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July 24, 2015
Franklin Elks
Franklin, MA USA
Benefit for Veterans For Oil

Ring Announcers: Sgt. Muldoon, Derek Moore
Referees: Rob Sandow, Brian Partington, Chis Mack
Promoter: Chris Blackheart
Commissioner: Mr. Frank Rocha
Timekeeper: Kyle Rocha

Joe The Trash Man Keeps The Elks Lodge Clean.  Image: The Professor

Joe The Trash Man Keeps The Elks Lodge Clean. Image: The Professor

Match 1. “Simply God’s Best” G.A. West (with Doctor Ozone) v. “The First” Nicholas Night.  W – West

This is the second match between the former and future SPW Heavyweight Champions and this time Mr. West came out on top.  Night made the mistake of knocking out Referee Sandow which led to a series of events in which West wisely used his manager to tip the balance leading to his very fair pin of the first champion. Mr. Night objected to the tactics but The Professor found everything in order.

Match 2.  Bryan X v. D.J. A.C. v. Alex Borden. W – D.J. A.C.

Bryan X started things with some weird incoherent statement about “Closure”. He’s working on his gimmick which The Professor finds original and intriguing. Young Borden appears to be a student or at least a rookie.  He came out with style, flopping down and appearing to go to sleep during the introductions.  Let’s hope he buys some proper ring gear in the near future.  A.C. entered last and conducted himself with grace, keeping with his record of rookie good behavior and discipline.

X and Borden tried to team up against the former champion but they could never really gel as a faction.  Both displayed some good moves, particularly abdomen shots to A.C. and some original aerial stuff from Borden, but in the end discipline prevailed.

Sgt. Muldoon Lockdown Segment: Sammy DeLeon

Mr. DeLeon is an international SPW student from The Dominican Republic.  He surprised the lawman with an unexpected attitude.  Matt Storm curiously objected to the Sarge having broken Pee Wee Bass’ nose.  If this even happened (Bass has a history of faking injuries) it was during the course of a fair fight.  It might even improve the weasel’s looks.

Match 3. Buck Nasty (with Buckshot Rob Roberts & Papa Nasty) vs. Joe The Trash Man.  W – Nasty

Mr. Nasty, hygiene challenges and lack of class aside, has been undefeated for over a year.  As much as the Professor dislikes nasal discharge fired at him by a wrestler, he has to admit that Nasty is being mistreated by the office.  He deserves a title shot. Like Candido before him he’s being paired with lesser opponents, in this case newcomer Joe The Trash Man.  Joe acquitted himself honorably and was able to mount some offense, but he was not quite ready for the likes of veteran Buck Nasty.  Roberts and the malodorous Papa Nasty didn’t make things easier for the sanitation expert either.

Match 4: Richie Rich (with dad Ricky “The Wrecker” Sexton) vs. “Nature Boy” Gary Gold.  W – Rich

Rich is another superstar not being given the proper respect by fans or the office. (It may have something to do with his working as a goon for Candido). Mr. Rich introduced his father, legend Ricky Sexton, as the only person who has ever supported him in 20 years of wrestling (what about Danny Cama and The Superstar?)

Both men have held championships in the red-hot wrestling territory of Florida and were well matched.  Mr. Gold might have finished things with his famous Figure Four Leg Lock had he not drifted too close to Mr. Sexton at ringside.  Rich finishes things with an elbow for the pin.

Note: Nice biting from Gary Gold.  The Professor loves biting as a tactic.

Match 5: Todd Harris (with Micky O’Shea) vs. Buckshot Rob Roberts.  W – Harris

Deliverance Mayor Roberts, back from an ACL injury, took the mic and announced his displeasure at the disrespect he has received of late from the office, fans, and his partners.  He was in a militant mood and it showed in the match.

Rich Kid Harris once again attempted to bribe an opponent of more modest means to lie down.  This time it backfired horribly on the scion.  Even Mr. O’Shea couldn’t save the youth from a beating.  In the end Harris actually managed to win a match with wrestling, perhaps a first in his career.

Match 6: Heavyweight Championship: Superstar Shawn Candido (C) (with Richie Rich) vs. Cargill Vinton.  W – Vinton (DQ)

Referee Sandow banished second Rich from ringside prior to the start of the contest. He said something about him interfering in matches.  Not sure what he meant by that. This was Vinton’s second recent attempt to win back his belt after his exile and once again he came up short.  Not because of anything he did or didn’t do in the ring. Candido, wily ring general that he is, used his assets wisely and saved his belt. Vinton needs a reliable second with him next time to neutralize the Rich factor.

Match 7: Sgt. Muldoon & Chris Matrix vs. Mad Dog Matt Storm & Sammy DeLeon.  W – Muldoon & Matrix

Sometimes loud mouths get their comeuppance.  Choosing Matrix as a partner was a smart move.  Let’s hope that Bass is at least covering the cost of DeLeon’s wrestling school tuition.  He’s going to need some more lessons from the man who beat him senseless tonight.

Next Show:

Saturday, August 1, 2015
Bell Time 7:07 p.m.
Moose Lodge
241 Thatcher St. Attleboro, MA
Tickets $12