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December 11, 2015
Showcase Pro Wrestling Training Center & Arena
Woonsocket, RI USA

Ring Announcer: Sgt. Muldoon
Referees: Malik Logan, Zack Belair, Dave Warren
Promoter: Chris Blackheart
Commissioner: Mr. Frank Rocha
Timekeeper: Kyle Rocha

Friday night in a small post industrial city in an obscure corner of a tiny state.  A wrestling school puts on a killer show for only 8 dollars which includes not only the premiere wrestler in New England but some of the top talent from the Northeast. Drama, pathos, and one of the most surprising betrayals of 2015. You need to get to Woonsocket if you love independent wrestling.

Match 1. Five Star Scott Ledeur v. Zack Ramos.  W – Ledeur

Ramos was little more than a warm up for The Reffler. Ledeur takes advantage of an ill-advised dive off the top rope to finish the man from Stone Mountain with a hard slam.

Match 2. Tim Lennox v. Dan Terry.  W – Terry

Two multiple champions put on a wrestling clinic for the Woonsocket crowd.  The Living Hercules manages to best Slam Dance Tim Lennox but it could have gone either way. It was a treat to see these stars pitted against each other.  Terry is ready for national exposure and should be looked at by ROH. Lennox just keeps getting better all the time. His progress in the past two years has been impressive.

Match 3. Daniel Evans v. Tyler Nitro. W – Evans

The much larger Evans had trouble with rookie Nitro.  It took him a while but he ended up brutalizing the youngster who had to be carried out of the ring.  The crowd did not like Evans and the feeling was mutual.  Some loudmouth in the audience called Nitro “Pinkie”, likely due to the hue of his tights.  Evans picked up on this and used the moniker in a derogatory manner. This is how nicknames start.

Lockdown Segment: Hailey Hawkins Interview

Ms. Hawkins is still a trainee at the SPW school. Given her novelty in a promotion without a women’s division, and her, shall we say, “ring presence”, Hawkins stands out and is getting a big push from the office. A bizarre confrontation with a magic fairy made for a strange interview.

Match 4.  Tag Team Championship Match: The Fellowship vs. Men at Work. W – The Fellowship

The Fellowship are truly blessed. They are a nationally ranked team with one of the most brilliant managers in professional wrestling.  Both Soldier of God Ronnie Ribs and Simply God’s Best G.A. West are gifted athletes and practitioners. They have a fascinating and original gimmick as spiritual heels who trace their lineage through Walter “Killer” Kowalski all the way back to Frank Gotch 100 years ago. These men of God generously gave the blue-collar heroes a title shot. They wisely disposed of Joe The Trash Man before the match to ensure the belts remained with them.  Rob The Trash Man has balls of steel. He took these giants on alone.

Frank Gotch. Image: Wrestling Classics

Match 5. Reverend Redemption v. Alex Borden.  W – Redemption

Borden is paying his dues in Showcase.  Tonight’s debacle should give him credit for 10 matches.  Few could dent Redemption and young Borden was not one who could. The youngster can hold his head up assuming that he’s able to do so physically after a match with the sadistic hall of famer.

Match 6. Devin Baker v. Jack Krueger.  W – Krueger

Krueger has evolved from psychotic weirdo to flying his freak flag proud.  After a slow start he showed everyone his technical prowess.  Young Baker has left the barefoot thing behind and is now presenting as an obnoxious young punk.  It fits him.

Match 7. Benny Blanco vs. Scott Levesque.  W. – Blanco (DQ)

Blanco looks great considering his recent serious injuries. Unfortunately for him he faced The Premiere Wrestler in New England, Sensational Scott Levesque. The Wrestling God applied cruel punishment to Mr. Blanco, with a bit of Redemption as a bonus.  Bringing Levesque to The Cartel was a brilliant move on Rich Bass’ part.

Match 8.  The Kool People (Borough Boys) vs. Buck Nasty & Todd Harris (with Micky O’Shea). W – Kool People

Young Harris and his hulking bodyguard stuck their spoiled noses into Cartel business and almost got hurt for it.  Harris enlisted Buck Nasty as his partner against D.J. A.C. and Sammy DeLeon.  It might have succeeded if the rich kid had not disrespected The Man from Deliverance.

Match 9.  Heavyweight Championship Match.  Superstar Shawn Candido (Champion with Richie Rich) vs. Chris Matrix (with Five Star Scott Ledeur). W – Candido

Although SPW is a small promotion, its Heavyweight Title is a much sought after prestigious honor.  Despite all the luminaries trying to get it, the master Candido has held on almost a full year.  It still seems likely that Matrix is destined for this belt.

Not tonight due to the most surprising betrayal of 2015. It would appear that The Refflers are no more. The reasons are unclear. We’ll have to wait until 2016 to get answers to this shocker.

Next Shows:

Saturday, December 12, 2015
SPW Open House 3:00 p.m.
Free Admission
SPW Arena
126 Main St. Woonsocket, RI

Saturday January 2, 2016
VFW Hall
82 Ingalls Street
Taunton, MA
7:07 p.m.

Friday January 8, 2016
SPW Arena
126 Main St. Woonsocket, RI
7:07 p.m.