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New England Championship Wrestling

2016 Iron 8 Championship 

June 11, 2016
Americal Civic Center
Wakefield, MA USA

Promoter: Sheldon Goldberg
General Manager: Paul Richard
Ring Announcer: Chris Norman
Interviewer: Kevin Castro
Referees: Jack Hill, Barbara Mahoney

Iron 8 Rules:

4 one-on-one matches determine Final Four. Finalists compete in 45-minute 4 way match in which person with most pin falls and submissions is declared winner. First round competitors drawn randomly just before the bell.


The Masshole Mike McCarthy (2015 Iron 8 Champion)
Chris Escobar
Slyck Wagner Brown
Brad Hollister
Todo Loco
TJ Warren
Kevin Tibbs
Jay Freddie

Professor’s Note: There are plenty of tournaments in the Northeast. All have their strengths, but there is nothing as thrilling as The Iron 8. This is literally the high point of the wrestling year. We wish more fans knew this and would treat themselves to the best that professional wrestling has to offer. NECW is launching a women’s version of this concept called “The Iron Maiden” in August. If WWW can come even close to last night’s show, it will be a rousing success.

1. Student Versus Teacher Grudge Match: Dan Terry (with Mr. Fabulous Tony Ulysses) v. Beau Douglas. – W. Terry

Last month The Fittest Man in The World became a client of Mr. Fabulous and turned on his mentor, Living Legend Beau Douglas. Mr. Douglas is just getting back from spinal surgery. Terry focused on hurting his back with little effect. Douglas gave Terry more fight than he expected. The Living Hercules won only because Mr. Ulysses interfered when Douglas had him in the corner for 10 punches, resulting in a pin. The very fact that Douglas is in the ring again is a small miracle. His status in New England wrestling is well-earned.


Dan Terry, The Fittest Man in The World. Image: The Professor


Rebellious Pupil. Image: The Professor


The Living Hercules with Mr. Ulysses. Image: The Professor

Annoying Maddox Spot
Integrity-challenged manager James Maddox took the mic and bragged about having his lawyers place a restraining order on Mistress Belmont and ruin The Canadians’ border entry (they are rumored to be out of NECW due to visa issues).  Tonight’s match was announced as The Giant Pharaoh vs. Jack Maverick.  Pharaoh entered the room and was promptly Pearl Harbored by Maverick. The Egyptian quickly cleared the room of all Maddox associates.


A Preview of What Maddox Group Had Coming. Image: The Professor

2. Iron 8 Match 1: TJ Warren v. The Masshole Mike McCarthy. – W. McCarthy

Warren comes from Create A Pro Wrestling in New York. Facing the current Iron 8 and NECW Heavyweight Champion in round one was no small task.  He did well, but succumbed to the inescapable CTFO.


TJ Warren. Image: The Professor


Well-Matched. Image: The Professor


CTFO Time. Image: The Professor

3. Iron 8 Match 2: Kevin Tibbs v. Jay Freddie.  – W. Tibbs

Freddie was the favorite to win based on his previous Iron 8 performance. Tibbs (work previously unknown to us) surprised everyone by giving the superstar a real problem. He finished Freddie by rolling him up in the corner using the post for leverage.


They Call Him Mr. Tibbs. Image: The Professor


Jay Freddie. Image: The Professor


Battle of New York. Image: The Professor

4. Iron 8 Match 3: Todo Loco v. “Pure Talent” Chris Escobar. – W. Todo Loco

Todo Loco is still sore about losing his NECW Television title to Escobar. He pummeled the Champion, trying everything including a moonsault off the top rope (missed) and a flying head scissors off the top rope. Todo Loco succeeded by reversing an Escobar tilt-a-whirl, pinning Escobar.


Champions Collide. Image: The Professor


Suicide Dives Have Consequences. Image: The Professor

5. Iron 8 Match 4: Brad Hollister v. Slyck Wagner Brown. – W. Brown 

Hollister wasted no time, attacking his former friend during his entrance. This was the first match to cause destruction to the fan area outside the ring.  A lot of violence occurred in the few minutes of this match. Hollister appeared to have a win with a power bomb followed by an arm bar but Brown escaped and got the pin.


Hollister’s Handiwork. Image: The Professor


Former Friends. Image: The Professor


Hollister Doesn’t Hold Back. Image: The Professor

6. Jack Maverick (With Maddox, Valentine, & Confederate) v. The Giant Pharaoh. – W. The Giant Pharaoh (Count Out)

Maverick used his sadistic skills to give the God King one of his tougher matches. His greasy manager Maddox attempted to help and paid for it with a Pharaoh chop to the head. After receiving a vicious choke slam Maverick wisely fled the scene with his cronies and took the count out.


The God King Intimidates. Image: The Professor


Pharaoh on Fire. Image: The Professor


Pharaoh & Maverick. Image: The Professor

7.  Iron 8 Final Round: McCarthy vs. Tibbs vs. Brown vs. Todo Loco.  – W. Todo Loco

McCarthy, SWB, and Todo Loco are all proven champions to the NECW crowd. Mr. Tibbs was the unknown and he was the standout in this tournament. The guy is one of the toughest men we have seen in all of our time covering this great sport. It’s a daunting task to summarize what goes on in a 45-minute 4-man contest with this caliber of athletes.  Let’s just say all four men gave it everything they had and any of the four would have deserved the trophy.

The chair area was destroyed, bottles of all sorts of beverages were poured and smashed on wrestlers’ heads, a pillow was brought to bear, SWB took some photos of a prone Tibbs. Personal highlight for the Professor was when SWB grabbed him and used him for a human shield to avoid McCarthy’s belt lashes.

These men are the best of the best. We’ve rarely seen heart and soul given so freely by professional wrestlers as in The Iron 8.

15 minutes – No pinfalls
25 minutes – No pinfalls
35 minutes – No pinfalls
Tibbs first pinfall – pins McCarthy
Todo Loco second pinfall – pins Tibbs
SWB third pinfall – pins Todo Loco
McCarthy fourth pinfall – pins SWB with flying bulldog
Matched tied at 1 all
Tibbs submits to CTFO by McCarthy.  McCarthy 2
SWB submits to Todo Loco. Todo Loco 2
Final 30 seconds Todo Loco pins McCarthy. Todo Loco 3 – Winner


The Man From The Bronx. Image: The Professor


Reigning Champion. Image: The Professor


McCarthy & Todo Loco. Image: The Professor


SWB & McCarthy Outside Brutality. Image: The Professor


Four Men, No Taps. Image: The Professor


McCarthy & Tibbs. Image: The Professor


Mr. Tibbs. Image: The Professor


Todo Loco Down. Image: The Professor


2016 Iron 8 Champion Todo Loco. Image: The Professor

Next Shows:

Saturday July 2 – Brockton Fair 7:00 p.m.
Saturday July 9 – Brockton Fair 7:00 p.m. Women’s World Wrestling
Saturday August 13 – Wakefield 7:00 p.m. 2016 Iron Maiden Championship