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Showcase Pro Wrestling
Dec. 3, 2016
The Moose
Attleboro, MA USA

Ring Announcer: Sargent Muldoon
Referees: Bobby Rossi, Zack Carter
Promoter: Chris Blackheart
Commissioner: Mr. Frank Rocha

Professor’s Note: What a great climax to a fantastic 2016 for Showcase Pro Wrestling. Team Number One firmly in command, Doctor Ozone’s betrayal, the return of luminaries Don Vega and Tommy Mack, the emergence of Cruise & Foxy, and of course the retirement of the legendary Gary Gold. We congratulate this organization on its success and we look forward to seeing what Mr. Blackheart has in store for 2017.

We suggest that SPW management provide Referee Rossi with a pair of Croakies. His glasses have been taken away too many times by too many heels.

Match videos will be available after 10:00 p.m EST 6 Dec. at our YouTube channel.

Match 1. “The Apprentice” Dante v. Todd Harris. W – Dante

Dante ties Harris up in a backwards figure four with a bridge. Harris submits. Dante tried to claim the coveted Harris Country Club Championship belt but Sargent Muldoon informed him that this was not a sanctioned title match. Maybe next time.


Harris Presses His Small Advantage. Image: The Wrestling Professor


Putting The Peasants in Their Place. Image: The Wrestling Professor


Dante Victorious. Image: The Wrestling Professor

Match 2. Lockdown with The Nastys followed by Buck Nasty v. Carlos. W – Nasty

The Nastys do their usual hot air routine which included insulting Carlos who has been named Rookie of The Year at Showcase. Buck even joked that Carlos’ last name had left him. Carlos entered the ring and challenged the Champion to a match which was quickly sanctioned as a title match (mostly due to The Nastys’ annoying SPW management). Carlos did his best but no rookie was going to unseat Big Buck. Carlos goes down under a Nasty Splash.


Extreme Displeasure for The Sarge. Image: The Wrestling Professor


Carlos & Nasty. Image: The Wrestling Professor


All Over. Image: The Wrestling Professor

Match 3. Alicia v. Foxy. W – Foxy

Alicia made the mistake of making a comment on Foxy’s physical appearance. Bad move for which she paid dearly. Cruise may have tripped Alicia which was smartly followed by Foxy rolling her up for a pin. Tights were grabbed but this was done fairly. The veteran schools the student.


Easy Win. Image: The Wrestling Professor


Choking The Upstart. Image: The Wrestling Professor


Cruise & Foxy. Image: The Wrestling Professor

Gary Gold Retirement Ceremony

Gary Gold was honored at the end of a 35-year career. His long time manager John Cena Sr., his wife, partner Travis Funk, Sargent Muldoon, and Frank Rocha lauded Mr. Gold. The entire locker room surrounded the ring in a truly emotional event. God Bless You Gary Gold.


Gary Speaks From The Heart. Image: The Wrestling Professor


Mrs. Gold Presents Her Husband With a Gift. Image: The Wrestling Professor


Tribute From Mr. Cena. Image: The Wrestling Professor

Match 4.  Don Vega v. Tommy Mack. W – Mack (DQ)

Don Vega made it clear early on that he doesn’t want fan adoration. It was hard for most of us to be quiet because we are used to cheering this pantheon member. Tommy Mack returns to Showcase after a long absence.  He looked great and gave Mr. Vega a heck of a run for his money.

Vega accidentally threw Referee Rossi into Tommy Mack who was on the top turnbuckle. Mack landed on his crotch. Rossi called for the bell and disqualified The Punisher. What a rip off.


Vega & Mack. Image: The Wrestling Professor


Vega Gouges. Image: The Wrestling Professor


Mack Hangs On. Image: The Wrestling Professor

Match 5. Chris Cruise (with Foxy) v. Chris Matrix (with Alicia).  Double Count Out

These two are going to kill each other if something isn’t done by The Commissioner. Evenly sized and skilled, Cruise and Matrix fought to a stalemate when both men were counted out. Alicia and Foxy caused a bit of distraction but were for the most part non-factors.


Cruisin’ Chris Cruise. Image: The Wrestling Professor


Matrix Won’t Submit. Image: The Wrestling Professor


Matrix Unloads. Image: The Wrestling Professor

Match 6: Tag Team Championship Mandatory Re-Match: Team Number One (Superstar Shawn Candido & Richie Rich with Doctor Ozone) v. The Fellowship (S.O.G. Ronnie Ribs & Osiris with Dante). W – Team Number One

Match of the night. Doctor Ozone’s betrayal of The Fellowship is epic. He led his new team to total victory. Perhaps the biggest defeat in the careers of The Fellowship. Osiris took a beating most of the match, being kept from the tag by the wily Rich and Candido. Ribs never should have competed with a tender shoulder and he may pay for his mistake with an extended recovery period or perhaps a career limiting injury.


Number One: Superstar Shawn Candido. Image: The Wrestling Professor

Candido, Rich, and Ozone mercilessly focused on the injury which led to the disastrous defeat. Ribs submits to Richie Rich’s chicken wing on the injured shoulder and arm. In the end, all 3 Fellowship wrestlers were down and out on the canvas as Team Number One and their genius manager laughed all the way backstage. The room was astonished. This reporter at this juncture can think of no team in New England who is a serious threat to Team Number One.


Candido Punishes Osiris. Image: The Wrestling Professor


Rich Continues The Osiris Beat Down. Image: The Wrestling Professor


The Commissioner Gives Aid. Image: The Wrestling Professor


No Doubt Who is Champion. Image: The Wrestling Professor


Team Number One Own Showcase. Image: The Wrestling Professor

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