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New World Wrestling Extreme
“Blood & Bones 6”
September 24, 2016
Woonsocket, RI  USA

Ring Announcer: Rich Palladino
Referees: Jack Hill, Jeremy Bell, (other name not heard)
Timekeeper: Chuck Morris

Professor’s Note: We’ve wanted to check out NWWE for a couple of years but this was the first time schedules permitted us to do so. Really good show in a dark and decaying pavilion in 55 degree conditions. We froze but the workers made it worth our while.

Match 1. Donny Rotten (with Miss Christina) v. Richie Rich. W – Rich

The two veterans were fairly even in this contest despite the interference of manager Christina. Rich gets the pin when he dodges Rotten’s dive off the top rope and lets him land on his face.


Rotten & Rich. Image: The Wresting Professor


Rich Stunned. Image: The Wresting Professor

Match 2. 1st Generation v. Mack Attack. W – 1st Generation

Despite a few years of injuries, Monster Mack was in good form.  1st Generation gave the veterans trouble ending with MM being thrown out of the ring, Trainee #1 superplexed and then quickly pinned by the smaller of the other duo.


1st Generation Dominance. Image: The Wresting Professor

Match 3. Big Bear v. Dan Bidondi (with Mr. Old School).  W – Bidondi

Bear is perhaps the biggest wrestler in New England. Despite his massive size, he’s quick and has plenty of moves. Bidondi, as others before him, wasn’t quite sure how to handle the giant. He managed to get The Bear on the ground and forced a submission through choke hold.


Big Bear & Bidondi. Image: The Wresting Professor


Poking The Bear. Image: The Wresting Professor

Match 4.  All New England Open Weight Championship: Sheik Ahmed Jordan (Champion with Mr. Old School) v. Crazy Chainsaw. W. – Crazy Chainsaw (DQ)

Two rather large guys had at it. Chainsaw somehow lifted The Sheik into a helicopter and dropped him on his head. He had him pinned but as Referee Hill hit the two count Mr. Old School pulled the official by the leg forcing a DQ.  Title stays with The Sheik.


The Sheik. Image: The Wresting Professor

Match 5. The Devil’s Reject Brandon Webb v. Ricky Reyes.  W – Reyes

The Lucha Underground Star was likely unaware of Mr. Webb’s formidable technical skills. This match was thrilling for the fans in its intensity and display of scientific wrestling. Reyes somehow pins the larger Reject.


Reyes & Webb. Image: The Wresting Professor


Mat Wrestling. Image: The Wresting Professor


Technical. Image: The Wresting Professor

Match 6. No DQ, No Count Out: Marquise Wright (replaced by Officer Jesse Wick) v. “The Widow Maker” Eric Shred.  W – Shred

Marquise Wright took the mic and insulted the fans. He then declined to wrestle Mr. Shred, instead providing a substitute from the prison, Jesse Wick. As Shred destroyed Wick he taunted Wright mercilessly but the thug would not enter the contest. Until he tried to interfere to Wright’s benefit and was ejected from the ring area by Referee Bell.

We haven’t seen Shred in a few years and thought he retired. He’s in prime condition and as dangerous as ever.  Wright embarrassed himself tonight.  He needs to put up or leave NWWE.


Marquise Wright. Image: The Wresting Professor


Shred Taunts Wright. Image: The Wresting Professor


Wright Doesn’t Bite. Image: The Wresting Professor


Jesse Gets His Bell Rung Literally. Image: The Wresting Professor

Match 7. The Fellowship (Osiris West & Ronnie Ribs with Doctor Ozone & Dante) v. The Heavy Hitters (Shay Cash and Frank Champion) W – The Heavy Hitters

Both teams hold championships in other promotions (The Fellowship in SPW, The HH at NECW). The Heavy Hitters did something we’ve never seen. They dominated and destroyed The Fellowship. Champion and Cash were on top for most of the contest when Apprentice Dante tried to help by diving off the top rope at Champion. He ended up hitting Osiris instead. The HH capitalized. Champion power bombs Osiris for the pin.


The Heavy Hitters. Image: The Wresting Professor


Ribs Smacks Cash Around. Image: The Wresting Professor


Unusual Site – The Fellowship Beaten Badly. Image: The Wresting Professor

Match 8. AIWF-Northeast Championship: Tokyo Monster Kahagas (CH) v. “Pure Talent” Chris Escobar. W – Kahagas

Kahagas showed us why he takes belts wherever he travels around the world. Escobar is truly pure talent and gave Kahagas one his toughest matches. Escobar opened up a nasty wound on his back when Kahagas threw him over the guard rail and into some chairs and fans. Despite this he kept going.  After Kahagas pinned him, Escobar showed some respect and asked for, and was granted, a rematch. The he Pearl Harbored Kahagas and ran away. Kahagas seemed to be unaffected by the attack.


Escobar & Kahagas. Image: The Wresting Professor


Science. Image: The Wresting Professor


Turnabout. Image: The Wresting Professor


Respect and Request For Rematch. Image: The Wresting Professor