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Showcase Pro Wrestling
July 8, 2017
Whaling City Festival
New Bedford, MA USA

Ring Announcer: Sgt. Muldoon
Referees: Zack Belair, Kyle Rocha
Promoter: Chris Blackheart
Commissioner: Mr. Frank Rocha

Professor’s Note: We had been away from SPW for a long time, over a month-and-a-half due to travel. The company has been going strong with outdoor shows all over the place. This show was part of a three-day series. The matches below were part of two performances. We arrived on time for the first half but festivals take some of the control from promoters so they had to start earlier than planned. We missed the first 3 matches. Sorry fans.

New Bedford continues to be the home of some of the top New England wrestlers. Many were on the card, and a whole lot more were seen around the backstage area. We had the honor of meeting Mr. Don Vega’s father who travels with him around the country. A very nice man and quite the font of wrestling knowledge.

Match videos will be available after 10:00 p.m EST July 11 at our YouTube channel.

Match 1. Buck Nasty v. Hugo Brito. W – Buck Nasty

It’s not always fun being a rookie at the SPW Training School. Hugo once again paid his dues in pain and suffering at the hands of a brutal veteran. Mr. Nasty toyed with the kid, who got in some good forearm shots, before finishing him when it got too hot in the ring.

Hugo Pays The Price. Image: The Wrestling Professor

The Kid Has Guts. Image: The Wrestling Professor

Match 2. Da Hoodz (Davey Cash & Kris Pyro) v. Sensational Scott Levesque & Mike Montero. W – Da Hoodz

Multiple legends in one match. We didn’t know who to support. Da Hoodz double team Montero (not sure what to call the move, check out the tape on YouTube), Pyro pins Montero.

Cash Dominates. Image: The Wrestling Professor

“Who’s The Man?”. Image: The Wrestling Professor

Da Hoodz Finish Things. Image: The Wrestling Professor

The Spirit Squad Confront Mr. Don Vega & Cargill Vinton

Brian Partington was introduced in the ring and we expected him to have a match. Instead Cargill Vinton came out, shortly joined by Mr. Vega. They proceeded to humiliate the diminutive wrestler. Kenny and Mikey from The Spirit Squad entered the scene and rescued Mr. Partington. They challenged the Champions to a match later that day.

Brian Receives a Harsh Lesson. Image: The Wrestling Professor

The Squad. Image: The Wrestling Professor

The Humble Champions. Image: The Wrestling Professor

Match 3. Cruisin’ Chris Cruise (with Amanda Fox) v. Kris Pyro. W – Pyro

Match of the day. Chris Cruise continues to impress. He went toe-to-toe with Pantheon member Pyro. Fox was a factor, at one point whaling on Pyro in the ropes while the ref was distracted. Unfortunately for us she used the back of our shirt to wipe off the sweat from her hands. Gross. Ringside access has its downside at times.

Pyro escapes a torture rack and rolls up Cruise for the pin.

Fox and Cruise. Image: The Wrestling Professor

Cruise Brings It. Image: The Wrestling Professor

Kris Pyro. Image: The Wrestling Professor

Match 4.  Diabolical Scott Ledeur (with Annabel) v. Chris Matrix. W – Ledeur

The rivalry that spans the ages. Ledeur found a way to win this time. He used one of his masks to bonk Matrix in the head. While technically illegal, in our opinion it was fair cheating because the referee didn’t see it. Both men put on a wrestling clinic for the festival crowd.

Eternal Rivals. Image: The Wrestling Professor

Matrix About to Close. Image: The Wrestling Professor

Too Crazy to Tap. Image: The Wrestling Professor

Match 5. Beau Douglas v. Makua. W – Makua

The Living Legend objected loudly to the fragrance emanating from the crowd. The New Bedford fans were not pleased. Mr. Douglas dominated as expected despite the Warrior managing to pull his shirt over his head for some nasty chops. Makua got lucky and did a top rope splash while Mr. Douglas was catching his breath on the canvas. Pin.

The Living Legend Beau Douglas. Image: The Wrestling Professor

Makua Exploits. Image: The Wrestling Professor

Douglas and Makua. Image: The Wrestling Professor

Match 6. Triple Threat: Superstar Shawn Candido v. Sensational Scott Levesque v. Davey Cash. W – Candido

Again, three legends in one ring. Candido and Levesque tried working together but it lasted about 3 minutes. All three men were fairly equal until The Superstar took advantage of Cash’s narrow escape from a Levesque hold, stomped the back of his head and pinned him.

Levesque & Candido. Image: The Wrestling Professor

Three Legends. Image: The Wrestling Professor

Cash and The Man. Image: The Wrestling Professor

Match 7. The Spirit Squad (Kenny, Mikey, and Brian Partington) v. Mr. Don Vega & Cargill Vinton. W – Vega & Vinton

We got what we wanted. Once in a while former WWE stars blow into town and everyone expects them to crush the independent wrestlers, who, as in this case, are better than the more known stars, they just didn’t get their break to ride the WWE wave for what is usually a very short time. Vega and Vinton dominated and used brain power to trick The Squad into allowing them to exploit their third man (Partington – How is 3 on 2 fair?) for a decisive pin by Cargill. We won’t explain the whole setup. You should watch the video on Tuesday. Mr. Vega is a God. Cargill Vinton deserves the SPW Heavyweight title. No disrespect to The Squad. They were just outclassed.

Mikey and Mr. Vega. Image: The Wrestling Professor

Mr. Vega Punishes. Image: The Wrestling Professor

Brains Win. Image: The Wrestling Professor

Next Show:

July 8, 2017
3 and 5 p.m.
Whaling City Festival
New Bedford, MA USA