threat of a new #1 contender by entering the Woonsocket rumble personally. Such grace, such dignity, such courage. Candido is the man.

Match 2. The Refflers v. The Middlesex Express.  W – The Middlesex Express

The Middlesex Express hail from Lowell, MA, one of New England’s wrestling centers and home of The Knuckle Busters (who the Refflers drove out of SPW after one match).  The Professor and the crowd underestimated this team, figuring them as grease ball punks with a seriously outdated look.  They started slowly but managed to build momentum.  They actually gave The Refflers some trouble and somehow ended up with a victory.  1/2 earned, 1/2 luck.

Match 3. D.J. A.C. & Benny Blanco v. The Albanian Assassins. W – A.C. & Blanco

The Albanian Assassins appear to be the successors to The Convicts as a mysterious masked tag team.  Like The Middlesex Express before them, they seemed unlikely to do much and ended up providing some decent competition to the two superior wrestlers.  Blanco is still in recovery from a stinger and an ACL injury, and left most of the heavy lifting to A.C.  He pulled his weight by intervening at critical moments to give pain to the Albanians.  In the end, Mr. Blanco intervened and dragged a dazed A.C. to pin one of the Albanians.

Match 4.  Buck Nasty vs. Big Wolf Derek Andrews. W – Nasty

Nasty continues to brag about his undefeated streak and complain about no title shots. It is true that he has beaten multiple rookies, students, and itinerant wrestlers in SPW. Tonight he faced some literal big competition in the seven foot Black Wolf. Mr. Nasty did well considering his usual domination comes from a size differential.  The Wolf is easily 1/3 again as big as Buck Nasty.  Nasty adjusted by using sleazy eye gouges and other assorted low end (but effective) tactics.  The match could have gone either way until The Cartel entered the room. Nasty smartly knocked the giant off his feet when Andrews was distracted by the greasy Rich Bass.

Is The Cartel still looking at Nasty for membership?  It may be.

The Cartel Confront Sgt. Muldoon

Bass knew he could no longer dodge a match with Sgt. Muldoon so he wisely came out to use head games prior to the inevitable.  The Cartel, followed by SPW management, and much of the locker room, got involved in what devolved into Bedlam.

Match 5. Rich Bass (with Mad Dog Matt Storm & Reverend Redemption) v. Sgt. Muldoon.  W – Bass

Despite the inevitable intervention of The Cartel, Bass managed to wrestle his way to a victory.  The greasy worm can actually wrestle.  This isn’t over.

Match 6. Superstar Shawn Candido (with Richie Rich) v. Cargill Vinton.  W – Candido

Facing one of the greatest SPW champions of all time might have been the toughest contest Candido has had in his championship run.  Candido is such a hard charging, fearless, and active defender of his title, that Vinton may not have been quite ready for Candido.  There was an accusation that Mr. Rich used brass knuckles on Mr. Vinton to get Candido out of a match ending Boston Crab. The Professor was standing right next to Rich and saw no evidence to support this.  Just a fair punch in the face.

Match 7. Woonsocket Rumble.  W. – Chris Matrix

This was one of the better rumble/battle royal events we’ve seen this year. Chris Matrix wins.  His finishing move was a thing of beauty.  (Watch the video to see).  The sportsmanship of Scott Ledeur shows that The Refflers are not only intact, their heads are on straight for a title comeback.  One can’t say the same about the mental stability of Mr. Ribs, at least pre-suspension.

Next Show:
Friday July 24th, 2015
7:47 p.m.
Elks Hall
1077 Pond St.
Franklin, MA
Tickets: $12