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Women’s Wrestling Revolution
Project XX

April 10, 2016
Fete Music
Providence, RI USA

Booker: Drew Cordeiro (Denver Colorado)
Ring Announcer: Rich Palladino
Referees: Tony P., Manny Souza, Kevin Quinn
Timekeeper: Steve “The Turtle” Weiner

This was the first WWR event at Fete and it was a barn burner. The athletes showed the world what great wrestling is all about.  While a celebration of the female wrestler, we almost forgot we were at a “women’s show”, the work being done drew us in for its quality.  People chanted “Women’s Wrestling”.  After a couple of matches that chant changed to “This is Wrestling”.  That says it all.


The Athletes Pose For a Group Shot. Image: The Professor

Denver Colorado & Jordynne Grace on Commentary. Image: The Professor

Denver Colorado & Jordynne Grace on Commentary. Image: The Professor

1. Pre-Show Bonus Match: M.J. Jenkins v. Dominique Fabiano. W. Fabiano

TWP was availing himself of the Championship Melt food truck offerings when this match took place. The Co-Conspirator reports that Ms. Jenkins sang her own entrance music to good humor and that this was a competitive contest.


Jenkins & Fabiano. Image: The Professor

2. Taeler Hendrix v. Barbi Hayden.  W. – Hendrix

Hendrix has improved significantly since her OVW run.  She greeted Barbi Hayden with a smug “Welcome to New England”, a nasty head butt, and a match-finishing tombstone pile driver.  Hayden put up a decent fight but it was Taeler’s night.


Hendrix Surprises Hayden. Image: The Professor


Hayden & Hendrix. Image: The Professor

Hendrix Piledriver. Image: The Professor

Hendrix Piledriver. Image: The Professor

3. Fatal 4 Way: Davienne v. Sonya Strong v. Miranda Vionette v. Willow Nightingale.  W. – Strong

An aggressive match between 4 dangerous competitors. Davienne has come so far in the past few years and she showcased her skills in this match which she could have won.  Strong and Nightingale did a neat double drop kick from the top corners. Miranda tried 3 pins in succession without success when Strong, who spent much of the match outside the ring dazed on the floor, pinned her with a tiger suplex.


Four Way. Image: The Professor


Davienne Dominates. Image: The Professor


Strong Out. Image: The Professor

4. Belmont (with Miss Sammi Lane) v. Solo Darling. W. – Belmont

One of New England’s best faced an unusual creature with a tail. Solo Darling kept Belmont off-balance for most of the match. If it were not for Miss Lane distracting Referee Magoo Quinn, Belmont might not have been able to roll up Ms. Darling for the pin.


20160410_1749025.  Alexxis Nevaeh v. Raquel. W. – Nevaeh

This started as an interview spot with Ashley Mason and Chelsea Green. Brazilian Raquel butted in and it was not long before the opponentless Alexxis came in and asked for a match. Nevaeh is another of New England’s best and she shut Raquel’s mouth, winning definitively with a flatliner. It was great to see our local legend kick an international star around.


20160410_1803236. Kimber Lee v. Lufisto. W – Lee

The match of the night. Kimber Lee in our estimation is one of the greatest wrestlers alive today. We had never seen Lufisto live and were astonished to see such an intense match. Lufisto is a god. As great as Lee is, she was lucky to leave the ring victorious, not to mention alive.  Lee rolled up the Québécois for the pin. The crowd gave both athletes a long-standing ovation, something not often seen in a New England show. They deserved it.

Nobody Does it Better- Lufisto. Image: The Professor

Nobody Does it Better- Lufisto. Image: The Professor


Epic Battle Between The Very Best. Image: The Professor

7. Beyond Wrestling Showcase Match: Eddie Edwards v. “The Octopus” Jonathan Gresham. W. – Gresham

Gresham is billed as the finest technical wrestler in the world. He may well be. Eddie Edwards is in the running for the same title. This was a spirited match of scientific mat wrestling.  Any trainee should view this tape a couple of hundred times to understand the essence of the Greco-Roman techniques that are essential to this sport. Gresham gets the pin.

20160410_192135 20160410_1921588. Jessicka Havok v. Jenny Rose. W. – Havok

Jenny Rose not only had a size difference to deal with, she was having trouble with her ring gear which didn’t help her against the awesome power and skill of Jessicka Havok. Ms. Rose can be proud of the job she did, but Havok was not to be denied. She ended Rose’s hopes with an air raid crash.

20160410_19363320160410_1939489. 2 out of 3 Falls: Veda Scott v. Jordynne Grace. W. – Scott

Grudge match from last month at Aurora. Grace was out for blood but Scott was as well, stating loudly her hatred for her opponent. Scott seemed unfazed by the absence of her goon Galleone. She is much better than we thought, giving Jordynne one hell of a match. Scott got the first fall, Grace the second with a power bomb. Veda showed her savvy by taking a swig of Grace’s energy drink and spitting it into her face, followed by a roll up pin for the third fall.



Outside The Ring – A Fete Tradition. Image: The Professor


Scott & Grace. Image: The Professor

10. Deonna Purrazzo v. Santana Garrett. W. – Purrazzo

We are sure that Deonna Purrazzo was honored to face such a storied opponent as Ms. Garrett. That being said, Purrazzo’s place in the international top-tier is now beyond question.  This match was a perfect example of why women are total athletes and should never again be called Divas or Knockouts. What a testament to this sport by these two stars.  Purrazzo sneaks out of the ropes for the pin.


Purrazzo and Garrett. Image: The Professor


Even Matchup. Image: The Professor

Next WWR Show:
July 30th
Fete Music
Providence, RI

Thanks to Dave Muscarella at PWPonderings.com for his results report. It helped us keep the names and finishing moves straight.