We are reposting this feature on the Famous Mr. Fuji in honor of his 81st Birthday. Mr. Fuji is a giant among men as you can read below.  – TWP

Mr. Fuji was born on May 4, 1935.  He was active in the Wrestling Business from 1964 until his retirement in 1997.  Mr. Fuji wrestled in the WWWF, Georgia Championship Wrestling, WWF, The Territories, and all over the world. He teamed with Haystacks Calhoun, Mr. Saito, and Professor Tanaka.  He managed such notables as Yokozuna and Don Muraco.  When the Professor was a kid he loved to watch Mr. Fuji throw salt into his opponents’ eyes.

The Famous Mr. Fuji. Image: pwpix

Mr. Fuji’s business interests and influence go far beyond Wrestling.  He was, and still is, a major player in both the U.S. and Japan.  Did you know..

Mr. Fuji is an accomplished Horticulturist, developing his own variety of Apple 

Fuji Apples. Image © The Wrestling Professor

Fuji Apples. Image © The Wrestling Professor

Mr. Fuji’s Personal Airship from one of his many companies, Fuji Film

Mr. Fuji’s Blimp. Image: Airliners.net

Mt. Fuji in Japan was named after Mr. Fuji. (This is unconfirmed)

Mt. Fuji. Image: static.panoramio.com