Wrestling in Florida does it again. Recognizing The Greatest Female Wrestler of All Time – Lufisto.

WRESTLING IN FLORIDA: An Insider Look at Professional Wrestling

WMWE - RHWP-2 1Editor’s Note:While we’ve rightly celebrated a fair number of outstanding athletes and talent on this site, I confess to holding off writing this most overdue spotlight. Specifically, I didn’t even know where to begin in telling the story of arguably the most important woman in the modern wrestling era.

Yes, I understand this a bold statement. And many might lean toward more prominent names in WWE circles featured on WrestleMania stages as holding this mantle. But no one can deny the incredible impact LuFisto continues to have on the global pro wrestling landscape, independent or otherwise. There are literally hundreds of wrestlers – both men and women – to whom LuFisto remains a mentor, favorite opponent, and – importantly – friend.

Thus, we felt this the appropriate opportunity to end this piece with word’s directly from LuFisto herself, as it wouldn’t seem right any other way. These appear at…

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