The Professor’s first pass at the headline for this post was “Two of The Best Women Wrestlers on The Independent Circuit”.  That would have made sense a couple of years ago but things have changed radically for females in wrestling. This change has been made by the female wrestlers themselves. Thanks to workers and enlightened independent promoters, the bona fides of womens divisions have been proven beyond doubt. Next came the growth of inter-gender matches, which started as a novelty and has become a standard part of the scene.  Stage three, where we are now whether people realize it or not, is full integration with female wrestlers being considered complete wrestlers.  

This is not some political diktat or fad.  It’s based on earned status that comes from taking risks and wrestlers working their butts off.

Lovelace and Lee exemplify the change. They are far from the only ones.  The winners in this are all wrestlers regardless of gender, who master their craft. The fans are also beneficiaries, given that the level of skill and spectacle has risen markedly by this evolution.

If it weren’t for the laboratories of the indys women would still be restricted to novelty act, valet, or “Diva”.  Its nice to see something of value that is earned and respected.