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April 2, 2016
Showcase Pro Wrestling Training Center & Arena
Woonsocket, RI USA

Ring Announcer: Ryan McDowell, (didn’t get the new man’s name)
Referees: Rob Tuttle, Zack Belair, Rob Sandow (Senior Official)
Promoter: Chris Blackheart
Commissioner: Mr. Frank Rocha


Another night of intense heat in Woonsocket despite other companies running shows in the area. Paul Richard, NECW GM, was in attendance along with a group of NECW stars appearing on the card, many of whom have worked for both companies. Woonsocket fans got to see superstar Todo Loco for the first time as well as the enigmatic “Mystery” who we hope will return to SPW.

Woonsocket is now clearly one of the wrestling hubs of New England.

(Videos will be available Tuesday 5 April. after 10:00 p.m. EST on our YouTube Channel)

Match 1. Cargill Vinton vs. Tim Lennox.  W – Vinton

Both men are champions in their own right and gave each other a competitive match. Vinton is a legend but Lennox is a rising star who was here to win. Cargill managed a pin to his credit and no shame on Lennox.

vinton 1

Lennox & Vinton. Image: The Professor

Vinton 2

Even Contest. Image: The Professor

Match 2. The Cartel (Mad Dog Matt Storm & Rev. Redemption v. Alex Borden & Carlos Esteban.  W – The Cartel

Rich Bass took the night off since expected competition was negligible. Borden and the debuting Esteban showed courage in facing certain death. After humiliating the youngsters until they got bored, Storm and Redemption military pressed Esteban and put him out. Borden attempts to take on both behemoths and ends up out cold. Storm places Borden on top of the unconscious Peruvian and Redemption back splashes both victims.  There once was a man from Peru…who may never wrestle again..

Storm 1

Impossible Odds. Image: The Professor

Storm 2

They Didn’t Break a Sweat. Image: The Professor

Match 3. Triple Threat Tag Team Match: TNT (Jon Thornhill & Dan Terry) v. The Heavy Hitters (Frank Champion & Shady Shay Cash) v. Johnny Campbell & Kuma The Destroyer – W. TNT

Campbell and Kuma surprised us by being much more competitive than expected. It’s hard to survive any kind of match involving The Heavy Hitters.  Add veterans Terry and Thornhill to the mix and its near impossible.  Everyone seemed to focus on the smallest man in the contest as Thornhill took the worst beating of any of the six men. The Fittest Man in The world impressed with an exhibition of mat wrestling. Campbell should pay Terry for the lesson in technical wrestling. Despite a strong performance by the HH, Thornhill rolls up Cash for the pin.

Heavy Hitters. Image: The Professor

Heavy Hitters. Image: The Professor

Thornhill 2

A Hard Lesson. Image: The Professor

Thornhill 3

Thornhill Rolls up Cash. Image: The Professor

Matches 4,5,6. Sensational Scott Levesque Open Challenge: Levesque v. Brian Partington – W. Levesque.  Levesque v. Todd Harris (with Micky O’Shea) – W. Levesque.  Levesque v. Todo Loco.  W – Todo Loco (count out)

The Premiere Wrestler in New England entered the ring area with colleague Rev. Redemption and offered an open challenge to anyone in the locker room foolish enough to take him on. Victim #1: Bite Sized Brian Partington. Pinned in 60 seconds. Victim #2 Todd Harris. Missed drop kick, put into Boston Crab and tapped out immediately. Lasted roughly 75 seconds. Opponent #3 Todo Loco. Mr. Levesque was visibly and audibly upset to see rival Todo Loco, the man who stripped him of his NECW Television Championship back in September, debut in SPW.  Most of the fans did not know Todo Loco, but they do now.  Todo Loco gave Scott fits with his aerial tactics and multiple high kicks. The former champion got fed up with the situation, grabbed his leather jacket, and exited, taking a count out.

