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Beyond Wrestling
Head Over Heels
April 24, 2016
Somerville Armory
Somerville, MA USA

Promoter: Drew Cordeiro (Denver Colorado)
Ring Announcer: Rich Palladino
Referees: Rob Tuttle, others (names inaudible)

Thirteen matches and 5 hours later we emerged from The Somerville Armory exhausted but sated. Once again Denver Colorado gives the fans essentially a double show – much more than they paid for.

Rich Palladino - Announcer Extraordinaire. Image: The Professor

Rich Palladino – Announcer Extraordinaire. Image: The Professor


1. Brian Fury v. Drew Gulak. W. – Fury.

We missed all but the finishing move of this match due to traffic. Garmin screwed us by sending us through Harvard Square. Fury gets out of a sunset flip and forces Gulak to tap to a branding iron. We hate missing Wrestling God Fury in action.

2. Chuck O’Neill & Eric Spicely v. Cam-An Connection (Cam Zagami & Anthony Greene). W. – O’Neill & Spicely

A showcase of MMA vs. Brian Fury proteges. Greene has come so far so fast. Zagami is a good example of the Fury school, which is at this point is less about the Kowalski legacy and more about the skill of Fury as a master.  Spicely outsmarts Zagami and forces him to submit to an arm bar.


Fury’s Wards vs. MMA. Image: The Professor

3. Dave Cole & Anthony Stone v. Da Hoodz (Kris Pyro & Davey Cash). W. – Cole & Stone.


New England Legends – Da Hoodz. Image: The Professor

Pyro, Cash, and Stone are all maniacs. This was a well-fought slugfest that ended with a Dave Cole power bomb of Pyro for the pin. Credit to Cole – few have accomplished this. Look for Da Hoodz to put the bat to Cole when they get a chance.

4. Jon Silver v. Tommaso Ciampa. W. – Silver


Sportsmanship. Image: The Professor

Ciampa announced a new T Shirt based on his treatment of Silver called “Ciampa’s Chop House”.  This was a fairly even match in which the smaller Silver somehow managed to put Ciampa in a torture rack and power bomb for a definitive win.

Main Show

5. CLL Lucha Libra Championship: Shynron (C) v. Chuck Taylor. W. – Shynron.


The Kentucky Gentleman Chuck Taylor. Image: The Professor


Taylor & Shynron. Image: The Professor

Shynron was supposed to face Lio Rush who is injured. Chuck Taylor proved a worthy replacement.  Shynron’s Ariel style didn’t quite work against Taylor and his title was in jeopardy several times throughout the match. Shynron prevailed with a jack-knife pin.

6. Massage NV (Dorian Graves & VSK) vs. Milk Chocolate (Randy Summers & Brandon Watts) w/ Special Guest Referee Johnny Cockstrong.  No contest.

Darius Carter’s unpleasant brigade interrupted what was expected to be a strong tag team contest featuring Johnny Cockstrong with a light up codpiece as guest ref. The match was reformulated on the fly as a 5-against-5 match.

7. Crusade For Change (Darius Carter, TJ Marconi, Anthony Gangone,Tommy Trainwreck & Devin Blaze) v. Massage NV (Dorian Graves & VSK), Milk Chocolate (Randy Summers & Brandon Watts) & Johnny Cockstrong. W. – CFC

When 10 men give it their all at a Beyond Wrestling show its hard to keep track on everything that went on. These guys literally showed an entire professional wrestling repertoire. Cockstrong may have regretted going beyond his contractual obligation as referee. Carter hurt him badly, ending the insanity with the “foreclosure” on JC.


Massage NV & Milk Chocolate. Image: The Professor


The Always Annoying Crusade For Change. Image: The Professor


Gross. Image: The Professor


Erkle’s Revenge. Image: The Professor

8. Matt Riddle v. Sugar Dunkerton. W. – Riddle

Dunkerton entered to a Prince song dressed up like the recently deceased icon. Very classy. Too bad he mouthed off to Mr. Riddle saying “Welcome to wrestling bitch”. Riddle proceeded to welcome Sugar in return in a most violent way.


Mr. Modesty – Matthew Riddle. Image: The Professor


Sugar D’s Homage to Prince. Image: The Professor


Riddle. Image: The Professor


Riddle & Dunkerton. Image: The Professor

Riddle possesses what we call “earned arrogance”.  It’s clear that he’s made the transition from MMA to professional wrestling.  His moves, cadence, and ring discipline prove this.  Riddle has seamlessly integrated MMA with wrestling in a way few others have done thus far. He put the talented Sugar Dunkerton away in 5 minutes with a springboard knee lift.

