Netflix has gone seriously downhill over the past few years. They cut most of the classic movies and put their money into “original” series and lamer-than-lame “documentaries”. It’s still only 9 bucks or so a month so TWP has not cancelled it as he did cable years ago.

One bright spot is Lucha Underground seasons 1 & 2.  It is overproduced, with annoying Mark Burnett nonsense and overhead but putting that aside the series gives viewers a chance to see Mexican wrestling and some of the best of the American Indies combined into a strong product.

Sexy Star. Image: luchawomen.blogspot.com

It was fun to see Cortez Castro in action in The Temple. We saw him last fall as Ricky Reyes at New World Wrestling Extreme in Woonsocket, RI.

One of these days TWP will return to Mexico City and Arena Naucalpan. Something to look forward to.