Some thoughts from the always charming Superstar Shawn Candido.

Showcase Pro Wrestling


So Rich Bass pulls off a win over Muldoon and everybody accuses him of cheating. Is it that hard to believe that Muldoon could lose a match? I’m sure he’s lost more than he ever won. All you people jumped on meter maid Muldoon’s bandwagon and thought he was the greatest wrestler in the world when he cheated to beat Redemption. Take away the night stick and you’re not so tough are you Sarge? Maybe Bass should put you in a steel cage and you can have a prison yard match, but oh no you can’t do that because Bass would prove he’s a better wrestler.

The fact is your career was over a long time ago and you just can’t let go. You have this crazy notion that you have one good match left in you. Give it up Muldoon nobody wants to see their grandfather carted out on…

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