Interesting post by our colleague “The Intercontinental Belt” down in sunny Florida. Enjoy.

WRESTLING IN FLORIDA: An Insider Look at Professional Wrestling

floslam-articleAs the venerated National Football League (NFL) is discovering, even the most diehard fans grow tired of over-exposed product. In the NFL’s endless search for market dominance, Thursday night football emerged, likewise international games at odd times. Ratings fell and fast. Of course, the over-politicizing of the League certainly did not help. (Fans turn to sports for escapism, not ideology.)

Independent wrestling is similarly staring over the edge of the cliff…yet fails to realize it. Between WWE Network, Ring of Honor, Chikara, FiteTV, FloSlam, and an array of independent wrestling promotion streaming services, there’s simply far too much content for any dedicated wrestling fan to keep up with. Let alone live events. SEVEN DAYS A WEEK.

Still, these companies continue to push subscriptions, ones expecting any and every ‘true fan’ to go ‘all in’ across the board. As do the wrestlers through social media sales pitches. The catch is, indy wrestling fans…

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