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March 11, 2016
Showcase Pro Wrestling Training Center & Arena
Woonsocket, RI USA

Ring Announcers: Ryan McDowell, Jake Diamond
Referees: Malik Logan, Zack Belair, Brian Partington, Mr. Smith
Promoter: Chris Blackheart
Commissioner: Mr. Frank Rocha

8 quality matches for $8. This evening was a great setup for the Marchiversary X show in 2 weeks.  Do yourself a favor and be in Taunton on March 26th.

(Videos will be available Monday 14 March. after 10:00 p.m. EST on our YouTube Channel)

Match 1. Soldier of God Ronnie Ribs v. “The Clinic” Chris James.  W – Ribs (Submission).

Ribs entered alone bearing the tag team championship belts, his sacred copy of “Hooker”, and The Fellowship’s plaque from Indy Ratings proclaiming them #20 team in the world. Ribs sermonized before meting out a severe punishment to veteran Chris James. James taps to full nelson. Ribs warned The Kool People what is in store for the at Marchiversary X.

Ribs 1 ribs 2

Match 2. Jon Thornhill v. “Dangerous” Daniel Evans.  W – Evans

Veteran Thornhill was at a significant size disadvantage. His moves were largely ineffective against the brutality and strength of the man from Hell’s Kitchen. After a series of frustrations Thornhill tries a kick in the face which Evans deflected followed by a punch in the mush and a pin. Despite fan characterization as a Ham and Egger, Evans is actually quite dangerous.

Thornhill 1 Thornhill 2

Match 3. Johnny Campbell & Alex Borden v. Men at Work (Rob The Trash Man and Joe The Trash Man) – W. Men at Work

This is what happens when an established team meets an impromptu team made up of newer wrestlers. Lots of beatings but a foregone conclusion. Custodian Rob moves sideways at the last second as Borden’s flying kick knocks Campbell off the apron and out of the match.  MAW perform their signature double team “Taking out The Trash” on Borden. Rob pins Borden for a clean victory.

Trash Man 1 Trash Man 2

Match 4.  The Front Office (Sgt. Muldoon & Chris Blackheart) v. The Cartel (Rev. Redemption & Mad Dog Matt Storm). W – Inconclusive 

Muldoon and Blackheart announced their new team(themselves, Night, Vinton, Hawkins) formed for the purpose of the final elimination of Rich Bass’ High Class Cartel. Storm & Redemption entered in street clothes and instigated a match on the spot which spiraled out of control quickly.  Not only did the locker room empty, but 4 referees were knocked out on the floor. Referee Smith gets a Redemption backwards splash again and is presumably hospitalized. The final conflict will take place at Marchiversary X.

Front office 1

Front Office Refs

Match 5.  Scott Ledeur v. Benny Blanco (with Kool People).  W – Blanco

Ledeur still hallucinates that each opponent is Chris Matrix.  This is getting in the way of his estimable talents.  Blanco’s win was because of the mental edge he had just by being relatively sane.


Match 6. Superstar Shawn Candido & Richie Rich v. Buck Nasty & Chris Matrix.  W – Nasty & Matrix

Matrix’ partner was supposed to be Tyler Nitro who was a no show.  Candido and Rich were happy to battle the former champion 2 on 1.  Nasty entered the room and volunteered to team with Matrix which was accepted.  Pretty good match for an impromptu team who don’t care for each other.  Nasty pins Candido for the win.  He disrespected the belt after the bell while taunting the champion.  Not cool.

Superstar 1 Superstar 2 Superstar 3

Match 7. Cargill Vinton v. Todd Harris (with Micky O’Shea).  W – Vinton

Harris is getting bigger, stronger, and better each month.  Amazingly he gave the champion a tough time (with help from goon O’Shea).  Vinton rallies and finishes things with a German Suplex and pin.

vinton 1 Vinton 2 Vinton 3

Match 8.  The Middlesex Express (Steven Lust & Steven Broad) v. Kool People (Sammy Deleon & DJ AC). W – Middlesex Express

TME dominated the #1 contenders though it could have gone either way when Ronnie Ribs entered the ring area and started mocking The Cool People. Lust took advantage of Ribs distraction and rolled up DJ AC for the pin. The office should perhaps consider making TME the #1 contenders for Marchiversary X given their stellar performance this evening.

Kool 1 Kool 2

Next Show:

Marchiversary X
Saturday, March 26, 2016
Bell Time: 7:07pm
Doors: 6:30pm
Tickets: $12 @ the door
VFW – 82 Ingell St. Taunton, MA