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Showcase Pro Wrestling
April 16, 2016
The Moose
Attleboro, MA USA

Ring Announcers: Sgt. Muldoon, Mr. Diamond
Referees: Zack Belair, Brian Partington
Promoter: Chris Blackheart
Commissioner: Mr. Frank Rocha

Professor’s Note: Levesque and Candido continue to be the bedrock of this company. Keep an eye on Jon Thornhill. He’s a threat to the status quo. Vinton and Night could at any time depose the current regime.

Match videos will be available after 10:00 p.m EST 19 April at our YouTube channel.

Match 1. Chris Matrix v. Richie Rich (with Superstar Shawn Candido). W – Matrix

Ledeur’s interference backfired badly when Matrix shoved Rich into his former partner, knocking him off the apron. Matrix applied the Shooting Star Moonsault to pin Rich before he could regain his balance. Smart victory by Matrix.

matrix 2

Rich & Matrix. Image: The Professor

matrix 1

Ledeur Interferes. Image: The Professor

Lockdown Segment: Sgt. Muldoon & Black Wolf

The Wolf is back and is the substitute opponent for Superstar Shawn Candido. It was announced that Benny Blanco had some kind of travel restrictions keeping him from Attleboro. Travel restrictions from The Bronx? Puerto Rico is part of the U.S.A.  We wonder what’s going on with the #1 contender.

Black Wolf & Muldoon. Image: The Professor

Black Wolf & Muldoon. Image: The Professor

Match 2. Diabolical Scott Ledeur v. “The Clinic” Chris James. W – James

Scott Ledeur’s meds need to be tweaked.  He’s back to thinking that anyone in the ring with him is his hated ex-partner Chris Matrix. He got very confused when the real Matrix appeared at ringside to taunt him. Ledeur blames Matrix for his unique haircut. Who blames anyone but his barber and himself for choosing a tonsure? James takes advantage of the Matrix distraction for a neck breaker and pin.

ledeur 1

Vying For Elusive Fan Approval. Image: The Professor

Match 3. “The Cartel” Mad Dog Matt Storm & Rev. Redemption with Hailey Hawkins v. Nicholas Night & Cargill Vinton.  W – The Cartel

Redemption was beating on Night outside the ring when Cargill had Storm pinned. Referee Belair’s distraction was enough to allow Scott Levesque to enter the scene, ascend to the top turnbuckle, and put a flying knee in Vinton’s back. He put Storm’s hand on the prostrate Vinton’s chest and Belair counted the pin.

cartel 1

The Cartel Rules. Image: The Professor

cartel 2

Female Feud Set in Motion. Image: The Professor

After the match Sgt. Muldoon illuminated fans on the mystery women who interfered in the Cartel’s Marchiversary X match. The persons is actually his niece Alicia. She entered the ring and tried to attack Ms. Hawkins without success. This sets up a rare female feud in SPW.

Match 4.  Scott Levesque (with Hailey Hawkins)Open Challenge: Contest 1: Carlos Esteban. W. – Levesque.  Contest 2: (Duke Last name inaudible). W. – Levesque.  Contest 3: Jon Thornhill. W. – Levesque

This is getting ridiculous. The Premiere athlete in New England fights 3 back-to-back matches and fairly easily defeats his opponents without even really cheating. The Peruvian misses a super kick and submits to a Levesque Boston Crab. Duke falls for the feint as he tries to charge Scott in the corner. Levesque rolls him up with a bit of tights for the pin. Jon Thornhill gave the former champion some serious competition but as fatigued as he must have been, Levesque puts Thornhill away with a DDT and pin.

You're Done Son. Image: The Professor

You’re Done Son. Image: The Professor

Levesque 3

Duke Gets Duked. Image: The Professor

Levesque 4

DDT. Image: The Professor

Match 5. The Fellowship (G.A. West & S.O.G. Ronnie Ribs with Doctor Ozone) v. Gary Gold & Travis Funk.  W – The Fellowship

The Fellowship teased and mocked their opponents’ vintage before being given a rough contest.  Yes they won, as is expected of the #20 team in the world.  The fact that two so-called “geezers” were so difficult to take down we are sure is giving Doctor Ozone food for thought. West takes advantage of the good Doctor’s distraction and rolls up Gary by his tights. Fair win by The Fellowship.

Fellowship 1

Gary Humbles Ribs. Image: The Professor

Fellowship 2

Almost. Image: The Professor

Match 6. Heavyweight Championship Match: Superstar Shawn Candido – Champion (with Richie Rich) v. Black Wolf.  W – Candido (DQ)

The legitimacy of this contest is questionable given that The Champ did not sign to face the seven-foot giant. Nevertheless, he battled against at least 150 pound weight differential and gave it good to Black Wolf. Mr. Rich did what he does best and intervened, securing Mr. Candido’s rightful title.

Candido 1

Black Wolf & The Champ. Image: The Professor

Candido 2

Hard Landing. Image: The Professor

Candido 3

The Champ Inflicts Pain. Image: The Professor

Candido 4

The Best Second In The Business – Richie Rich. Image: The Professor

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