Rivals Spicely and O’Neil ran in after the pin to mess with Mr. Riddle who deftly KO’d Spicely before casually exiting the hall.  As we said: Earned Arrogance.

9. Team Pazuzu (Jaka & EYFBO (Mike Draztik & Angel Ortiz)) v. The Colony. W. – Team Pazuzu.

We heard that the Chikara stars had not worked as a team for several years. This did not show as they put up a good match against a well-oiled Team Pazuzu.  It’s amazing how well TP works together no matter the combination of the team on any given night. Fire Ant seemed either dazed or injured, spending part of the match outside the ring. Jaka capitalizes, kicking and pinning the rouge insect.


The Colony & EYFBO. Image: The Professor


Fire Ant. Image: The Professor

10. Jonathan Gresham & Jordynne Grace v.  Ryan Galeone & Veda Scott. W. Gresham & Grace.

Ugly, ugly, ugly. Between the personal animosity of the teams, and males pressing the boundaries of sadism on female opponents, this match was horror. Highlights were Ms. Grace getting the giant Galeone up on her shoulders and Gresham’s two shooting star moonsaults, the second of which finished off Galeone. Scott was banged up pretty badly in this match. Perhaps she’ll re-think going after Jordynne Grace in the future.


Jordynne Grace. Image: The Professor


Inter-gender Brutality. Image: The Professor

11. Kimber Lee v. Colt Cabana. W. – Lee.

Fan chants of “This is awkward!” reflected Colt Cabana’s hesitance to chop or otherwise hurt Kimber Lee.  She eventually taunted him into a full on match. The superstar was perplexed and seemed unsure of how to counter the aggressive Ms. Lee. He eventually relented and it was on.  Kimber Lee showed Cabana what inter-gender wrestling is about in 2016, finishing him with an alligator clutch after his failed top rope moonsault.  A classy Cabana took the mic and said “Tonight you were the better wrestler Kimber Lee”.


The Art of Wrestling – Colt Cabana. Image: The Professor


Challenge. Image: The Professor


Cabana & Lee. Image: The Professor

12. Da Hit Squad (Dan Maff & Monsta Mack) v. Death by Elbow (JT Dunn & Chris Hero). W. – Da Hit Squad.

A quality match by two of the world’s greatest active tag teams.  Mack had Dunn pinned with a power bomb.  It appeared that Hero had Maff pinned but Maff may have had a hand on the ropes. Probably both men were not legal. Referee Tuttle called it for Da Hit Squad.  Hero attacked Mr. Tuttle.  Dunn joined in and slapped the referee.  Joey Janela entered the room followed by David Starr. The two of them got into a brawl and ended up somewhere behind the curtains.  When Dunn sneered at the crowd a spontaneous and continued chant of “ASS#@*LE” was directed at the miscreant.


Hero & Maff. Image: The Professor


The Arrogance of JT Dunn. Image: The Professor


Joey Janela. Image: The Professor


King of Taunts David Starr. Image: The Professor

13. Donovan Dijak vs. Chris Dickinson. No Contest.

One of the greatest matches ever that would have decided who is the big man/king of Beyond Wrestling. We got to see Dirty Daddy put Dijak in a Pazuzu Bomb, something unique. Figure fours, Feast your eyes, power bombs, etc. What ruined everything was the interference of weasel JT Dunn assisted by Chris Hero. They stole the match from the fans. This was followed by Gresham, Grace, Lee entering the ring.  All 3 ended up on the ground as Death by Elbow left unscathed. Dijak was out of it on the floor and was protected and assisted by Anthony Stone.  Almost 5 hours on our feet to be robbed of resolution. Jeez.


Donovan Dijak. Image: The Professor


Worlds Collide. Image: The Professor


Dijak Down. Image: The Professor

Next Show:
Sunday May 29th, 2016
276 Westminster St, Providence, RI 02903
5:00 PM VIP, 5:30 PM Doors, 6:00 PM Bell Time
Featuring Jeff Cobb v. Michael Elgin

Thank You to Kevin Ford at PWPonderings for his results report which helped us keep names and finishing moves straight.