Levesque 1

The Man. Image: The Professor

Levesque 2

Human Sacrifice #1 – Brian Partington. Image: The Professor

Human Sacrifice #2 - Todd Harris. Image: The Professor

Human Sacrifice #2 – Todd Harris. Image: The Professor

Levesque 4

The Legendary Todo Loco. Image: The Professor

Levesque 5

Old Rivals Clash in Woonsocket. Image: The Professor

Match 7. Nicholas Night v. Beau Douglas.  W – Night

The Living Legend returns to ring action after serious spinal surgery to face SPW institution Nick Night. Night fought the size differential with aerial tactics.  The match was pretty even when Night somehow managed to get a pin on the legend. Mr. Douglas accused Night of hitting him in the crotch. An angry Mr. Douglas pushed Referee Tuttle, due to his ignoring the flagrant rules violation.

Douglas 1

Return of The Living Legend. Image: The Professor

Douglas 2

Douglas Protests. Image: The Professor

Match 8. Heavyweight Championship: Chris Matrix v. Superstar Shawn Candido (C) with Richie Rich & Nikki Valentine.  W – Candido

Superstar Shawn Candido, the most brilliant champion in the Northeast, introduced his latest weapon: Former LPW Women’s Champion and current World Women’s Wrestling (NECW) Champion Nikki Valentine. Ms. Valentine joins second Rich to form a complete wrestling team with The Superstar.

Valentine, Rich, and Superstar. Image: The Professor

Valentine, Rich, and The Superstar. Image: The Professor

Belair, Matrix, Candido. Image: The Professor

Belair, Matrix, Candido. Image: The Professor

The former Reffler gave Candido a clean match and several times had an opportunity to take the belt that will inevitably be his. Matrix had Candido pinned after a Shooting Star Moonsault.  He tried to get the referee’s attention when Ms. Valentine to enter the ring and hit him in the crotch. Candido stomped the head of the stunned former champion and pinned him clean.

Chris Matrix. Image: The Professor

Chris Matrix. Image: The Professor

She's Worth Her Weight in Gold. Image: The Professor

She’s Worth Her Weight in Gold. Image: The Professor

Match 9.  Benny Blanco vs. Misery. W – Blanco

Misery is a very tall, lanky, disturbing individual.  He gave Blanco serious trouble throughout the match.  Misery missed a spot and took a dive over the turnbuckle, landing on the concrete. We thought he was dead but he survived and got back to business like nothing happened. The worst part of Blanco’s night was being put in a surfboard which he only escaped by chance. Blanco got lucky and landed with his arm on top of Misery while both men were temporarily out cold. It looks like Misery will make Benny miserable while he tries to get to Candido.

Misery. Image: The Professor

Misery. Image: The Professor

Deadly Surfboard. Image: The Professor

Deadly Surfboard. Image: The Professor

Match 10.  Alabama Strap Match: Buck Nasty v. Richie Rich (with Superstar Shawn Candido & Nikki Valentine). Double DQ

The bitter man from Deliverance blames Rich (he always blames someone) for his failure to unhorse Mr. Candido. Rich somehow found himself in a repeat of last week’s Alabama strap match. Rich does not have the physics knowledge of his employer and had a rough go of it. Luckily for him, teamsmanship is reciprocal and Candido and Valentine helped him avoid the loss by clever intervention. Blanco ran in to help Nasty and ended up being beat down by Nasty and the Candido organization. He was saved by Sammy Deleon wielding a lug wrench.  Weird.

Rich & Nasty. Image: The Professor

Rich & Nasty. Image: The Professor

Gratitude, Buck Nasty Style. Image: The Professor

Gratitude, Buck Nasty Style. Image: The Professor

A six man tag match between Kool People and Candido, Rich, & Nasty was announced for May 13th in Woonsocket.

Next Show:

Saturday, April 16, 2016
Bell Time: 7:07pm
Doors: 6:30pm
Tickets: $12 @ the door
Moose Lodge – 241 Thacher St. Attleboro, MA