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WRESTLING IN FLORIDA: An Insider Look at Professional Wrestling

marty-scurll-bola-2016-659x400Re-invigorated by a terrific Shine Wrestling 42, Huracanrana and I found ourselves revisiting our proud and always growing collection of independent wrestling DVD/BluRays. That monthly PayPal statement; ouch!

To us, there’s arguably no live experience more invigorating than indy wrestling, mainly closeness to action and symbiosis between performer and observer. There’s something truly intoxicating in knowing both are literally required for magic to happen. Let alone the merch table as dual ‘thank yous’ after it all goes down! Huracanrana admits to a full hour of wind down, post event, before she can call it a night. Even at 7 months pregnant. (I’m convinced she’s giving birth to the future Ring Of Honor TV Champ.)

In revisiting our collection of said DVDs, I can’t help but be drawn to Pro Wrestling Guerilla (PWG)’s terrific ‘Battle of Los Angeles’ tournaments. Being shameless aficionados of Ring of Honor, New Japan Pro Wrestling and Lucha Underground, this…

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